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Musk tells advertisers to 'go f**k' themselves as $44B X gamble spirals into chaos


Re: The corner of...

The big question...is Free Speech to the Left or to the Right?

Home Depot sent my email, details of stuff I bought to Meta, customer complains


Re: Unhash?

OK, I thought that a hashing algorithm was a "roll your own" bit of code, but there are (apparently) only 7 approved ones, so it would be trivial for Facebook to store someone's email address 7 times as a hash and then compare the Home Depot hash, or even compare on the fly.



"Home Depot forwards the customer's hashed email address and offline purchase details to Meta...Meta then matches the email to the customer's Facebook account."

How can they "unhash" a hashed email address? Isn't hashing one way?

Health insurer Medibank's data breach diagnosis keeps getting worse


It's worse than that Jim

I've had nothing to do with Medibank...knowingly. Just received a text from Home Hospital who apparently used a Medibank service, so my data has been leaked. Just goes to reinforce the fact that you never know who has your data.

Hey HH et al, if you are sending texts warning of a data breach, don't use a nxt.to URL to link to the information page.

When are we gonna stop calling it ransomware? It's just data kidnapping now


Thanks for doing us a favour

"notorious RaaS gang LockBit had issued guidelines for affiliates that included not using file encryption against organizations in such industries as healthcare."

I won't put any biological weapons on the knife I stab you with.

Gee, thanks. FOAD.

Queen's shooting star was actually meteor, not SpaceX junk


"Are a million to one" he said

Thankyou for the most delicious earworm

Facebook settles Cambridge Analytica class action for undisclosed amount


"prepared to pay almost any sum of money"

Superfluous "almost" there old chap

Meta's AI internet chatbot demo quickly starts spewing fake news and racist remarks


Did nobody notice this little gem?

"Facebook has a lot of fake news on it these days"

Self-aware AI?

We can bend the laws of physics for your super-yacht, but we can't break them


Re: ""Don't you know who I am?"

Bye bye, lardass


Microsoft points at Linux and shouts: Look, look! Privilege-escalation flaws here, too!


Re: Many certified experts have warned for this

"systemd can interface with the boot loader to receive performance data and other information, and pass control information. This is only supported on EFI systems. Data is transferred between the boot loader and systemd in EFI variables. All EFI variables use the vendor UUID 4a67b082-0a4c-41cf-b6c7-440b29bb8c4f. "

Any software can query the UEFI loader, the variables can be enumerated, nothing hidden.

Microsoft were late to the party, Intel started it and Apple joined in a bit later. The bad thing MS did was to create secure boot, but any decent BIOS lets you disable that.

When product names go bad: Microsoft's Raymond Chen on the cringe behind WinCE


You could at least internally vocalise it sh-Item-ID.

Now it's called SHITEMID :)

FYI: If the latest Windows 11 really wants to use Edge, it will use Edge no matter what


When I start a Steam game it uses the steam:// protocol, how is that any different?

Computer scientists at University of Edinburgh contemplate courses without 'Alice' and 'Bob'


"De-colon-ization", because you're full of shit.

Privacy proves elusive in Google's Privacy Sandbox



"Much of this ad-related data processing is intended to occur within the browsers of internet users"

Great, more bloat. Some of the laptops I work on struggle with browsing now, what's it going to be like when my computer needs to run their crappy code just so they can offer me stuff I don't want?

Billions in data protection lawsuits rides on Google's last-ditch UK Supreme Court defence for Safari Workaround sueball


Re: I hope Google loses big time

The little storm-in-a-teacup here Down Under proved that they will capitulate to keep any sort of market dominance, I imagine the UK would be a bigger prize to keep.

Sitting comfortably? Then it's probably time to patch, as critical flaw uncovered in npm's netmask package


"The only real factor here is how quickly the package maintainers respond. And in this case it was quickly."

But it took almost a decade to find. Lots of code written in the last decade...

We'd rather go down in Down Under, says Google: Search biz threatens to quit Australia if forced to pay for news


Already started?

I've noticed, just in the last few weeks, that my searches now have the top 5 or 6 results as ads. Before there were none, maybe one or two now and then.

Coincidence? Or dicking us around? Maybe they are trying to make as much money from us (hah!) before they pull out.

No great loss, there are plenty more.

Under that pile of spare keys and obsolete cables is an IoT device: Samsung pushes useful retirement project for older phones


Re: S8 and S9 old?

My old S5 is running android 10 via LineageOS 17. The bonus of no Google/Samsung crap is a battery which lasts longer (2+ days) than my A71.

File format conversion crisis delayed attempt to challenge US presidential election result


Re: Cassandra

Shirley I didn't need a /s as well as a joke icon? Maybe Cassandra was the wrong choice, the boy who cried "Wolf" might be more apt.

My internal image is of Trump, rocking in the corner, mind broken, clutching his teddy.

"But it's true, I know it, many people have told me...sob...you believe me, don't you teddy"



The most sublime of ironies - the elections WERE rigged, Trump SHOULD have won.

He tells the truth this one time but is cursed to never be believed.

Facebook rolls out full-page ads, website complaining Apple is forcing it to get consent before tracking you


The irony of Facebook paying for an untargetted ad to spruik the benefits of targetted ads.

Why didn't they take out a Facebook ad since they work so well?

When even a power-cycle fandango cannot save your Windows desktop


The actual program may have gone but the window class and title live on - spyxx will show it.


Progman (Program Manager) is still the Windows 10 desktop shell window.

