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MI5 slapped on the wrist for 'serious' surveillance data breach

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Can someone please reassure me that everyone and their dog haven't now seen all my dickpics? What kind of world is this that I can't send a dickpic to carefully selected recipients and be sure that only they have added them to their collection?

'I do not wish to surrender' Julian Assange tells court over US extradition bid

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"And if we are going to be absolutely fair, that journalist decided to embed with the opposition in the hope of getting some combat footage." <citation-needed>

"The footage in which it shows him being killed clearly shows the group that he was with being armed with AK47's & at least one RPG."

There is absolutely no clear evidence of an RPG. That's clearly what one of the murderers thought they saw, but it never materialises in the video.

"The group then only gets strafed by the Apache about 30 seconds after one chap aims and looks to be firing around the corner of a building towards the US troops the Apache is flying top cover for."

Totally false, watch the video again. The group are all (but one guy) killed after the aforementioned murderer identifies the "RPG" being held by someone at the corner of a building. It is being pointed downwards - it is not someone "firing around the corner of a building towards the US troops". Look again. It's also a very short RPG isn't it. About camera-with-telephoto-lens-sized.

"So it's not as if the US Military deliberately went aiming at a journalist or did something utterly unjustifiable." Er, that's exactly what they did.

"He just happened to be 3 meters away from somebody shooting at US forces in a war zone when they shot back." Again, patently false. Just watch the video.

Surprise! Wireless brain implants are not secure, and can be hijacked to kill you or steal thoughts

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They had help doing so from the device's programmer

clarification: "device's programmer" is not a human, but a device which communicates with the implant.


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