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Promoter hunts stars for McKinnon benefit gig

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W*nker's Against W*nking

I'm sure there's plenty of rock bands who'd sign up for this also!

Samsung fires up 128GB SSD massive attack

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Re: Re: GottaBeKidding

The quoted power figure will be for the drive although I suspect that the active mode figure is a little conservative. In stand-by mode, 16Gb MLC NAND flash burns about 3mW per device so the standby figure is fairly accurate. In operating mode 16Gb MLC NAND burns about 45mW per device which would be 2.88W if all devices were active at the same time. Of course Samsung are smart so they probably only activate individual devices as required and can keep the typical power consumtion down to 0.5W for the whole drive. Now that's low power!

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A case of mistaken identity

@Steve Hogan

Steve, it's all in the casing. Of the letters that is. A lower case b is a bit of data, an upper case B is a Byte of data (8 bits). So there are 64x16Gb=1024Gb or 64x16Gb/8=128GB. It's arithmetic rather than maths.

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

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Mugs! The lot of you.

Get real! This is obviously a Moyles plan to ensure his Christmas choice is number 1. How else could he get the publicity. No one listens to that shit (can I say that;-) radio station anymore.

BBC redesigns and 'widgetizes' homepage

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License Widget

Is there a widget I can click so as not to have to pay the license fee for something I don't want? And I mean all of the BBC not just the website :-)

Boffins slashed in big-science budget blunder bloodbath

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Jobs Halo

They're in the wrong science class.

Why don't they just become climate scientists and promote more global warming catastrophes. There's no need to do any scientific work. Just apply the following:

Oh my god! A hot summer = global warming.

Oh my god! A rainy summer = global warming.

Oh my god! More rain today than there was this time last year = global warming.

Oh my god! Less rain today than there was this time last year = global warming.


Then write a computer program to show the ice melting over the next 20 years, et voila! Money for nothing and another excuse to tax us until we're dead.

PS. It's now a religion so that's why god is so involved.

Bloody code!

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Dead Vulture

As an outsider...

who mainly designs electronic circuits but often writes drivers I prefer single exit points and I'd like to point out that the following argument:

if (account == null) return;

at the top of a method is much clearer, than:

if (account != null)

{ // 20 lines of code

// (that are totally irrelevant if account is null)

// later...


// and out we pop

is a bit pathetic. The second if statement clearly encompassed between braces does include completely irrelevant code if the account is not empty. For me that's part of the purpose of braces. If the account is not empty skip that lot and find the single exit point at the bottom where it belongs.

No-one of any intelligence can argue that example 4 in any way strengthens the case for multiple exit points.

I also find that all of the points raised have no basis in logic and are only an opinion. As far as I can see that's the problem with software engineers, too much opinion and no logic just like Matt Stephens.

Battle of Britain pilots actually crap shots

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Ooh dear, the "few" weren't great at achieving 1 kill for every round fired. I guess we should hold them up as examples of incompetence now instead of an inspiration to all.

To remember those who with little training, with little hope of surviving and with their whole life ahead got into an airplane and tried to hold off the undefeated Luftwaffe; this inspires me.

What doesn't inspire me are academics who spend years on producing this type of "sort-of-controversial" drivel that adds no value and is carried out in the hope that knowing they are deriding a few brave souls will get them news time.

Who would want to go to college for a pathetic life like that?

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

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"most companies use Windows because" they are stupid

In all the companies I have worked for (6 to date) almost everyone uses their computer to create documents/spreadsheets/presentations/project plans/web browsing/wasting time and other administration activities. None of them need Windows and use it only because they don't know any better.

I EDA software which I was only available for Unix systems in the early days but when Windows brought along cheaper alternatives I started using them. I now need Windows only for EDA. Everything else I use Linux.

So save some money and teach all your admin people Open Office, next thing you know Microsoft might actually go back to designing software that we want.

Trojan-fuelled botnet menaces UK eBay users

T. O'Hara

eBay's hiding something.

Interesting... I had a phishing message sent to me using their own messaging system asking me to log on and pay my unpaid eBay bill. Lookde very convincing except whn I hovered over the link the status bar showed a suspicious address.

The help system tells advised me to forward the message to them at spoof@ebay but the eBay message system only allows you to forward messages to your own address. They obviously believed that spoofs can't be sent via their message system.

When I contacted them about it I got two automated responses, the first to confirm my original message, the second to say that I hadn't forwarded the message. Obviously no one at eBay is really that interested in security as they ought to at least read what you sent them rather than relying on a computer?

Even more strangely, the message has disappeared from my message box and it wasn't me that deleted it! Nor have eBay advised me that they have deleted it for me.

Maybe I just imagined I saw the message...

Scotland launches electronics design centre

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Not happy with running down the small but vibrant electronics industry in Scotland we have to run down our image as well. For all you cynics out there we do have an electronics industry and only a minority commonly known as Non Educated DelinquintS drink Buckfast.

And that's from someone who had their job hijacked for transport to the US but managed to stay in the industry in one of those few companies left.

The Return of iTuneski

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Poor artists?

Once I see Elton John and the music execs begging on the street and Bono stops prattling on about world poverty while jetting all over it, then maybe I'll think twice about downloading (and on the third thought...just continue). In the meantime new, *real* artists have plenty of opportunities to get their music out there and make a living. Those that want to make top dollar using the "old" ways deserve to fail for letting greed drive their creativity. Back to iTuneski...