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Here's why AI can't make a catchier tune than the worst pop song in the charts right now


All known public AI algorithms are just a trick.. that is why!

All known public AI algorithms are just a trick.. that is why! All AI algorithms are nothing more than an endless complex mess of if-then-else statements ... just put in a different way to look different and most people think that is something magic and new and so on. It is not. At the core everything is still just a if-then-else thing. You can have as many BT, FSM, A* , UML, Neural Networks and other abstraction graph algorithms things as you want but at the core and deep down at the actual code running on silicon it is nothing more than a huge mess of if-then-else statements.

Of course anything like this can't really simulate any real lifeform even remotely. Even the most complex stuff using all those algorithms won't look real and alive anyway nor really smart. Any "smart" thing happening is just the result of mathematical algorithms and statistics at work, the whole "AI" thing is just a facade, it really is nothing more then a mechanism used to better refine data results and adjust main math algorithms parameters. And that's it. Nothing magic. Nothing AI. Nothing alive. Period.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code replumbed for better Python taming


Visual Studio 2017 is still a mess full of bugs and no ISO installer...

Visual Studio 2017 is still a mess full of bugs and no ISO installer...

..Microsoft at its worst. They don't put an offline installer. You have to create your own downloading from their slow messed up servers that can even corrupt files when you download.

They refuse to put ISO versions of Visual Studio 2017.

And Visual Studio 2017 is still unstable, unreliable and full of bugs.

The worst of Microsoft like never before. They are doing worse than the Windows ME era...

Micron-Intel 3D XPoint split: It's not you, it's m... nah, it is totally you


NAND tech is unreliable and it does matter a lot!

NAND tech is unreliable and it does matter a lot!

NAND SSD don't last. If you don't use your PC then yes they will last for a long time. They can last a long time on smartphones and tablets too if you don't install/uninstall many apps and you don't use the apps to make content.

A NAND SSD drive can reach the end of its expected life even in a few days of heavy usage. You surely can't expect to use it like an Hard Disk , it wouldn't last more than some hundreds hours at best. Only very expensive Enterprise class SLC NAND SSD units could survive. Consumer MLC and now the worse TLC and QLC NAND just couldn't. Even because the expected usage is by statistics on samples and a critical failure usually happens way sooner. That is the reason even few Hard Disk drives are able to reach their expected life without going into a critical failure losing all spare sectors in multiple clusters. Still Hard Disk drives on average last months to years more than any NAND SSD.

Hard Disk drives too shouldn't be used without a good UPS but for NAND SSD that is even worse and Enterprise class SSD drives usually have a very small UPS built in the package to give 2-5 seconds to the controller to shutdown properly otherwise there would be cells corruption.

Intel and Micron must start selling 3D XPoint SSD at a loss. Selling them at the same price of cheap NAND SSD would give them a huge advantage pointing out that 3D XPoint drives don't fail quickly while NAND ones do, and that is an absolute truth.

Western Digital formats hard disk drive factory as demand spins down


More managers b*ll just to raise prices again...

More managers b*ll just to raise prices again... like the HDD prices ever returned to normal... it never happened.

Now they will double prices once again and so on... then they will raise SSD prices too of course.

These rich managers must be put in jail. That is where they belong.

It walks, it talks, it falls over a bit. Windows 10 is three years old


Windows 10 RS3 and Windows 10 RS4 are the worst so far...

Windows10 is a mess already by itself since its first version.

Completely unusable unless you disable all the Microsoft spyware crap using 3rd party tools.

Windows10 RS1 and RS2 when all the known Microsoft spyware crap is off become usable but still full of bugs anyway with the system doing wrong things for unknown reasons all of a sudden while the same thing never happened using Windows7 SP1

But Windows 10 RS3 and RS4 are a shame. So full of bugs and a new spyware mess like never before. Microsoft is the worst.

Another data-leaking Spectre CPU flaw among Intel's dirty dozen of security bug alerts today


So what? CPU Errata exist since the first products hit the market...

So what? CPU Errata exist since the first products hit the market... and even before that.

All CPUs (and not only those) have had CPU Errata. Any piece of hardware has multiple revisions and a list of Errata which includes serious bugs too. Then what?

All of a sudden it seems that only Intel is affected by that while AMD saves the world or something? Clearly AMD has been spinning this crap all over the 'net as a major issue with Intel hardware .. which is a big lie indeed. AMD kept lying telling that their products aren't affected and bug free. AMD doesn't make public most of its Errata. That is a fact. AMD is the one hiding and spreading fake info against its competitors.

Meet TLBleed: A crypto-key-leaking CPU attack that Intel reckons we shouldn't worry about


No bold type text for AMD being affected as well,uh?

