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Rich Communication Services: Nobody uses it, nobody wants it, but analysts reckon it's on the verge of a breakthrough


SMS=( Free ), RCS=( Pay )

I am on Google Fi and rarely turn on cellular data. The trusty SMS system which is free and works fits my needs. If they turn on RCS and don't charge for it's data usage, then I'm in, else I'm out.

IBM bid to unmask age discrimination whistleblower goes down in flames


With all the bureaucracy that is IBM, it's still a surprise how much money they make. Hope IBM losses big time on this one trying to push around the little guy.

Dell EMC's PowerMax migration: Let's just swaaap out this jet engine mid-flight


The sky is not falling chicken little!

It's more than a software upgrade, though, meaning that you may need to replace a VMAX with a PowerMax array. <---- REALLY

This is like saying that Ford came out with a new car without a gasoline engine so you have to buy and move all your stuff to the new car today.

The synopsis of the story should have been, NVMe in the new re-branded DELL storage product, migration is covered.


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