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Queues start a day ahead of UK iPhone arrival

Gaius Baltar
Paris Hilton

First pic says it all


The look of disgust on the random pedestrian in the first picture says it all really...

How utterly sad and pathetic...

I'm sure Paris wouldn't be sitting outside an apple store like this!

BOFH: Skip diplomacy

Gaius Baltar
Jobs Horns


Yet another fantastic BOFH angle and I'm sure an experience many of us have had, secretly dumping piles of kit into a skip late at night.

Shattered teens subsisting on 'junk sleep'

Gaius Baltar

Offt no sleep, doing me harm?


Having recently left my teenage years (I'm a ripe 22 now!) I actually get less sleep now than I did then!

Many a night was spent playing Counter-Strike (I was young and stupid!) but nothing in comparison to sitting up reading books/playing Wacraft/Listening to Radio.

Actually, I think radio is my biggest vice, it's warcraft till 2am, radio till 3am, up for work at 9am...

Has my health suffered? Probably.

Does this study actually prove anything? No.