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UAE looks to block BlackBerry mail, again

Steve Bush

bb will just place its servers in uae

then the uae spooks can spy on the small guys (aka potential terrorists) but not the big guys who are supposedly less

XXX domain names go live

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next law ... porn MUST be on .xxx

youve been warned

How is SSL hopelessly broken? Let us count the ways

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The ACTUAL solution ...

Is to involve the user more determining what master certificates are being used - instead of pretending that the browser maker knows it all.

one stab at this was mention above, but you can think of a variety of others too.

"Perhaps our browser needs some kind of "trust mode". When in "banking mode" it will not trust domain validated certififates. When in "Dissident mode" it will drop trust in Chinese certificates or whatever local regime I do not trust. Etc."

Men at Work lose Down Under plagiarism appeal

Steve Bush

bollocks to bollocks

copyright is *granted* by society in THEIR own interests - creatives have no special say in the matter

Ex-UK spy boss says WikiLeaks sparked Egyptian revolution

Steve Bush


Not at all the intelligent person I expected to be in charge of MI6. Just a dundering tool.

Assange assault accusers sought 'revenge,' attorneys say

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EAW is a vile instrument and can easily be used to summon anybody anywhere for almost anything

The EAW is truly a vile instrument.


Archeologists toast world's oldest wine press

Steve Bush

simplest winery ever

I once saw a group of women crushing grapes with their feet on the flat roof of their village house in the mountains of Cyprus. The juice simply ran down the normal rainwater drainpipe and into a bucket which was frequently emptied into a vast circular stone pot, about 1.5m across at the belly, half embedded in the floor of one of the inner rooms. The process was simply then to wait a year until the wine was ready to drink. Absolutely nothing was done to it apparently. I had some from other house nearby - too sweet for my taste but the simplicity of the process was unforgettable.

MP says she was misquoted over DNA test call

Steve Bush

Is she saying that the police should decide?

"police are best placed to decide whether it would be helpful in this instance" ... so the police decide it would be helpful then it is alright to DNA test quarter of a million men then? Nice.

Senior Guardian hacks turn on Assange

Steve Bush


Assange will be remembered for what he has done long after everybody has forgotten his personal peccadillos.

Judges reject Operation Ore appeal

Steve Bush

"the Appeal Court found no evidence of any such fraud"

Put like that it sounds like they wanted proof that he was innocent. Is that really the case nowadays?

Radioactive Litvinenko poison trails now much easier to detect

Steve Bush

inventions in which the NPL have had a hand include ... the actual internet.

Sounds provocative.

IP address-tracing software breached data protection law

Steve Bush


Wait till IP6 comes along ... they will know which ear to prosecute.

Times websites want £1 a day from June

Steve Bush

Times value is (WAS) in its readers comments

It is OUT OF THE QUESTION that the times online is worth 110 pounds a year! It is valued for its READERS COMMENTS which will largely disappear now.

Zombie tactics threaten to poison honeypots

Steve Bush

No way to evade detection as honeypot finally

All the botnet has to do is judge the target by results. ie itself receive some of the spam generated and if none received then judge the target to be defective/honeypot

UK.gov hoovers up data on five-year-olds

Steve Bush

Cowardly Shiites

We brits are a cowardly bunch of shiites and deserve to go under.

How can the storage industry prevent cloud bursts?

Steve Bush

Insurance companies

Cloud providers could convince insurance companies that they are a good bet/pay them reasonable premiums and offer their clients (the cloud consumers) compensation if and when things go wrong. To keep things simple, the compensation can be for a given amount instead of being unlimited and related to consequential losses.

Stallman calls on EU to set MySQL free

Steve Bush

Monty to get back free what he sold to Sun?

Clever. Of course open source serfs will be less likely to trust the sell out artist this time.

Steve Bush

Screw MySQL - Postgres is taking over

MySQL lost what oss heart it had when sold to Sun. I guestimate that postgres has many more shrewd brains behind its development now.

West Antarctic ice loss overestimated by NASA sats

Steve Bush

3 biggest lies

1. AGW

2. I'm from head office. I'm here to help you.

3. No, I wont come in your mouth.

Tories may cut Met Office funding

Steve Bush

Cut them back savagely I suggest

Just like roses and vines, most institutions age and rot if not cut back. Have no fear, they will grow back healthier than ever.

MS claims early success for freebie security scanner

Steve Bush

whats wrong with comodo?

