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Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of 'Advanced Night Repair' skin cream helping NASA to commercialise space

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Next up, astronaut Marcel modelling the latest overall & slipper combo with daring applications of chrome effect velcro & matching hair net.

Looking your best is important, you never know who you might bump into on the ISS...

As we stand on the precipice of science fiction into science fact, people say: Hell yeah, I want to augment my eyesight!

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Re: Health? Huh!

Combine a health correction implant with nanobots to pick the physical pollutants1 out of the bloodstream and many decades of carefree enjoyment and good health await. All pangs of guilt about that last slice of pizza vanish as the automated system effortlessly works to keep you the size you wish to be.

Al this is yours for a low monthly payment, and there's more, every month you'll receive an updated report showing how well the implant has improved your life and personal offers from selected partners.

1wifi access required for monthly activation license update, body odour, bad breath, alcohol and other stimulants are addon elements at additional cost, see website for details

There's far more money to be made from the lazy & indulgent.

Astroboffins reckon evidence of Martian life has probably been destroyed where liquid acid flowed on the Red Planet

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Re: Two microphones

Hopefully it doesn't hear something similar to "Insert the Illudium Q​-36 Explosive Space Modulator..."

Research into deflecting potentially world-destroying asteroids is apparently not a 'national priority' for the UK

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Re: People. We can't stop an asteroid, ok? We just can't. Deal with it ;)

Here are some numbers.

Falcon Heavy - 63,000kg to LEO @ $150m

1 launch per month for 10 year = 7500 tonnes at $18bn (ish, bulk saving not applied)

With a 7500 tonne mass limit I think we could come up with a solution for deflecting quite a large asteroid.

The Battle of Britain couldn't have been won without UK's homegrown tech innovations

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Re: Appreciating and acknowledging some American help as well

Prior to the eagle squadrons being formed a number of "Canadians" with very non canadian accents were scattered through regular RAF & RCAF units.

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Re: Will you kindly stop with the "Britain alone" myth?

All assistance was very much appreciated at the time, and still is by anyone here who has read any decent history books.

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Re: Will you kindly stop with the "Britain alone" myth?

Precisely the critical moment. The domino that didn't fall & went on to create the greatest alliance of nations in history.

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Re: Will you kindly stop with the "Britain alone" myth?

All true, the long term war outlook for Germany was bleak (hence blitzkrieg).

It's just that in the summer of 1940 all of the commonwealth & empire armies were small and under equipped, no significant help was likely to arrive before any German invasion attempt. (The Indian army had under 100k troops available for overseas deployment in 1940 and all countries were in the process of rapidly building up their forces)

There was also the worry that the NAZI/Soviet treaty would lead to the red army moving through Afghanistan into India (modern Pakistan) and the Persian oilfields following the successful joint invasion of Poland.

The original Luftwaffe plan was to force the RAF away from airfields in the south-east and gain total air supremacy over the channel, these were the only conditions that the Kriegsmarine would dare sail an invasion force. They knew that with constant RAF fighter cover from nearby fields the Royal Navy would be able to arrive at the invasion beaches in overwhelming numbers and sink everything in the channel (quite literally & regardless of cost) cutting off the troops already landed, without air cover half of the Royal Navy would have been sunk by bombing before arriving and most of the rest soon after.

While it’s a vast simplification to say that the ‘few’ determined the course of history, had they (and all the supporting organisations) failed I’d not like to guess at what the current world order would look like now.

Chinese database details 2.4 million influential people, their kids, addresses, and how to press their buttons

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Re: Oh....bad....bad....bad.....Nothing Like That Going On in the US or the UK.....No Siree!

Yes absolutely. Learning from past mistakes is far more useful than self flagellation & self righteous finger pointing generations after the events.

Where we are now is where we must improve.

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"F**k Trump!" or "Lock her up!" are free expressions of opinion and say much about the orators level of political tolerance.

Calling someone a Nazi is slander unless you can prove that they are, (it's an accusation of membership of an illegal organisation) . This has only started happening in recent years as the knowledge of actual Nazi atrocities diminishes over time* and insult/hyperbole inflation is now out of next steps.

* We don't teach the horrific details in school, that would give children the nightmares that surviving victims suffered.

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Re: How many does that database say read El-reg ?

Finding where young low level activists already indoctrinated into following the party line hang out and then using subtle methods to ‘inform’ their opinion is part of the long game that will be in play, but there are easier places to tinker with than a forum with a high ‘trust no government’ quotient.

Placing opinions desirable to the Chinese* here without triggering a giant WTF response from all and sundry seems a high hurdle compared to most interweb forums, after all, this is EL-reg, home to a readership of analytical & sceptical techies skilled in 'reading between BS statement lines’ and possess the ability to think for themselves (mostly).

Divide & conquer has been the basis for foreign policy in every country looking to exert external influence without incurring the risks & expense of an actual war, find weaknesses that can be exploited and chip away at them. currently in the US it’s the racial divide in policing, in the UK it’s anything to do with empire.

For example we could blame Chinese influence for the current climate of denouncing almost any prominent historical western figure or activity as <whatever>ist, it has direct parallels in the cultural revolution (denounce anything old) and those red guard teenagers from the late ‘60s now occupy the top levels within the CCP directing foreign policy.

