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We'll pay £400k for a depth charge-proof robot submarine, says UK's Ministry of Defence

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Re: Thats our whole navy ...................

Alongside the two US carrier strike groups, Liz will be the third strike carrier in the Pacific, she can also act as big sister to the USS America which is an assault carrier built to operate Harriers & F35s in support of US marines.

US carrier groups generally have six Arleigh burke & Ticonderoga escorts so there's no real difference in escort hull count (or tonnage) and since the Vikings were retired a few years ago they only have ship & helo for close in ASW as well, they obviously think this is adequate.

Four flat tops & twenty odd escorts is a very hard target to overcome whatever you use.

University ordered to stop running women-only job ads

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HR would have to transcribe for every candidate if you don't want to risk having an unconscious bias towards faster more accurate typists, that and a few iterations of refinement could see this blind interview method working quite well in an honest company.

The biggest stumbling block will be how we give jobs to our chums, codeword in answer to question 3?

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@Dave & Phil, yes indeed, there’s nothing quite as subtly corrosive to confidence as thinking ‘I’m here just to fill a quota’.

Baroness Dido Harding lifts the lid on the NHS's manual contact tracing performance: 'We contact them up to 10 times over a 36-hour period'

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Re: The UK's chief stable door shutter.

Wanted: Figurehead to take responsibility for overseeing government attempt to solve pandemic contact tracking system. No chance of avoiding continuous detailed press & political criticism, high likelihood of being blamed for expected failure to reach targets so lacking any grasp on reality is a key role requirement.

Dido seems eminently suited to the post.

I rather hope there's someone who actually knows what they're doing in charge of the day-to-day stuff.

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it's such a pity T-Ts helpdesk isn't that engaged!

One does not simply repurpose an entire internet constellation for sat-nav, but UK might have a go anyway

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Re: What?

Isn't that how you get to win all elections, by being the voters preferred choice?

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Re: What?

I thought BoJo had merely occupied the popular middle ground, left vacant recently by Corbyns shift left after being filled by Blair & co since the Conservative moved right during the 80s/90s. (etc..) - plus ca change.

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Re: What?

Fluid is a very good description, one of our more notable leftpondian cousins used the phrase "government of the people, by the people, for the people" which sums up the democratic ideal in a nutshell but none of the detail.

The great irony is that this was said during a civil war fought to decide if ultimate governing authority would reside with the individual US states or at federal level. This is an ongoing balance of power argument even thought the well documented original reason has long since been put to rest.

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>>> How Much and How Long<<<

As one of the sponsors, asking this of the project team putting Galileo into operation was obviously flawed in some way.

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Re: What?

>>>not the rose tinted, conquest, slave ridden past<<<

Go to Rome, look around the old buildings and have a think about that statement.* The fact that we had the only (so far) world dominating conquest driven empire doesn't make us worse than any one else, just better organized.

If the general population was harking back to the past our government would be Farage & co, but as they've never made any impact in UK parliament elections I'd hazard it's not a little England mentality that drove us to leave.

*Germany 1933-45 was a close approximation to the Roman empires use of human labour.

The Moon certainly ain't made of cheese but it may be made of more metal than previously thought, sensor shows

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Re: Alternatively...

How big a bang? multi peta-tonne?

Icon : tis but a pimple on a gnats posterior.

After 84 years, Japan's Olympus shutters its camera biz, flogs it to private equity – smartphones are just too good

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Re: Sorry to see them go...

Brand loyalty when they're consistently delivering quality is rational and a good camera isn't five minute bling with a grinning d-list schleb trying justify the badge.

Brit police's use of facial-recognition tech is lawful, no need to question us, cops' lawyer tells Court of Appeal

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Re: Wedge


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Re: UK police use of facial-recognition tech is lawful, no need to question us

Lifting fingerprints or DNA at crime scene - proportional and related to an actual crime (keeping both for years from individuals ruled out during investigations is a different issue)

Facial recognition can only be less intrusive and proportional if the system discards images that do not match individuals actually being sought by plod.

