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Mr. WebTV gives games thin-client treatment

Ian O'Friel
Dead Vulture

How about....

does anyone remember 'The Sega channel' - not quite the same thing at all, but probably about the same life expectancy !!

Cisco lays off 250 in first wave of cuts

Ian O'Friel

The obvious one...


Man threatens lawsuit after negative eBay feedback

Ian O'Friel
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Does this mean....

That I can sue the guy / girl who outbid me 0.0000000001 nanoseconds before the auction ended ?

Seems like people could easily start adopting the 'if in doubt, sue' approach america has created over the past few years "I'm suing McD's, yes I'm obese, but they sold me the 20 cheeseburgers, but gave me a normal coke instead of diet"

Get a grip people.

P.S - Please don't sue me for posting this comment, it could be construed as negative, it's all the reg's fault, they made me say it all.

P.P.S - Paris ?! Why not...

Deloitte loses hundreds of thousands of pension details

Ian O'Friel
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@Peter Taffs

No industrial strength encryption... would appear that it was Windows File and Folder encryption which was in place through 'Security Policies' - Windows GPO's... how efficient...

Paris - even she would know better...

Retailer pitches £1000 £10,000 Nintendo Wii

Ian O'Friel

Sales ?

That's odd, PC World and Dixons both having a sale on the same day !

Dead dog floors 68 Namibian villagers

Ian O'Friel

Since no one else has said it...

I bet even after treatement, they all feel pretty "ruff" :)

Apple sued over i-Bricks

Ian O'Friel
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One point...

Although it would be difficult to prove that apple intentionally bricked the phone, the point I think they are going for is they released an update to specifically ( amongst other "features" ) re-lock the phone, whether it was to actually relock the phone or brick it is debatable.

Therefore they do have a reasonable case, they are fighting against Apple not playing fair to consumers and other operators as such as per californian law. not whether they intentionally damaged phones.

Argos admits selling Halo 3 early

Ian O'Friel


Microsoft have already released a statement saying that due to Argos' error, they will not be banning any live consoles that are used to play the Genuine copies...

Otherwise there would be a few people trying to take argos/M$ to court over there 'un-live' 360's

Smiley celebrates 25th birthday

Ian O'Friel


Shouldn't the Smiley have a party hat on ?


Vista's Long Goodbye strikes again

Ian O'Friel


@ TeeCee and Corrine

I think you'll find one of the things dropped by MS when Vista was coded was the support for IEEE1394 Networking, therefore your firewire port no longer counts as a network device...

AT&T turns screws on iPhone unlocker

Ian O'Friel

@ Craig

If i misinterpreted sarcasm, it's probably because there was a lack of it, it was definitely the rantings of an apple fanboy

don't get me wrong, the Apple vs PC is an unending one, and i have my favourites on each side, but when it comes to it, apples can do superior things in certain areas, other areas, it just has to be a PC

The same goes for phones, at the end of the day, it's an overpriced, restricted phone, if you want one, buy one, if not, buy something else.

Ian O'Friel

How not to argue..

Quoting 'Ogdru'

"You are the same people who ruined AppleTalk (the best networking protocol ever invented ) by adopting TCP/IP just because it's open, fast, functional, and actually works as advertised."

How can you say AppleTalk was 'the best ever invented' when it failed miserably, against something, you yourself stated was fast, functional and actually worked ?

A dumbass point of view on any arguement is bound to cheer up anyone's day !!

I have to say though, chances of me getting an iPhone are very high, IF, someone happens to give me one, with the best call package on the planet for a monthly fee of £0.

Otherwise, not a chance !