Facebook tells academics to stop monitoring its political ads for any rule-breaking.... on privacy grounds



It's not scraping a website if the information is there in the browser, surely?

Facebook's anti-trademark bot torpedoes .org website that just so happened to criticize Zuck's sucky ethics board


What are the chances?

Exactly a million to one

IT Marie Kondo asks: Does this noisy PC spark joy? Alas, no. So under the desk it goes


Noisy PSU

Customer of mine got an old computer from his work that was being replaced, a monster server in a full tower. Called me after he got it home and plugged it in, had to yell as it was so noisy. Turns out that as it was a proper server, it had a backup PSU which would scream an alarm if it wasn't plugged in...

Diplomats are supposed to be subtle and clever. Australia’s just leaked 1,000 citizens’ email addresses


Re: classic problem with emailing groups on MS products

I went back and re-read the story but still can't find where Microsoft comes in to it.

Also, what is this SMTP dialog box you speak of?

Chinese database details 2.4 million influential people, their kids, addresses, and how to press their buttons


"Balding and security researcher Robert Potter"

For a moment there I was wondering what his lack of hair had to do with anything...

Voyager 1 cracks yet another barrier: Now 150 Astronomical Units from Sol





DATA RATE 160.00 b/sec


POWER RECEIVED -155.86 dBm (2.59 x 10-22 kW)

source: https://eyes.nasa.gov/dsn/dsn.html

Embrace and kill? AppGet dev claims Microsoft reeled him in with talk of help and a job – then released remarkably similar package manager


Re: How often does a relationship with Microsoft work out well for the other party?


ICANN delays .org sell off after California's attorney general intervenes at last minute, tears non-profit a new one over sale


Re: Follow the money.

Unbiased website? From a Wired article:

"A spokesperson for Ethos Capital referred a reporter to a website published by Ethos and the Internet Society called keypointsabout.org."

Google tests hiding Chrome extension icons by default, developers definitely not amused by the change


Security by obscurity?

"Our goal with this new UI is to make it easier for users to see what extensions can access their data,"

See by hiding. I see...

As Australia is gripped by bog roll shortage, tabloid says: Here, fill your dunny with us


Just be like Granny and get the Almanac, nice thin pages...

Europol wipes out 30,000+ piracy sites, three suspects cuffed to walk the legal plank


Lost sale?

"Each time you buy a counterfeit good, a legitimate company loses revenue."

I could probably scrape together $100 for a fake Rolex but not $100,000 for a real one, so no, you didn't lose any revenue.

Conspiracy loons claim victory in Brighton and Hove as council rejects plans to build 5G masts


Sounds more like the council found an excuse to agree with the loonies.

Do you run on a cloud Down Under, where data's shared and governments plunder... Oz joins US, UK in info search-warrant law


Seems like a nice way for the copyright trolls to bypass the Australian courts...

Allowlist, not whitelist. Blocklist, not blacklist. Goodbye, wtf. Microsoft scans Chromium code, lops off offensive words


Re: Erm...

Back in the DOS days, Microsoft had the "BABE" INT 2F interface for Smartdrive.

Maltese browser game biz flings €1m sueball at Google over Adsense kerfuffle


How much?

£46000 a day? For ads? Wow.

2001: Linux is cancer, says Microsoft. 2019: Hey friends, ah, can we join the official linux-distros mailing list, plz?


I thought the great thing about open source was that many, many eyes could spot problems better than a closed system.

Time for the open source community to put up or shut up?

Apple's privacy schtick is just an act, say folks suing the iGiant: iTunes 'purchase histories sold' to data slurpers


So you can punch in a few parameters and get a list of names and addresses? Stalkers must be drooling into their keyboards.

Armor Games admits all its users' deets slurped in database mega-hack as site moves to repair chink


Re: 617 million? Really?

From the email I received

We are one of the smaller companies affected, apparently holding less than 2% of the total accounts affected between the 16 companies.

Amazon triples profit to $11.2bn, pays ZERO DOLLARS in corp tax – instead we pay it $129m


Imagine if these big companies actually paid the tax due, the government could do something like, I dunno, pay for a big wall...

Microsoft sends a raft of Windows 10 patches out into the Windows Update ocean


Windows code name

Windows 10 (aka 19H1)

Why am I reminded of some sort of flu-type infection...ah yes, it's Windows 10.

Google Play Store spews malware onto 9 million 'Droids


Re: Awww bless

According to Malwarebytes

Adware is a form of malware

Australia's 'snoop minister' wants crypto-busting law probe wound up, proposals back into parliament


“I want to get it through as quickly as possible”

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Just a little heads up: Google is still trying to convince everyone that web apps don't suck


What could possibly go wrong?

prevent phones from locking the screen while a browser-based app is active

It is usually more polite to ask.

provide web apps with greater access to the native file system

No. Fucking. Way.

detect when users are away from their keyboard or the screen is locked

And what, annoy them until they notice you?

perform an arbitrary task at some point in the future

So specific...

Thank $deity that week's over. Look, here's some trippy music generated from pixels of a Martian sunrise to play us out


Mark Knopfler would be proud.

Expanding Right To Be Forgotten slippery slope to global censorship, warn free speech fans


Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be so happy if it's extended worldwide.

Microsoft devises new way of making you feel old: Windows NT is 25


Technically, they did - the first logo was all capitals.

MyHealth Record rollout saga shambles on: ALP wants it put on hold


Who has access

Why does Telstra currently have access? What would a telco want with my medical history?