While we don't have any right to privacy on the street, that doesn't extend into the right to build a dossier of Joe Publics movements and interactions, it's stalking.

I don't care that my image may be on a 1,000 different security systems, I do object to anyone stitching together a timeline of my life from them.

How do you run a military court over Zoom? With 28 bullet points and a ceremonial laptop flunkey, of course!

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Maybe white wine for the ladies would be an option?

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The purpose of these laws is to provide you with the chance to defend yourself and not just receive a 5am wake up call from a team with an execution warrant following a secret trial you knew nothing about.

Video links allow you to 'see' everyone, hear the evidence and cross examine.

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Re: Lazy

I interpreted it as the judge panel no longer being 'in' the actual ongoing meeting* after the administrator left (effectively taking the courtroom), and that texting was the easiest way of bringing everyone back. Assumption being the administrator may not have moved just into the next room.

* The meeting being a virtual courtroom, I'd think the object of this is to replicate the existing courtroom process exactly, because what constitutes a courtroom in session has many centuries of applied law & precedent, if anything is changed ad-hoc the implications could be profound.

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Re: Lazy

Agree. Normally the panel retire to deliberate and everyone else waits in the courtroom, here it's just swapped and the event deliberately made obvious.

What it does presuppose though is that good WiFi exists wherever the court administrator goes. (or very long wires)

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Re: If the Boris Johnson Junta decides to declare Martial Law

Even with the emergency powers currently in place BoJo has no ability to do anything other than what has been allowed by parliament and he has no control over Parliament, He only has the majority of MPs currently agreeing to let him make daily decisions and propose laws (propose, not enact).

Only a year ago it was perfectly clear to see that actual power lies with Parliament, laws were passed that the PM (T.M. & B.J.) disagreed with but could do nothing to prevent, the supreme court annulled a decision made by BoJo because they deemed it to be beyond the acceptable level of leeway used historically.

If you want an example of UK martial law read about Oliver Cromwells tenure, then ask yourself just how plausible anything remotely like that has of being put in motion today in the UK.

Google isn't even trying to not be creepy: 'Continuous Match Mode' in Assistant will listen to everything until it's disabled

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Does not compute.

>>>Shodjai did not explain how users will end a Continuous Match Mode.<<<

Google ending a data collection session ... It's nice to end the week with a laugh.

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"It will be down to developers to heed such warnings."

Oh good...

By emptying offices, coronavirus has hastened the paperless office

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Re: Print volume that would fill the area of seven football fields every minute in 2020.

1 Windermere is about 2200 football fields will this do?

Amazon's not saying its warehouse staff are dumb... but it feels they need artificial intelligence to understand what 'six feet' means

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Re: This tech wont go away after Covid

They're working on the drones, meatbag employment is only temporary.

If you're despairing at staff sharing admin passwords, look on the bright side. That's CIA-grade security

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Re: Numpties, the lot of 'em.

The US or UK are only truly united internally when some unlucky country drops a war in our lap.

Other than that, like many countries we're an awkward bunch to try and govern.

Google and Parallels bring Windows apps to Chromebooks, in parallel with VMware and Citrix

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Re: "evidence of [..] greater interest in working from home"

I'm expecting that a non trivial % of desk jobs currently WFH will just continue this way and future 'in the office' time happens only when there's a reason to travel.

There's a LOT of expensive office space sitting mostly empty at the moment. In the last three months we've identified what works and more importantly what doesn't work in WFH setting, sensible senior management by now should be generating a nice set of figures showing how much overhead they could save if the office space shrank to match.

How this pans out over time for social interactions is guesswork, but I'd hazard that as millions do not miss spending hours on crowded transport at both ends of a working day they may now venture out more often mid-week.

Exoskeletons-as-a-service offered as helping hand to warehouse workers exhausted by pandemic

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Re: Already been there

A 28Kg lift exoskeleton will have marginal at best direct cost benefits (outside of some niche tasks) because is doesn't replace any actual workers or fill the gap between humans and the smallest fork lifts. What it does do is reduce some specific risks and consequent medical bills not on the daily profit/loss sheet. The biggest advantage is in widening the pool of those capable of performing an activity by reducing the requirement for an intrinsic level of strength (and all four limbs?)

