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Eight-core 3.8 GHz CPU. 12 TFLOPS GPU. 1TB NVME SSD. 16GB RAM. Not a half-decent workstation, it's the new Xbox


Re: "games that come out on both the Xbox and PlayStation aren't exclusive"


Amiga Fast File System makes minor comeback in new Linux kernel



This'll be really nice. I have a transfer partition with FFS on it on my SAM460EX amiga that's split between linux and Workbench and I use it to transfer file between operating systems. The permission bits have been b0rked for decades. This'll be really nice. I just wish there was Book-E support in NetBSD for the AMCC 460EX processor. Sadly.. no.Shut up and wait. :)

This'll make you feel old: Uni compsci favourite Pascal hits the big five-oh this year



FPC without Lazarus has a textual GUI that apes TPascal's heavily, and it runs on wintendo, larnicks, BSD, etc so you're not chasing relic hardware. Also because it's FPC you get the modern Object Oriented experience if you wish with delphi or traditional Object VIsion look and fondle.

Firefox to feature sponsored content as of next week


Circling the drain..

Circling the drain.

*Sigh* I've been using Firefox since it was Phoenix out of the mozilla project. I've resisted the urge to move to other browsers. Sadly.. especially with Pocket .. they're starting to annoy me almost sufficiently to want to experiment with another browser. :(