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IR35 blame game: Barclays to halt off-payroll contractors, goes directly to PAYE

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Re: IR35 idiocy

> Almost all won't. Most Brits cannot speak another language, so Anglophone countries only, more or less. And for many people, uprooting your whole family because you have to pay tax is not going to fly as an idea.

Today English is king of "lingua latina" of the IT.

Last year I've been working for Infosys/Proximus in Brussels and year before for Huwai/KPN in Hague. Literally ZERO communication problems

Working outsize UK not knowing local language is not a problem (at all).

Biggest problems are local regulations about contractors.

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IR35 idiocy

Whole that idiocy will vanish or disrupt whole sectors of the market.

Less commuting by contracts, less buying stuff or services like accounting services. Headhunting agencies will be hurt as well.

Much more UK (IT) contractors will start applying for contracts outside UK.

Using IR35 on public market caused only increase daily rates or looking for other ways to hire contractors outside IR35.

Parliament and HMRC are thinking that if they will crush in they hands all contractors to squeeze more money that as outcome will be produced diamonds. However even kid playing in sandpit knows that if someone will try to take to the hand something which is warm and soft and crush it all will leak between fingers.

No one is even trying to encircle financial Gov problems and/or negotiate other ways.

SPARCs fly as Oracle recharges Arm server processor designer Ampere with $40m

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So .. does it mean that Oracle is thinking as well about porting Solaris to AARCH64?

GIMP open source image editor forked to fix 'problematic' name

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So simple don't use it.

kloczek the iOS6 user

Instead wasting time on porting to Qt and use rust someone should help on porting GIMP to python 3.x and Gtk 3.x or 4.x

IMO Python plugin should be moved out of main tree (usability of that plugin is quite limited).

It's happening, tech contractors: UK.gov is pushing IR35 off-payroll rules to private sector in Finance Bill

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Goverment need your money

> It is intended to ensure that two people working side by side in a similar role for the same employer pay the same employment taxes.

Nope this only excuse to take more money.

Britain economy is doing worse and wore only and this only reason.

Everything else it is just pure bollocks.

Ubuntu says i386 to be 86'd with Eoan 19.10 release: Ageing 32-bit x86 support will be ex-86

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So when Intel and AMD are going to release 64bit only CPUs?

Big Falcon Namechange for Musk's rocket: BFR becomes Starship

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"overpriced taxi to the International Space Station"

.. which creates acronym OTTTISS which sounds even right :)

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

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> My own belief is that IBM should have acquired Red Hat years ago. $34 billion is a lot of money to pay.

IBM is going write off only $7 billions so everything else it will be "paid| in just shares operations.

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Howewer MS is going in opposite direction ..

Instead investing in what is up (clouds) is doing the same but under water (look on they underwater DCs)

Facebook names former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg head of global affairs

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Good to know ..

.. that Nick Kleg is MI5/6 asset delegated to Facebook.

No wonder Oracle exec Kurian legged it – sky darkens as cloudy tech does not make it rain

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Quiet after announcement of Solaris 11.4

Only few weeks ago has been released officially Solaris 11.4 GA.

However no one from Oracle moved ass to spread this new. Even here was no announcement about quite significant set of improvements which could attract many customers.

Serverless Computing London: Agenda is live

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> "The owner of serverlesscomputing.london has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website."

> This some obscure sub-bullet of GDPR or something?

Oh my deer ..

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Using "serverless" term is stupid. It is like calling taxi or public transport "carless transport".

Oracle pledges annual Solaris updates for you to install each summer

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No longer long oudated official downloads

Between 11.3 GA and 11.4 GA were almost 2.5 years and all this time officially for free and test was possible to download old and outdated with hundreds not fixed security issues.

IMO sooner or later Oracle will realise that for what people want to pay is not free download but support with the possibility to contact some specialist, diagnose the issue and fix them ASAP.

Free download even latest patches does kill such needs.


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