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The clock is ticking and Korea wants to know if its chipmakers will get their export license extension


Re: America's trade war

Given that, until recently, China had the largest population of any country in the world, one would expect that its GDP would be pretty close to the largest in the world.

Times change, even the American colonies overtook the countries they were competing with.

Quit worrying about 5G C-band and crashing aircraft, US govt eggheads sigh


Re: did they look at all for someone intending on causing mischief?

Yes, the FCC regulates who can broadcast what on what frequencies etc. The FAA can ground aircraft with non compliant radalts, but it should have no input on the correct use of allocated frequencies.

Former chip research professor jailed for not disclosing Chinese patents


Serious question

Were the Chinese patents involved issued prior to his employment at the US university or afterwards?

Seems to me that if it were the former case, the University should have no more right to preferential access than any other organisation.

Iran's internet chokepoint caught fire, caused outages


Re: Rostelecom

What did Brown Boveri have to do with it?

China's Yutu rover spots 'mysterious hut' on far side of the Moon


'Tis a monolith seedling.

Rolls-Royce set for funding fillip to build nuclear power stations based on small modular reactor technology


Re: One million homes - I don't think so

Bugger that. What happened to power being measured in MW and area being measured in acres or hectares.

Just because half of the population are educationally subnormal, there's no reason to insult the rest of us with meaningless 'units'

Whenever automakers get their hands on chip supplies, the more expensive vehicles are first in line – NXP


Re: Start Stop

Ah, but the majority of nuts holding steering wheels these days don't seem to realize that one should engage the hand brake whien stationary. The morons just sit there with their doot on the stop pedal and the car champing at it's metaphorical bit.

Windows 11 in detail: Incremental upgrade spoilt by onerous system requirements and usability mis-steps


>> "We have evolved our design language alongside with Fluent to create a design which is human, universal and truly feels like Windows"

What has computational fluid dynamics got to do with GUI development??

Roger Waters tells Facebook CEO to Zuck off after 'huge' song rights request


Do you still beat your wife?

NASA pops old-school worm logo onto Orion spacecraft



Sod the logo, I really don't think that the world is ready for an Orion spacecraft yet. What plans are there to deal with the nuclear fallout?

FBI deletes web shells from hundreds of compromised Microsoft Exchange servers before alerting admins


I guess it was good that the correction was done by the FBI and not the CIA or Mossad. If that were the case, the data centre power supplies would have been melted.

There's no Huawei on Earth we're a national security threat, Chinese giant tells US appeals court


Re: China is not our friend, it would be naive to think otherwise

Make no mistake, they are cunning, power hungry, tech-stealing (come on, you can't dispute this!) and ruthless. And it appears they are in it for the long haul, so their strategy is slow but extremely effective.

You are aware, are you not, that Huawei'd research budget is $20billion per annum. That's three times as great as Cisco's

Microsoft staff giggle beneath the weight of a 52,000-person Reply-All email storm


Correct email etiquette

It should be noted that the fault lay not with those using reply-all:-, which is a reasonable response if you wish your comment to be read by all those in the to:- list.

The fault lay with the fool who sent an email to large numbers of people using to:- rather than bcc:-

I had blazing rows with our HR department over their use of to:- with the entire site mail list. Unfortunately, being HR folk, they didn't understand the rfcs.

Apple drops a bomb on long-life HTTPS certificates: Safari to snub new security certs valid for more than 13 months


Have they issued an RFC? What's its number?

ICANN extracts $20m signing fee for $1bn dot-com price increases – and guess who's going to pay for it?


Re: "justified by comparing the company to top-ranking law firms"

Of course we don't make a profit. Have you seen our C-suite staff costs?

It's back: The mercifully normal-looking Moto 360 smartwatch


Re: Talking toot with Laz

The article says leather or silicon straps. Silicon is almost a metal.

AMD agrees to cough up $35-a-chip payout over eight-core Bulldozer advertising fiasco


Re: Advertising

Uhh... Yeah, if AMD sold 6502's with a "Bulldozer" label on them, they would have gotten sued for much the same reason.

Umm:- I8080, I286, I386, M68000, M68010, M68020.

FPUs were separate components from CPUs for a long time.

Note:- Hyper-threading, as developed by Sun and used by Intel, appears to the OS as multiple CPUs even though only a single ALU and FPU per core exist.

Vodafone urges UK.gov to get on with it and conclude review into Huawei

Black Helicopters

all open and above board

I don't suppose HMG is suffering from a little bit of pressure over the 'facts' from foreign parties?

France wants in on the No Huawei Club while Canuck infosec bloke pretty insistent on ban

Black Helicopters

Let he who is without sin...

So why no outrage against HP Aruba and Cisco Meraki kit. Both phone home regularly to see if there are any 'cloud-based' configuration changes or updates and the latter kit stops working if you cut its Internet connection.

Looks like Uncle Sam has pulled its finger out and appointed a Privacy Shield ombudsperson


No such word

The word Ombudsman is not gender specific. There is no such thing as an ombudsperson/ombudswoman/ombudsthing.

And the next 7nm laptop processor will be designed by In, er, AM, um, Qualcomm: The 64-bit Arm Snapdragon 8CX

Thumb Up

TDP is a little on the high side for use in a Raspberry PI. But If Mr Upton and his team could work out how to feed it and stop it melting, I'd go for it.

It's the real Heart Bleed: Medtronic locks out vulnerable pacemaker programmer kit


So, why didn't medtronic simply fix the software so it DOES check whether it's connected via the VPN before downloading?

Hate to burst your Hubble: Science stops as boffins scramble to diagnose gyro problem


Re: It'll be a bloody Windows update...

Not a problem. Hubble will be running Windows 3.0. No updates to worry about unless they put 3.1 or 3.11 on it during one of the servicing missions.

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update


At my ex-employer (65,000 people, at the time) I was a network admin. I got into a number of rows due to the department's policy of exempting all MS patches from any form of change control and requiring 100% installation within 5 days.

Schadenfreude, anyone...

NSA dev in the clink for 5.5 years after letting Kaspersky, allegedly Russia slurp US exploits

Big Brother

Re: So let's look at this again (again).

Yes, Anti-virus software spots something that looks very much like a new virus and sends it off for further investigation. Surely a governent agency wouldn't be developing any sort of malware?

How's that encryption coming, buddy? DNS requests routinely spied on, boffins claim


Don't people put the root nameserver addresses in their named.ca files?

Ever seen printer malware in action? Install this HP Ink patch – or you may find out


How do I transfer the new firmware to my ThinkJet?

Seriously, we used ThinkJets and early DeskJets and they were revolutionary. One could even print graphs and pictures after only a few months of program writing.

They grow up so fast: Spam magnet Hotmail turned 22 today


Sod all 'cloud computing'

I must admit that I migrated from sendmail to exim in about 2002. Why on earth would I want my email on someone else's servers?

UK footie fans furious as Sky Broadband goes TITSUP: Total inability to stream unfair penalties


Re: Redundancy...

Must I upgrade to a transistorised wireless receiver?

Cardiff chap chucks challenge at chops*-checking cops



The police in cardiff aren't looking for human criminals, they're looking for aliens...

US military base stores pull Huawei, ZTE kit off the shelves


I could understand suspicions about Cisco Meraki or HP Aruba, why worry any more about Huawei and ZTE?