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High-end router flinger DrayTek admits to zero day in bunch of Vigor kit


High end?

We used Draytek for a long time and were perfectly happy apart from the odd issue but they're not even mid-range kit. They are generally ok for the price range though and would choose it over other consumer brands like Netgear/Dlink. I do find some of the interface, such as firewall config, a pita.

I use Mikrotik a lot these days. Even though most their kit is actually cheaper than Draytek, it's rock solid and functions far more like a true router. The Ubiquiti kit is probably alright. We use a lot of their outdoor wireless stuff. We did use Tough Switches though and found them to be useless. They seemed to put more effort into a fancy web interface than the actual performance and stability of the device.


We had a problem a few years ago where NAT was just using the original source port for its nat pseudo port. The network had a bunch of SIP phones all using 5060 as their source port. All the external traffic ended up having {public-ip}:5060 as the source and the router would just send all replies to the first phone in its nat table. You could clearly see this and the obvious problem it would cause in the nat sessions table - multiple entries with exactly the same external ip and port. Never got anywhere trying to get a fix.