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Pyramid flies white flag in Microsoft grey market row


Re: The law is an ass

Yep, agreed.

I'm not generally a fan of the French (who spend most of their time making damn sure the rest of the world knows what 'arrogant' means), but in this case I salute them for having the brass ones to stand up to the USM (United States of Microsoft).

@ Morely,

Microsoft will almost certainly have agreements with their suppliers, who will have okay'd the final selling price of the Xbox 360. In that agreement there will be a clause which says that the signing parties agree not to sue each other for parallel importing or similar.

Price fixing allegations, on the other hand, can't be dismissed by a simple "Our contract says it's ok". See Samsung, Hynix et al who found that out the hard way. Let the EU go after them for that.

Dawn on its way to the asteroid belt


@ Lucy Sheriff

"At the time of writing, NASA mission managers were still waiting for the Delta II's second and third stages to fire, but so far it is all looking good."

Damn, you can type fast! I figure the time between 1st and 2nd stage burn is in the order of 50 seconds, during which time you got this article written and posted.


Three Gorges Dam an 'environmental catastrophe'


Me too...

"2 billion rats in a wheely bin."

That tickled me fancy, great comment!

Apple reminds customers who's boss



Shut up.

That is all.

Irish firm seeks Trainee Assistant Banana Ripener


International Measurement Unit of Flame Temperature

Hot on the heels of the Reg's SI Unit revision programme, I feel it's time for some more honorary additions.

Henceforth the international SI unit for measuring the temperature of internet flames shall be known as the Bevan, or bV, where 1bV is the flame energy required to raise the temperature under a Reg hack's collar by 1 degree centigrade at sea level.

Usage: "The response to the recent Sheep in a Vacuum article generated a flame temperature of 16.4bV".

Google Germany slammed for Neo-Nazi YouTube clips


a Posit onsome RandomrambLings

Ofcourse IT has become passE to provide Acoherent Response Automation whenfaced with the Irreverent Somewhat Interestingramblings developed inConjunction as an INITIAL posting frOM this author Seems To Have Generated.

It AppeaRs when Posited thatthe randomramblings (reFerred To in the Title) have little or No Effect on the Effectiveness of said article: by the way and For What It's Worth one PRESUMES that Bot Generators capable of Generating said raNDomRamblings can also:

(shock horror)

generate Random Alternative eMail Addresses fromwhich to BotPost.

After all there are a lot of planets out there..... :-)