A 100Kg lift exoskeleton on the other hand would probably be of immense use across a wide range of activities without being significantly larger than the occupant.

Microsoft disbands three-ring Windows Insider circus and replaces it with 'channels'

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Quality as a goal from MS

We can but hope.

Ms. Langowski, future CEO or gone by Christmas?

845GB of racy dating app records exposed to entire internet via leaky AWS buckets

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Herpes Dating was also revealed

Well, that's just being socially responsible by keeping communicable diseases contained within the affected community.

Rule 34.

As Uncle Sam flies spy drones over protest-packed cities, Homeland Security asks the public if that's a good idea

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Re: I submitted my comment

Connected via the web, gave an email address.

Perhaps they don't need any more personal details...

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Re: Purpose of survey questions

>>>boils down to pure public relations and eye wash<<<

Example of how polls are conducted:


UK.gov announces review – not proper inquiry – into Fujitsu and Post Office's Horizon IT scandal

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If the prosecution Barrister knew anything about this they'll be facing career (& liberty) ending charges in front of a very unsympathetic judge.

US senators propose $22bn fund for new fabs on American soil because making stuff is better than designing stuff

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Re: Meh

>>>bring back low value jobs<<<

They may be low value but they are still real jobs putting spending money into pockets that otherwise may struggle to find stable employment and it's stable employent that allows people to improve their lot in life.

Frenchman scores €50k compensation for suffering 'bore-out' at work after bosses gave him 'menial' tasks

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Re: That is insane

That explains how Homer got his elfin safety job!

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Re: Sooo....

I've seen 80% of current salary until retirement age and a fully paid up pension offered to anyone in their mid 50s, it utterly p'd off everyone just under the cutoff. For the much younger the resulting uplift in job roles was very nice.

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4 years, not a bad attempt at holding out against such an insidious employment practise.

As he's French I doubt it's a record though, Can you work from home?

Developers renew push to get rid of objectionable code terms to make 'the world a tiny bit more welcoming'

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Re: BTW: How did that work out?

>>>racism is bolstered by the logical conclusions of the theory of evolution. Thanks, Darwin.<<<

Sorry Drew, those would be ilIogical conclusions.

The premise that all Darwinian change is improvement is wrong, Darwinian change merely covers changes to suit the prevailing conditions*. Evolved skin tones lighten with distance from the equator due to the relative intensity of sunlight, it is a balanced response to the human bodies need to 'produce vitamin-D in' and 'avoid UV damage to' the live tissue directly under skin.

I agree with the rest of your post.

* Dodo bird : Original pigeon like population flew to the island and then due to the total lack of predators evolved to be large, flightless and completely incapable of any self defence.

Huawei launches UK charm offensive: We've provided 2G, 3G and 4G for 20 years, and you're worried about 5G?

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Re: The bigger issue is rising Chinese power

Corbyn wasn't listed as 'unelectable', and replaced, he really did lose a free and fair election by a massive margin, to the point that constituencies which had been labour since WW2 were lost.

"Freedom & democracy" are not vague notions of "Pie in the sky", they're the underpinnings of our ability to hold our leaders to account and replace them at our discretion. All our national activities & failings are open to view and criticism.

Can you find anyone living in China that will openly criticize their government online? especially with the language used in western countries.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes: UK man gets 3 years for torching 4G phone mast over 5G fears

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Re: 3 years?

Force him to dress like a 1975 OU physics lecturer on release or is that too cruel?

BoJo looks to jumpstart UK economy with £6k taxpayer-funded incentive for Brits to buy electric cars – report

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Re: Restructure the Market

>>>VAT on caviar should not be the same as VAT on potatoes for example.<<<

They're both 0% VAT rated, like most uncooked foodstuff in the UK.

Caviar is Sturgeon eggs, thats a very specific item to apply VAT. Would VAT apply to lumpfish caviar & cod roe? all of which are quite healthy foods.

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From next Jan - Imported cars = 10% tariff unless a trade deal appears.