* given that we'll poke at any group expanding it's control or spying over us, a lack of articles on Chinese activities would be the only desirable I can spot.

Take your pick: 'Hack-proof' blockchain-powered padlock defeated by Bluetooth replay attack or 1kg lump hammer

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Re: Confessions of a bolt cutter

Angle grinders can be a bit on the loud side.

If there is any way of stealing anything in under a minute then some smart git will find that way.

Unexpected risks of using Apple ID: 'Sign in with Apple' will be blocked for Epic Games

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Re: Users that they will lose the ability to log into an Epic Games account via "Sign in with Apple"

To the users who may be about lose all access to several hundred $/£ worth of games expediture it may well be.

I'll point out that it has been said many times here that using 3rd party 'anything' puts you at the whim of those third party companies.

Apple dumping on it's users who happen to have an Epic account seems a very short sighed move.

Ireland unfriends Facebook: Oh Zucky Boy, the pipes, the pipes are closing…from glen to US, and through the EU-side

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Re: About time too

Creating third party personal profiles from the data trawled from existing account holders is illegal under GDPR unless I've misunderstood some of the 'allowed' reasons for holding information.

On the other hand, generating a detailed profile from the slurped contact list as soon as an account is created can be completed before the newby user has finished filling in actual details.

Unexpected victory in bagging area: Apple must pay shop workers for time they spend waiting to get frisked

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>>>US politicians changed the law, specifically to allow employers to not pay for that time<<<

Is being paid in company tokens still allowed in the US?

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Re: No comment about back pay

That would be a tidy sum per employee but still way less than the rounding error on Apples cash pile ($2.3Tn to the nearest 100 billion?), It'd also make them look good instead of money grabbing, and an apology woldn't go amiss either.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... a pair of black holes coalesced resulting in largest gravitational wave we've seen

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Re: One heck of a blip!

Mind boggling, the biggest conversion we've managed so far is measured in grams.

Amazon spies on staff, fires them by text for not hitting secretive targets, workers 'feel forced to work through pain, injuries' – report

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Re: I'll flip burgers

Were you the original "Supersize Me" prototype?

Someone's getting a free trip to the US – well, not quite free. Brit bloke extradited to face $2m+ cyber-scam charges

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Re: It's only money...

Taking DTs personal* property? Something would definitely be "flying eastward over the Atlantic"

*for every purpose except tax & liabilities, that's what the holding company is for.

Shocking no one, not enough foreigners applied for H-1B visas this year so US govt ran a second lottery

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Re: You'd have to be mad -- or desperate -- to come here on an H1B

So what your saying is the USA is back into the "Red Menace" mentaility it had between 1920 and 1990 (with a small hiatus '41-'45)?

Eagle-on-EGLE* violence: American icon sends govt-flown drone hurtling into the waters of Lake Michigan

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Not when the drone is flown BY the govt.

Epic Games gets itself epically banned, launches epic Fortnite death match with Apple over App Store's epic 30% cut

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Re: Epic is right

How about capping the in-app purchase tax at the actual level of corporation tax Apple pays.

NHS tests COVID-19 contact-tracing app that may actually work properly – EU neighbors lent a helping hand

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Re: As far as I can tell, Northern Ireland is part of the UK....

Just normal politics -

If something is good and not yours - Ignore or spin it to bad.

If something is bad and not yours - go to town with righteous anger & indignation.

Clarke's Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced techie is indistinguishable from magic

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Good observation ability

A primary tool in problem solving! Well done to the PFY

Cold beverage earned.

Splunk sales ace wins sex discrimination case after new boss handed her key accounts to blokes deemed 'flight risks'

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Re: Oh?

>>>Raj Dosanjh, a former colleague of Gracey's<<<

Sounds like new senior manager helping his friends (whom he recruited?) onto the gravy train by bunging them the best accounts with no other considerations.

As for flight risk, any good manager would have considered Lee to be potentially an expensive flight risk seeing as she was on a sabbatical having reeled in a multi £M catch (certainly worth upping her basic). New hires with nothing to show yet have to prove they're worth keeping unless they also have a cast iron history of bringing in big accounts, in which case give them the leads that will actually grow sales.

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Re: Oh?

Servalan & Avon doing dance routines...

The teleport bangles would be glitzy...

Cisco to sell everything-as-a-service – even core networking hardware – and cut costs by a billion bucks

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>>>Cisco are just trying to keep the annoyance factor slightly below the threshold<<<

Increasingly they are failing.

Fully agree with you on >bite the bullet and change vendors< they're using the old MS ploy of 'Too much effort to change it all now', it won't work for much longer.

Its' not fun trying to run a 24/7 time sensitive manufacturing operation when the Borgs first response to almost any TAC case is update the firmware (production outage costing £$£$£) because switch IOS is so bug ridden now.

Cisco made their name with quality kit that could quite literally run for many years straight without needing a service restart (let alone a power cycle), Beancounting has ruined them.