No bold type text for AMD being affected as well,uh?

Yes you wrote that AMD is affected too but 99% of readers wouldn't even read the AMD name and just think that Intel is the only one being affected by this.

Add some italics or bold type to the AMD name in the sentences where you explain that so that everyone can understand that is not just a "evil Intel being evil thing" and "angelic sweet AMD loves us and never fails" thing...

Micron: Hot DRAM, we're still shifting piles of kit, but somebody's missing our XPoint


MLC and TLC are crap already.. QLC will be the worst really...

MLC and TLC are crap already.. QLC will be the worst really... .. SSD NAND has to disappear quickly. Completely unreliable. Anything other than SLC NAND SSD drives is just unusable and can't be trusted.

MLC, TLC and now QLC just fail quickly, they are cheap as hell to make it really is manufacturers selling defective products to increase profit.

Unfortunately is a chicken & egg issue with 3D XPoint BUT that is the only technology for SSD reliable enough to forget HDUs. Intel and Micron should start manufacturing 3D XPoint in large quantities and sell it at half the cheapest NAND prices to boost sales and kill the NAND market. THAT is the only strategy to change things. 3D XPoint must succeed and replace all the NAND crap and then HDUs too. For that to happen Intel and Micron must start selling some millions of units at a loss then when people would be in a rush buying 3D XPoint at cheaper prices than NAND units obviously Intel and Micron would get huge profits on very large quantities .. the NAND market would be taken by storm by that strategy. That is the only strategy for Intel and Micron to follow. Anything else would fail.

Who dares wins, they say, so Toshiba's SAS drive plans another hit on SATA


Re: SATA 3.2 and 3.3 support 16Gbps

SATA obsolete and a near zero marketshare ? WHAT ?


SATA 3.2 and 3.3 support 16Gbps

SATA 3.2 and 3.3 support 16Gbps ... why manufacturers are still stuck at using 6Gbps only that is the big question. SATA 3.2 was published in 2013. After 5 years no SATA device either HDU or SSD is using the full 16Gbps bandwidth specification.

Actual control of Windows 10 updates (with a catch)... and more from Microsoft


Visual Studio 2017 is an atrocious mess!

Visual Studio 2017 is just unstable, it keeps crashing and giving all sort of errors and more Microsoft releases patches and worse it gets.

Visual Studio 2015 got much better in a shorter time. What happened then? Nardella happened! Way worse than Ballmer!

Visual Studio 2019 is going to be only worse.

New versions are useless and not needed! Why the heck releasing a new version to add more bugs? Fix the damned issues with the current version instead!

EmDrive? More like BS drive: Physics-defying space engine flunks out


The "impossible" drive clearly works. Now they need to hide it...

The "impossible" drive clearly works. Now they need to hide it... because this is reversed engineering from alien tech that shouldn't have been made public in the first place. So the ones that control everything aliens related now need an "official" "scientific" way with the usual official scientists puppets to tell the world that it was just a joke and it doesn't exist for real. 99% of the human population doesn't think and just trusts the usual lies and so the tech will be hidden to the public again and that's it. They probably will kill some of the people that made this public too in the first place but no one will care. This is the worldwide dictatorship this planet is really all about.

Comet 67P's cute rubber duck shape perfect for causing eruptions


Comet 67P is an alien spaceship!

Despite all the censoring the official fake scientists tell the world.

Astroboffins, get in here and explain Saturn's odd-shaped balls


It is pretty obvious that those are spaceships...

It is pretty obvious that those are spaceships... despite the official babbling about rocks and asteroids and moons... The shape alone should be enough to let anyone with a brain understand it. But nowadays most people are just zombies and don't think with their own brain, they enjoy being enslaved and trusting all the official obvious lies.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update lands today... ish


Re: "Peer-to-peer patch distribution over the LAN"

aluminium ADSL ? Usually phone lines cables are made of copper...

Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin


The EU mafia .. they are dumb as hell!

The EU mafia .. the dumbest ever.

You can buy domains of any country from any country.. and they ban the UK from owning .eu domains ? WHAT ?

So the US should ban anyone not living in the US owning a .com domain perhaps ? And so on ?

Apple, if you want to win in education, look at what sucks about iPads


Just nonsense from teachers that are too dumb to do anything...

"and teachers became frustrated by the lack of simplicity for kids saving and retrieving work" .. seriously? Anyone telling that Apple products are not easy to use and it is hard to save files in apps must be seriously out of mind !

Recording Industry Ass. says vinyl and CD sales beat digital downloads


Re: You'll thank yourself later on.