We switched to comodo free av/fw/antimalware once around avgs switch to v8 realising they had bloated and sold out but really wonder why it is not mentioned as alternative. neither avast or avira free versions match up to it. so what's wrong with comodo?

Security boss calls for end to net anonymity

Steve Bush

Nice knowing you Kaspersky.

Presumably sold out to someone or something or just possibly gone insane. Satisfied with dough instead of glory.

Microsoft Security Essentials shakes up consumer antivirus

Steve Bush


I dont think a toolbar like Ask is a problem any more than google's or yahoo's etc and Comodo seems to has too much reputable business, like digital certificates, to be on a simple scam.

Steve Bush


Can someone tell me why Comodo's free av/antimalware/firewall is never mentioned? We turned to it a while ago after AVG free became rather bloated.

Ex-MySQL chief joins entrepreneur foster home

Steve Bush
Gates Horns

dogbert CEO

"I'd like to take this oppty to thank all MySQL dolphins, past and present. You made me what I am today," Mickos wrote

ie "Thank you serfs for making me very rich" .. very "dogbert CEO" wagging tail

MS opens up Security Essentials downloads from today

Steve Bush


Since AVG sold out and became fat and efficient I though Comodo's very fine free av+malware+firewall should take over in fame but it doesnt seem to have - perhaps because it has a lot of tech features that confuse the average sod. Nevertheless we use it everywhere now - FOC of course.

RIM fights BlackBerry snoop gaffe

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Bugged Club Tables in Dubai

In the "fictional" novel "Dubai" published maybe 30 years ago all the tables in the only decent club/restaurant in the city at that time and which was therefore where a lot of business was talked over were bugged. Apart from the novel, in real life for many years there was gossip that all the (mandatory government supplied) telephones were microphones too. A pattern is forming.

Remote IT support tool hijacks customer webserver

Steve Bush


Your assurances are unsupported by any proof and are therefore worthless. Fools will take them at face value. Shrewd people will question them. Cynics will suspect the worst. "We dont spy" ... haha .. "Scouts honor"?

Stallman: open-source .NET 'danger' for Debian

Steve Bush

long term c# is another distraction, like java

C++ is on a roll these days with a truly usable free cross platform IDE from Nokia/Qt creator. Java is a fat pig, lost its thrust a while ago is just coasting up in a parabola now soon to start its downward decline just like cobol did in the days of yore. C is the unchangable rock and C++ looking like its unshakable coating that makes it usable by ordinary mortals. The idea of teaching C++ programmers to stay away from the C bits makes C++ a usable language. If something doesnt have multiple implementations then it will NOT stand the test of time. Invest your time in C++. It will be around for 50 years.

Stop ID cards, says Scottish minister

Steve Bush
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Astroturf identification

Can Register PLEASE provide a link on each commenters name so that we can see if they have a history or just one off ... or if a history ... what their history is. Then we can assign weight to opinions in a more useful fashion.

Unicode bloat blights SAP upgrades

Steve Bush


Oracle seems to have gone for UTF8 whereas SAP has gone for UTF32.

Stallman warns open-sourcers on Javascript-browser trap

Steve Bush
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RMS Visionary

The cantankerous personality of Stallman is what got us the wonderful freedoms of the GPL world in the first place. You have to fight for freedoms but most people posting here seem to be just noisy lambs.

ISS crew flees flying space junk

Steve Bush


Or was it the iss passed the object at 20k mps?

Stargazers spy elusive binary black hole system

Steve Bush

Pic is galaxies not black holes

The picture actually shows two GALAXIES with BILLIONS of stars and each in the order of 100,000 light years across and is utterly misleading.

Microsoft aims 'non-security' update at gaping security hole

Steve Bush

run gpedit.msc, admin templates, system, turn autoplay off, enable, all drives

our instructions for all new systems

* Login as Administrator

* Open the Run dialog box ( [Windows] - [R] ), then type gpedit.msc, hit [Enter].

* On the left pane, click "Administrative Templates", then "System".

* On the right pane, locate "Turn Off Autoplay" and double-click on it.

* Set it to "Enable" and choose All Drives

MS puts up $250K bounty for Conficker author

Steve Bush

Seperately?! Separately!

or do I have to get used to new sensible spelling?

Extreme pron vigilantes are after you

Steve Bush

Next steps in the police state?