Softbank confirms talks to offload Arm as it posts rebound profit

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Re: @Stumpy

>>>they're not vital for national security<<<

I'd suspect that more than a few countries would have a different view on the ability to design leading edge chippery.

Pakistan aims to quadruple IT exports to $5bn, with freelancing youth to the fore

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While the current and hoped for numbers are small compared to the big hitters in global IT exporters, their aim of about 2% GDP from IT would be doing quite well overall.

This is node joke. Tor battles to fend off swarm of Bitcoin-stealing evil exit relays making up about 25% of outgoing capacity at its height

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Re: Too stupid to care?

Yes, strikes me as a exploiting the skiddies who think TOR sound cool and don't implement any actual transport security beyond default.

TOR isn't about 'secure routing' it's 'anonymous routing'. Pick your protocols with care.

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Re: Smaller fleas to bite 'em

It's not breaking TOR, just exploiting a fairly small (as per Claptrap ^) set of user activities running over it.

We've reached the endgame: Bezos 'in talks' to turn shuttered department stores into Amazon warehouses

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Re: I didn't realish Yankish was so different.

Estate Agent close as doesn't matter.

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Re: Coming soon

Or fortold it's imminent death!

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Re: Coming soon

The Digital VMS full manual set did require a pallet, I'm not sure where the pallet/box cutover was when ordering individual books from the telephone directory sized parts catalog.

NASA to stop using names like 'Eskimo Nebula' and 're-examine' what it calls cosmic objects

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Slate1 was the original writing surface of choice in many Welsh & northern UK schools (& pubs), depending on its size 2 or 4 slates gave a decent area to use chalk on.

The name stuck as a temporary writing surface well after 'black (painted) boards' arrived and that new fangled paper stuff was being used by pupils2. Everyone knew what 'A Slate' was by then, why change it.

1 A thin smooth stone roofing slab to keep the rain out, this IS the UK after all.

2 Small offcuts from roofing slate were basically free and provided pupils with a reuseable writing surface.

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Re: Intresting...

Changing your own (town, country, personal) name is fine carry on. A little over a hundred years ago a chap named George decided that he'd rather be called Windsor that Saxe Coberg Gotha.

The article is about changing the currently descriptively accurate name for every object of that type in existence.

Are we eventually going to remove the word 'Black' from dictionaries altogether? It won't change the physics of light interacting with a surface.

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Re: Virgin Galactic

Green Knight

Nothing ironic there :^)

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Re: Naming astronomical objects

>>>use the classifier and typical Canadian word "Inuit" instead, even for Yupik (non-Inuit) people.<<<

Does that have the same effect as foreigners calling a Scottish person 'English'?

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Re: ... and how about the black holes?

Things do drop into them as well, just like other holes.

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Re: ... and how about the black holes?

Indeed, let's stop using perfectly rational and short descriptive names that contain any word that has been used pejoratively anywhere in recorded history.

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Re: What's next?

All is not lost


Would pulling Blazing Saddles from the list be considered anti-semitic in any way?

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Re: What's next?


The morality crew will jump straight onto prominent D1C5 B00B135 or BAD6E

British Army does not Excel at spreadsheets: Soldiers' newly announced promotions are revoked after sorting snafu

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Re: Training

I'd be happy with an automagic on-off option, it can't be that hard to do on a per sheet basis.

USA decides to cleanse local networks of anything Chinese under new five-point national data security plan

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Thumb Up

Re: I thought this was more or less known to be the case?

Very good book! More than a 'pinch' of skulduggery.

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Re: R.I.P. Synology

Because everyone in the business uses similar boilerplate, has anyone ever seen Synology actually do a customer audit?

I've long been of the opinion they're quite hot on security patching (due to being ROC based) and are unlikely to incorporate sneaky stuff that others (with state level funding) will find eventually. Plus they're on a very short list of consumer kit makers that are still providing updates to decade old boxes.

Geneticists throw hands in the air, change gene naming rules to finally stop Microsoft Excel eating their data

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I'll go with a poke at both sides.

As a curmudgeonly git I expect that whatever I type into an excel sheet* should stay exactly as I type it - until I do something about it.

Learning how to 'Format Cells...' isn't hard. Being a prima-donna about not learning to use the simple formatting tools is just unprofessional.

The first 20 years of desktop spreadsheets (visicalc onwards) had a lot of usage restrictions and yes formatting was a pain at times but at least you knew that the data you typed stayed as typed.

* I'd extend this to wordprocessors as well, underline in red by all means but don't change the letters I typed which may well be a correct technical reference or foreign word (or both).

NSA warns that mobile device location services constantly compromise snoops and soldiers

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Re: Trump tells Putin where you are

Russian troops going back into Afganistan is less likely than Putin mooning congress from the speakers chair.

University of Cambridge to decommission its homegrown email service Hermes in favour of Microsoft Exchange Online

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Re: change for sake of change

Yes, I believe one has to have been attending the Courts / Livery / Military do's for a while before any palaces start offering invites.

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Re: Emd of Cambridge SMTP development

I'd call that a stable build.

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Re: change for sake of change

You'd be hard pushed to find a better fancy dinner than those provided by the Cambridge colleges on a regular basis.



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