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Microsoft retires Azure IoT Central retirement announcement


Azure Media Services anyone?

“standard Azure service notification process including a notification period of 3 years before discontinuing support.”

They haven’t given their 3 year notice period on Azure Media Services. Announced 30th June 2023, gone 30th June 2024 with no alternative provided other than switching to a 3rd party marketplace provider. They just make it up as they go along, with complete disregard to the impact they have on their customers.

Electro-smog, govt snooping be damned. Two thirds of folks polled worldwide would trade in their mobes for 5G kit


Data Caps

All well and good advertising breakneck speeds and promising movies on the go and mobile gaming, but it'll all grind to a disappointing halt very quickly when you reach the inevitable data allowance.

Accounting expert told judge Autonomy was wrong not to disclose hardware sales


Hardware on the Accounts

I used to work for a Medium sized consultancy, (that it turns out wanted to get bought) selling mostly Services. Occasionally customers would ask us to procure small bits of hardware or software on their behalf. We'd stick a markup of a out 10% on it.

One day a customer asked us to do it for about 500k worth of hardware, but our accounts team refused to put it through the books. I thought it was madness at the time. The easiest 50k you'll ever earn, why would you turn it down?

This story now gives me some insight into why that might have been.

Yahoo! customers! wake! up! to! borked! email! (Yes! people! still! actually! use! it!)


Re: “Those Were the Good Old Days”

Why would anyone use the free email account that comes with your broadband?

Don't they only offer them as a trap to stop you changing supplier? i.e you won't want to have to give everyone your new email address if you switch

Stop using that MacBook Pro RIGHT NOW, says Uncle Sam: Loyalists suffer burns, smoke inhalation and worse – those crappy keyboards


Re: Customer service?

On my Ford, you can just change it in the menu.

Brit bank TSB TITSUP* after long-planned transfer of customer records from Lloyds


Ensuring this never happens again

It's ok, to ensure that this never happens again, the one guy who actually knew how it all works and stepped up to take responsibility to get the job done when no one else would.......has been fired.