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Workstation, server, IoT? No worries. Fedora 36 is out – all 13 editions of it


Re: Ready for your grandmother

-> The idea is that if an update goes wrong and something stops working, then you can just reboot and revert back to an older snapshot in which everything worked.

-->As seen in Solaris and beadm.

beadm and ZFS = fantastic.

Or for time being, duplicate Solaris 10 Live Upgrade ability (non-ZFS filesystems). Gosh I loved that ability. Wish the Linux camps would either do a ZFS shoe-in compatible (done legally somehow) or provide a Live Upgrade ability to flip-flop between boot environments.

Oracle creates new form of free Solaris


Re: OpenIndiana

Me too. Absolutely well stated, I agree with you 100%.


Re: OpenIndiana

You forgot to mention Solaris projects ability where you can assign resource controls to the project, add users to the project, add processes to it, monitor it via prstat, all administratively. I thought it was well thought out. How one does that on Linux I have no idea.

You love Systemd – you just don't know it yet, wink Red Hat bods



As an older timer (on my way but not there yet), I never cared for the init.d startup and I dislike the systemd monolithic architecture. What I do like is Solaris SMF and wish Linux would have adopted a method such as or similar to that. I still think SMF was/is a great comprise to the init.d method or systemd manor. I used SMF professionally, but now I have moved on with Linux professionally as Solaris is, well, dead. I only get to enjoy SMF on my home systems, and savor it. I'm trying to like Linux over all these years, but this systemd thing is a real big road block for me to get enthusiastic. I have a hard time understanding why all the other Linux distros joined hands with Redhat and implemented that thing, systemd. Sigh.