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Everyone's all like 'stick it in the cloud!' What of the mad lads pushing data closer to compute?


Lightbits Labs - a small but important correction

I can't comment on the specifics since Lightbits Labs is still nominally in stealth mode, but just one correction: it's not "its commodity servers", it's "*any* commodity server." HTH :-)

Future is bright for NVMe-over-Fabrics with TCP and Ethernet, say Solarflare, Lightbits


Re: NVMe/TCP is on the fast track for standardization

Just like with iSCSI, we expect every operating system and hypervisor to include NVMe/TCP client drivers. For Linux, NVMe.org will submit drivers upstream as soon as the standard is ratified. For other operating systems and hypervisors that are not Linux-based, either the OS vendor (for proprietary OS's) or the community (open source OS's) will contribute drivers. If someone needs help creating drivers that follow the spec, Lightbits will be able to assist.

As to "replacing SAS with TCP", the Linux TCP/IP stack is pretty awesome. I think that you will be surprised by what NVMe/TCP can do. You can find more information on our website, http://www.lightbitslabs.com.


NVMe/TCP is on the fast track for standardization

NVMe/TCP is on the fast track to become just as standard as NVMe/RoCE -- we (Lightbits Labs) are working hard to standardize it as part of NVMe.org in collaboration with Facebook, Intel and others. There will also be upstream Linux drivers as soon as the standard will be ratified. Pre-standard versions already exist. In fact, if you, like me, believe that the best thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from, NVMe/TCP is going to be *more* standard than NVMe/RoCE. Whereas RoCE is a niche technology in the data center, TCP is everywhere. NVMe/TCP will be everywhere as well.

End-to-end NVMe arrays poised to resurrect external storage


Re: "Because NVMe-oF uses RDMA"

Or NVMe/TCP, which gives you all of the benefits of NVMe, without requiring *any* changes on the network side. Just run TCP/IP and you're good.

We pick a storage CTO's brains on Linux-heads, big vendors – and should all the admins NVMe?


NVMe/TCP is coming

NVMe over TCP/IP, or NVMe/TCP as we like to fondly call it, is thundering down the standardization route at NVMe.org and will be with us soon. All of the benefits of storage disaggregation, moving direct-attached SSDs out of compute boxes and into storage-optimized boxes, with your standard data center network. No RDMA or FC required -- just plain ol' Ethernet and TCP/IP. I/OPs, throughput, average latencies, and tail latencies that are so close to RDMA-based NVMe-oF that your applications simply won't know the difference.

For more information and a demo, talk to us at Lightbits Labs, http://www.lightbitslabs.com.

Muli Ben-Yehuda, Lightbits Labs Co-Founder and CTO