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Girls Aloud obscenity trial delayed


any link?

It would be interesting to see if there was a definite and reliable link between men reading/watching rape-based pornography and violence towards women. If it turns out that the vast majority of people watching and reading this stuff are willing to carry out these acts in real life, then there may be a good case to try and limit its distribution. Until then though...

Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View



First thing: I can walk down pretty much any residential street I want and look at people, I've never had anyone pester me for a permit or some kind of viewing tax.

Second: There's thousands of hours of news footage of people walking down streets. Should we ask the BBC to fork over a couple of million to cover this gross invasion of privacy, or should we start living in the REAL WORLD and realise this would be insane?

If Street View let you click on cars and link to a page of the owner's information, that would be bad. It is ridiculous to suggest there is anything different between walking down a road looking at a car and doing the same thing on Street View. Street View's worse because it happened several months ago! Stop whinging. Either stay in your cave all the time rather than just popping out occassionally to moan, or join this thing called "society".

Microsoft promises 'lessons learned' on IE 8 download day

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Wrong - IE8 uses its Standards Mode by default

This article is incorrect - IE8 renders pages in its new Standards Mode by default. If people can't be bothered to change their poorly written HTML to render this properly, *then* they can add a special META tag to tell IE8 to render the page in Compatibility Mode (the same as IE7). This is a good thing.

Also, if the HTML is so bad it causes the Standards Mode engine to go crazy, the page will automatically be re-loaded in Compatibility Mode.

I've been using IE8 for months at work now, and have had very few problems. If there were Firefox-like addins such as AdBlock I'd consider getting rid of Firefox. Sadly that seems unlikely. But IE8 is a good step on from IE7, and will hopefully lead to IE6 being no more.

EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows



I don't understand this, every OS includes a browser, and what are people supposed to do when they install a copy of Windows that doesn't come with a browser? Go and download one!... oh wait.

Police poison speed debate with fuzzy figures


speed camera whiners

Isn't it unfair when you get in trouble for breaking the law?

The Return of iTuneski


Why Bother?

The AllOfMp3 site is ridiculous - artists obviously aren't getting paid from the sale of their music (or at best, are getting paid a pittance). Whether it's legal in Russia or not is irrelevant. If you'd like to contribute to an artist when buying their music, buy it from a shop which is going to end up giving them money. If not, download the music for free. Why would you want to give some Russian chaps your money instead?


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