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Virgin Media introduces P2P throttling

Iain Bagnall


Just use Be broadband... especially if you are on an LLU exchange. 2mbit upstream, practically no download cap (They have a Very Fair Use Policy), no traffic shaping whatsoever. Just a good old fashioned network connection. Use Andrews and Arnold if you want ipv6 and no shaping, but they charge an arm and a leg for download allowance...

Tom Clancy's Hawx 2

Iain Bagnall

IL2 Sturmovik

I noticed a little mention of IL2 there- to anyone who remembers it, or enjoys real sims, take a look at IL2: 1946 and install the community-built Ultrapack 2.1. What the community is doing with this old sim is truly breathtaking. Thrilling low-level ground attack missions against heavy flak, intercepting bomber streams, carrier battles, massive online wars and campaigns, and about every important WW2 aircraft- and some from the korean war too to boot. Dig out your copy and get playing, there is no better combat flying experience.

Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones

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Nice but...

Anyone in the know in the recording industry seems to use Beyer Dynamics DT100s- they have incredibly frequency response, come in whatever impedence you need, and are entirely made from replaceable parts. And they only cost about 90 quid compared to the £250 here. Anyone looking for good cans should at least give them a listen and try them out...

For Hi-Fi I agree with above posters that Grado make probably the best cans, but please be aware that all the good Grados are open-backed so everyone around you will have to listen to your music too- by contrast the BD DT100s are close backed and cut out environmental noise like a pair of aviation cans.

BitTorrenters seek sanctuary in Pirate Bay

Iain Bagnall

File Sharing- you can't arrest all of us

To those who say BUY IT I say: NO! Theres millions of us, you can't stop us, you can't arrest us all and people are now used to having freely available downloads- like it or not file sharing is here to stay so the media companies better get off their arse and provide a service that customers want and stop trying to criminalise the rest of society. Leave behind your small-minded inefficient view of intellectual property- we have and you can't stop us.

Its not stealing if you don't take someone's capital - its copyright infringement. For one thing if I stole a car I'd probably just get a slap on the wrist, but if I got caught infringing copyright you can be sure some bastard executive would prosecute me to the full extent of the law.

By the way, what if I walked up to your Maclaren SLR and used my copying machine to replicate it, paid for the resources to do that myself and then drove off in the copy? What have I stolen? When I couldn't have bought one anyway?

A 160gb iPod at 99c a song costs about 32 grand to fill up. How does that make sense?

I love culture and I'm not spending my mortgage/student loan payments/food/children's education/holiday/car fund on overpriced cd's to support marketing people, executives and promoters who no longer have a place in media creation distribution when I can download it and not get caught.

Police give up on lost CDs

Iain Bagnall

Hmm- someone has scared this junior HMRC person seriously

To be honest if I were this office junior I'd go totally public, and completely rubbish my bosses and HMRC for their procedures and for making a scapegoat of me. They've clearly managed to terrify him into silence by telling him he is going to carry the can for this unless he accepts their "protection".

The ethical thing for the junior to do is to tell his former bosses to fsck themselves, go on Newsnight and give them every sorry detail of the story.

Girls' school head condemns bubblewrapping of kids

Iain Bagnall

Its about time...

Its about time someone realised that the whole point of childhood is to build deathslides, forts, treehouses, eat worms, fall off your bike, skint you knee, break an arm (so you get a cool cast and all your mates sign it) and generally learn what hurts and doesn't.

Cops seek 179mph net vid biker

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Check out the videos made by Sweden's "Ghostrider".

179? What a wimp. Ghosty does 200+mph wheelies on a turbocharged naked streetfighter on public roads.

Shattered teens subsisting on 'junk sleep'

Iain Bagnall


Whats wrong with leaving a pc on? I can't turn it off, its got my torrents running overnight. I now have trouble sleeping WITHOUT it turned on. I just can't sleep thinking of all that stuff I'm not pirating.


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