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Worst. Birthday. Ever. IPv6's party falls flat


I will add to my previous post.

Some of commenters who wrote “follow the money” are actually spot on. But for very different reason.

A lot of web tracking, analytics, advertising isn’t ready for ipv6.

So of course there are lots and lots of sites which won’t commit to it.

Nobody is going to cut off their own source of revenue.



The problem with IPv6 is that in today's cloud world majority of web server management falls onto developers. With cloud, docker, kubernets and so on devs no longer have to even think about networking.

Before that devs were able to get their heads around basic concepts of IPv4 networking and it worked.

With IPv6 you again start needing more of a network engineer to get the stuff working properly.

It's why even sites like El Reg haven't converted.

One of the networks I ran in our business a an IPv6 only network and you quickly notice the huge chunks of internet that are missing. One of the most confusing situations is Google with its services and its Android. You can get all Google's online services using IPv6 only. But Android refuses to work in IPv6 only mode. Again this is likely because developers are responsible for it in most parts, not network engineers.

Despite all bad things people say about IPv6 the world is rather nice once you're there. I for once no longer have single person at work asking be about that box

IPv6 growth is slowing and no one knows why. Let's see if El Reg can address what's going on


Indeed, when?