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UK.gov holds summit to stop satnav-driven smash-ups


New Atlas £15. Updated SatNav maps £50-£100

and then you don't know when your satnav will die. I'd happily update my satnav annually for a more reasonable price (ie the same as a paper atlas) but at present the prices are stupid.

Neighbours not Liking Facebook's new campus



If 47% of the employees could use these efficient methods of transport, then 53% couldn't. On their own that would make 53% of 9,000 or 4,700 odd parking spaces, plus whatever the 47% use. Doesn't add up to 3,600.

OTOH I visited that campus several times when I worked at Sun. As you leave, you have 3 or 4 main routes to use: a great way to disperse traffic.

OTOOH, I visited that campus several times when I worked at Sun. I can't understand how you could squeeze two and a half times as many people on to it.

All very odd.

Death haunts government petitions site


A very poor system


When you submit a petition, you don't get any reference so you can track it. I submitted an e-petition several days ago. I received an email to validate the e-petition, which I did. However, there's no sign of it on the web site, either among the accepted or rejected petitions, although it's taken me about an hour to establish that (I think).

Why not have a reference number per petition, or the ability to search by submitter's name or an email to the submitter when a petition has been accepted? Bizarre

Panasonic preps Freeview HD Blu-ray DVRs



Is this article also available in English?

Microsoft hosts Feynman lecture series

Gates Horns

Hah! Sucks to you Mac-owning physicists

So you have to download an IE plug-in to watch this? Serve you physicists right for buying Mac.

Putting it in Flash, WMV or MP3/4 would have been technically impossible, I guess.

Sun proxy details its dating game


Why did they miss the obvious suitor?

The big question is why Sun missed out on the obvious combination. Apple has fanatically loyal users in the client space: Sun has the same in the server space. Both companies had seen a move in architectures to Intel: in Apple's case, a wholehearted conversion, in Sun's case a start. Both companies' solutions are based on Unix: Apple has arguably the best client Unix, Sun the best server Unix and these could have been merged over a period of years. Sun could have provided a great channel for Apple to sell its clients, from iMac to iPhone, into its installed base. Apple would have given Sun financial stability.

Compared with this, the Oracle "merger" (=takeover) makes little sense for either organisation.

Smear site leads back to Commons


Guido's site down ...

... did they shoot the messenger?

Bucks village repels Street View spycar


Right then, me hearties.

Grab your swag bags and let's head on down to Broughton. Never heard of it before but now, thanks to the thoughtful residents, I realise it's affluent. Rich pickings, I reckon.

Who is going to run IBM?


Schwartz and LVG

Schwartz took over Sun in 2004. Corporate profits since then have been dire, as they were beorehand. He has to be paid and employed even based on P&L, not on whatever cute technology he has acquired - his job is to make money for the shareholders. I no longer work for Sun, but I wasn't laid off and don't have an agenda here. I just suggest you look at the financial facts.

On Lou Gerstner, fact is he did turn IBM around. Before he arrived, the plan was to break IBM into distinct companies. The planning was pretty advanced in some areas - e.g. the storage division was going to be AdStar (ADvanced STorage And Retrieval). Gerstner turned that around, as well as several other bad ideas. His predecessor, John Akers, was a good guy but like McNealy at Sun he wasn't able to move with the times.

Thumb Down

Schwartz screwed all value out of Sun.

I worked for Sun for several years. McNealy, who is a very nice guy btw, lost the plot after 2000. The problem with Schwartz is that he "completed McNealy's sentences" (using the terminology at the press conference where Scott announced that Jonathan was taking over.)

There are some very talented people at Sun. Schwartz simply isn't one of them. There's no sign whatsoever of Sun turning around under his leadership and IBM wouldn't consider him for a second.

Thumb Down

Schwartz screwed all value out of Sun.

Why would that make him well-placed to be the next IBM CEO?

Great Aussie firewall claims first victim


and FOAD is an acronym for ... ?

something not unusual in this context.

HP imposes staff wage cuts


Aren't they contractually protected?

Certainly if they were bankers, there would be an iron clad guarantee of their salary, not to mention bonus.

MoD loses most of the armed forces


Pretty much all drives are portable today

The encryption is more of an issue. But most modern systems have hot plugs drives for availability and serviceability reasons.

The iPhone - yours for €1


In Italy, the price includes "protection"

Make me an offer I can't refuse

MoD sorts out 'turkey' helicopters for Xmas


@Jon Pain

Helicopters are constantly needed for training and also for reserves. Remember the problems in Lebanon a couple of years ago? It was Chinooks used for evacuating civilians.


This is not a joke

Brave people are dying and being maimed because of this incompetence. Write to your MP and complain. http://www.writetothem.com/

eBay: A tale of two listings



Golly, he did well if his entire punishment was being thrown off ebay for selling HMRC property.

Hadn't seen this icon before so I decided to randomly choose it ...

Knickerless: the secure data centre connection

Paris Hilton

What size knickers

I'd like to know before you reveal how to apply for a job at said data centre. I thought most data centres suffered from cooling problems ... is this a suitable environment for this kind of behaviour?

How HMRC gave away the UK's national identity


419 Scamsters

Isn't the lost data exactly what 419 scamsters use to drain your bank account?

Apple gives MacBooks some Santa Rosa loving


Everyone does it

Look at almost any vendor's US price vs UK price and the US one will be significantly lower. It is actually more expensive doing business here; higher salaries, much higher rentals, higher govt imposed costs. This is a UK problem (and a European one to some extent) not an Apple, Dell, <name your favourite brand> one.

Battle of Britain pilots actually crap shots


A Piece of Cake

This is best documented in "A Piece of Cake" by Derek Robinson, which has the added advantage of being a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Judge parks 172mph Porsche driver for 10 weeks



So, there you are, a mother with a toddler about to cross the road.

Look left: clear.

Look right: a car half a mile away. No problem

Look left again.

Start crossing.


Yeah, blame the mother.

London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt


Amazing how the speed freaks

... expect everyone else to be perfectly aware at all times that they might choose to be utterly demolishing the law and to allow for it.

Utterly, staggeringly, inexcusably, selfishly, self-righteously stupid.


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