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IBM staff grumble redeployment orders are stealth layoffs

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Back in the day when there was IBM and everyone else

IBM was known (internally) as I've Been Moved

Can't wait for Linux apps on Chrome OS? And you like stability? We'll see you in December, then

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Re: re: the only platform that's impossible to get malware

The track record for Chrome OS is it's own testament. Sure, Google shells out the odd $100,000 USD for exploits, and my own experience of 5+ years using a Chromebook and my "daily driver" seems that it doesn't suffer infections that affect other OS's. The exception being, self-installed browser extensions. One malware extension just recently was installed on 100k machines, mainly through end user stupidity. YMMV

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It may not be clear from this article that there are two major takeaways from Crostini. 1) You are still running Chrome OS; currently the most secure OS generally available due to firmware/software boot verification. 2) Crostini allows you to run desktop Linux application inside a Chrome window without recourse to Chromebook dev mode.

Penguins in a sandbox: Google nudges Linux apps toward Chrome OS

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Re: Why?

Crouton suffers from the requirement to be in "developer mode" disabling Verified Boot. Crostini doesn't have this requirement.

Crostini used the KVM of the Chrome OS kernel to run a second copy of the Linux kernel which has containers enabled. The Linux applications run in/on this second kernel. No hardware is emulated.

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Secure ≠ Privacy

You are confusing security with privacy. They are not the same. You need security to have privacy, but you can, as in the case of most current OS's, have security without privacy.