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Thinking about processing a payment, Sage Group? Biz confirms mulling sale of Sage Pay


Re: Minnow minnow (ba dee bedebe)

I took that to be money to SagePay, ie their profit and loss in providing the service. So like transaction fees basically. Not the actual money going through their service.

Hackers clock personal deets on 'two million' T-Mobile US subscribers


That's Not How It Works

This has nothing to do with the 'Cloud'. All these details have to technically available over the Internet, they can't be isolated. Otherwise you can't manage your mobile, or any other service, account. Whether a server is a cloud VM vs on T-Mobile's property is not even mentioned, or really relevant in this context. There was an API that seems to have been public, or somehow not secured.

With respect, these kind of superficial, idiotic populist comments add nothing to the discussion. I kind of get the sentiment, but it's misdirected and I don't see the point in your post.

Time to ditch the Facebook login: If customers' data should be protected, why hand it over to Zuckerberg?


That is usually for delivery reasons - and the mobile may be incase you're out when they arrive.

I any be wrong, and don't know what you were ordering, but I wouldn't automatically assume this was sinister. Delivery companies often require a contact number.

Brit healthcare system inks Windows 10 install pact with Microsoft


Re: Speaking as an insider ...

There's a lot of 'I imagine...' there. You can't imagine, the custom programs were always developed for Windows and even Internet Explorer. CERNER requires IE, it was designed that way.

I don't like it, but people need to stop saying 'oh just switch to a locked down Linux' or modern webapps. yes that's ideal, but do you really think it'll be cheaper and easier than this upgrade idea? They have to rewrite all the custom apps, and tender for it. Each trust and hospital may use different apps. And you know how large IT companies enjoy ripping off the Govt and NHS, and can't even do what they claim to be selling.

Not to mention those tendering for IT in the NHS have literally no clue how things actually work, and how to look at problems to come in the future. It needs a wholesale mindset change from the top, with People who know about IT but don't have vested interests. And of course the C/Hunt at the very top is as much of an idiot-cum-dishonest vastard as they come.

It will cost billions, not this millions. And the logistics of standardisation when all NHS organisations are essentially independent and expected to organise their own resources...

So please, do not act as though it's merely a minor hassle. You have no idea the extent of the problem, and the heterogeneity of systems across trusts, hospitals and even wards and rooms. It's a nightmare.

I'm not even NHS IT, I'm a student dietitian. But I was IT and I can see the mess now I'm working in it and have to bloody use it.


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