But, import car components and assemble locally = 0% tariff, lot of nice gov't 'assistance' with setting up the plant and can be advertised as built in UK.

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Re: Maths

Break even, just in time for the batteries to be shot?

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Re: Perfect timing?

>>>I'm failing to see how those foreign car companies taking tax cash benefits the uk as a whole<<<

Renault - own 43% of Nissan - Sunderland (Renault based Nissans).

PSA - Ellesmere Port (Peugeots badged as Vauxhall)

BMW - Oxford (Mini)

Toyota - Derby

Mercedes owns the Crewe Bentley plant but it's not really set up to make Polo

Honda are closing their Swindon plant to protect jobs in the home country as sales fall, all the others will do the same if pushed.

Together these plants (and others making engines/gearboxs) with supporting 3rd party engineering industry employ the thick end of a million people, they also all have a lot of spare production capacity.

It's a state subsidy to keep jobs here, just like every other country does while pretending otherwise.

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Re: Electric cars....

>>>Some days 50% is renewable<<< Yes, in the long bright summer days when there's always a breeze, solar panel work properly for 15 hours & we only use half the electric compared to winter.

If you have enough solar panel to be self sufficient I'd suspect you aren't in any socio economic group that has to balance their finances on a knife edge.

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Re: Still no answer...

Oh to live like a peasant, one can only dream.


Logitech G915 TKL: Numpad-free mechanical keyboard clicks all the right boxes

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Re: Sounds excellent all round

you could search 'tkl keyboard' on the big river, then search gamer forums

City of Los Angeles sued for tracking rental scooter rides – that's the rideshare company's job says EFF and ACLU

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If it's just for a 'scooters at location x' count the DMV really don't need any other data other than the list of actual locations at regular time intervals (obviously not every second) - no other data needed.

Traffic cams can do the congestion watching just as they do for all other vehicles.

IBM quits facial recognition because Black Lives Matter

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1940-50, pretty much everything was government work in ordnance manufacturing or secret.

Was the 1933 German census mentioned at all? that was very useful collating lists of 'undesirables'.

Saturn's largest satellite, Titan, is drifting away from its planet 100 times faster than previously thought

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Re: I can and did leg pump a swing around the top of a swing set.

Titan doesn't have a counterweight at the opposite side of Saturn to help.

US Air Force wants to pit AI-powered drone against its dogfighting hotshots in battle of the skies next year

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Re: Which aircraft will the meat pilot use?

A10 v F35, this is a sprinter v decathlete situation, we know who’s likely to win each event before they start. A10s were built for a single purpose, close support, specifically chewing up 1980s Soviet armoured formations in Germany, with the ability to return home having received multiple hit from the AAA systems among those formations, any other task is well outside its comfort zone. The design was heavily influenced by the close support environment during the Vietnam war where it was discovered that fast jets are often too fast to target accurately when the enemy is up close.

Modern weapon systems bring the F35 near to the A10 in terms of close support ability (only ‘near’, not as good), but interestingly, the air force are in the process of re-winging the A10 fleet to provide another 20 years of service (first in service 1977) so it’s clear they’d prefer to keep both for the tasks they’re really are suited to.

The drones that have been employed up to now on military tasks are generally designed for cheap loitering high over a target area against an adversary without any real anti-aircraft capability. Pilot fatigue is real problem in these operations while drones can have their remote controllers literally change shift in flight.

The USAF has been converting actual fighters into remote pilot drones for decades (QF-16 currently) to give pilots dogfight experience ending in a real shot down (the drone doesn't get to shoot), using automatic flight control instead of a remote meatbag here is a fairly easy replacement.

With an AI system acting as the RPV pilot, any experience gained won’t be lost with the airframe just like the Star-Trek Borg, hence the Skyborg tag.

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Re: How?

>>>An actual close in dogfight? Are those even a thing any more?<<

Yes. It's not impossible that modern missile/defence systems cancel each other out to the extent that guns are all that is left, you can't jam or distract a bullet.

Equipment attrition rate is the win / lose factor, when you run out you've lost.



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