Vigilantes are the "useful idiots" of today - look it up. However, looking ahead I wonder if one will ever have to declare usage of vpns/encrypted channels. There could be random inspections and penalties for failing to declare to ensure general compliance. Then slowly the screws could be turned to reestablish state purview over all communication. vpns must stand out like beacons in the night at the moment. Steganography perhaps will come in vogue - inside video streams perhaps.

Take a hammer to your hard drive, shrieks Which?

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Sledge Hammer

I just knew the comments just had to be good on this one. A sledge hammer plus goggles must be the best bang per buck for the vast majority of people who dont have sufficient IT skills to know if any software command really did achieve what they want. Also briefly satisfying.

Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire

Steve Bush

Driving Ban

Somewhat reduces the impact when you learn that the council chief was banned from driving for three months for speeding. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1035514/Revealed-Driving-ban-council-chief-wants-scrap-speed-cameras.html

Government tied in knots by bondage protest

Steve Bush

Mein Kampf misquotation

Re: "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation." - Adolf Hitler "Mein Kampf"

Only the first sentence is from Mein Kampf. The second seems to be by a Rabbi. http://www.aapsonline.org/brochures/lapin.htm

German cyberplods raid Pirate Party on Skype Trojan mole hunt

Steve Bush

German law actionable in UK

Since an Australian was arrested by British (hmm) police in Heathrow on a German "EU Warrant" for something which is totally not an offence in UK (along the lines of "publishing deliberately untrue historical information") these German attitudes are going to affect us all although I assume if it was a Brit being hauled off to a German court people would have something to say about it.

EFF reveals vastly expanded search policy at US borders

Steve Bush

hamachi is wide open to us government

The idea of using hamachi for vpn security versus somebody like the US gov is absurd since it is closed source and uses hamachi's central server for control - and relay in many circumstances.

Boffin brews up 'Jurassic Park' beer

Steve Bush

Total Joke or Con

I think the beer is the hint. Ancient, DNA fragments only, go up to .8 million years last I heard. If he is trying to be serious then probably just contaminated with modern yeast.

Met Office: Global warming sceptics 'have heads in sand'

Steve Bush

"unfair criticism"

@Glen Turner - There is nothing unfair in pointing out that Hadley Center people have a conflict of interest. Isnt it just a fact? Personally I am glad to see more money going into science but think of self serving statements as porkies for more pork.

Stob latest: IEEE flags dodgy paper

Steve Bush

@Mad Hacker

Stob is the other sex

The Google-isation of all the net's access points

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The road to hell is paved with Chrome. The road to heaven is paved with addins.

Google funded firefox has turned into a nightmare for Google. They left their foot on the accelerator too long and hopefully for us end users FF is out of anyones control now. The ease of writing and delivering addons for developers and the ease of finding and installing addons for users makes FF a real user orientated thing.

Combine that with addons that manipulate and control the web pages before representation on the screen, eg CustomiseGoogle that do interesting/useful things like automatically extending the google search page as you page down without requiring click on Next page, FF is truely dedicated to the interest of the masses instead of its maker.

For Microsoft the web browser was the next level up threat that commoditises their operating system. For Google the addin is the next level up threat that will commoditise the browser. Their best bet is to portray addins as wild untrustworthy things that one must fear. I think you can see this approach in their cartoon.

Their choice of the name Chrome is an evil attempt to destroy the guts of Firefox which is also called Chrome.

Medical isotope scarcity as Dutch reactor goes titsup

Steve Bush

Fear is desired by our government as much as the terrorists

It is a naive notion that it is only terrorists who desire populations in fear. WMD anybody?

Site guesses your sex via age-old web flaw

Steve Bush

even when you turn off javascrip

"Even when you turn off Javascript, they have other tricks up their sleeves that are much harder to foil, says wally of wally corp, who brought the tool to our attention." Thanks for skipping the interesting bit.

Painting by numbers: NASA's peculiar thermometer

Steve Bush

Aristotle circa 350BC

"For an educated man should be able to form a fair off-hand judgement as to the goodness or badness of the method used by a professor in his exposition. To be educated is in fact to be able to do this; and even the man of universal education we deem to be such in virtue of his having this ability."

Anti-Scientology crusader vaporized from YouTube

Steve Bush

COS=Darwininan Predator=Good

a very shrewd comment was made about COS strengthening human gene pool by feeding on and presumably eliminating our weaker members. however it must increase the welfare of the leaders of the group and left unrestricted could slowly replace existing social norms.