LTO tape drives for backup


Just a few weeks ago they were telling otherwise...

Just a few weeks ago they were telling otherwise...

.. they released news telling that the CDs were doomed and no one was buying them anymore and manufacturers would have stopped producing ... and other nonsense like that.

Now they claim that there as been a surge in sales ...

Sneaky satellite launch raises risk of Gravity-style space collision


Like they would know about secret military satellites either...

Like they would know about secret military satellites either... ... have they ever regulated those perhaps? Surely not.

Careful with the 'virtual hugs' says new FreeBSD Code of Conduct


Stick to programming! Enough with dumb politics nonsense!

And this is the worst of politics. Just plain dumb nonsense that means nothing.

A lot of babbling and silly fake kindness that has no meaning to exist.

Stop using drugs and stop wasting time on worthless nonsense stuff!

Hate to ruin your day, but... Boffins cook up fresh Meltdown, Spectre CPU design flaw exploits


Now CPU manufacturers must find GPU security bugs as well...

... because there surely are plenty of design flaws in GPUs by Nvidia and AMD , security issues are surely not limited to CPUs alone.

It is pretty obvious that all these researchers all of a sudden focused on finding out security design flaws that no one didn't give a damn for decades are paid to do so on purpose ... and it is nothing good for the whole industry. These design flaws should have remained unknown outside of IT manufacturers design labs !

Apple tells GitHub to fork off: iGiant steps outside DMCA law in quest to halt iBoot leaks


So Google has at least a mole inside Apple...

... to steal code and cause damage like that .. with all sort of illegal activities spreading code to the public.

I wonder if Apple ever put a mole inside Google too.. let's see all the dirty stuff by Google...

Astroboffins spot sneaky signs that the Milky Way devoured smaller galaxies


All fairy tales.. fantasy numbers.. no science...

All fairy tales.. fantasy numbers.. no science... They just tell fairy tales to the public. This isn't science for sure. All these numbers are not facts but just fantasy. There is no real proof of anything.

Apple whispers farewell to macOS Server


Tim Cook is an idiot.. that is the point...

He is the wrong CEO for Apple. He is destroying Apple with things like this.

FYI: Processor bugs are everywhere – just ask Intel and AMD


Re: AMD doesn't even publish its own CPU erratas... they are hiding the most.

And they list a few of the real erratas. Intel lists 90% or more although not all of the erratas.


AMD doesn't even publish its own CPU erratas... they are hiding the most.

AMD doesn't even publish its own CPU erratas... they are hiding the most.

How digitalisation will change your storage culture


NAND flash is not more reliable than Hard Disk!

Even Enterprise Class SLC NAND based SSD are far from reliable.

The only reliable as much as Hard Disk or more technology is 3D XPoint.

VMware: New year, new job – you're fired


And still no DirectX 11 on VMWare Workstation...

And still no DirectX 11 on VMWare Workstation...

Audio tweaked just 0.1% to fool speech recognition engines


This happens because AI algorithms are a joke...

This happens because AI algorithms are a joke... yep that is the truth. All currently in use AI algorithms aren't really AI at all. It is just a very complex (aka messed up) combination of various conditions with tweaks and hacks to make it look like an AI taking its own decisions. They really are no different than having thousands of very simple nested if-then-else conditions .. All the neural network stuff it looks shiny and cool theory wise but it is not that advanced as the marketing wants people to believe.

It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs


Re: How to delay windows 10 updates

Better yet.. use a 3rd party tool to disable all the automatic updates and Microsoft spyware in Windows10. Install the cumulative updates manually.

Security hole in AMD CPUs' hidden secure processor code revealed ahead of patches


Re: So for Intel is always bad but the sweet AMD is fine? PLEASE!

?? IBM PowerPC had embedded OS in the chipset long before Intel and AMD... same goes for other CPU architectures in the Enterprise and Supercomputers market.


So for Intel is always bad but the sweet AMD is fine? PLEASE!

How comes no one is telling that the AMD PSP is against privacy and having and embedded OS is spying on people?

That is the same nonsense that AMD shills wrote on the 'net against Intel about the Management Engine...

And then Google finds out security flaws and bugs on AMD but that is fine because AMD is so sweet and kind and the savior of humanity.. uh? While Intel and Nvidia would be the big bad...

Woo-yay, Meltdown CPU fixes are here. Now, Spectre flaws will haunt tech industry for years


Re: Was Intel Aware?

Yeah sure.. the big evil Intel and the big evil Apple and the big evil Nvidia are all doomed .. because you worked for them all uh? And you know they can't make good products anymore, uh?

While AMD is the savior of mankind uh?

Cool disk drive actuator pillar, Seagate – how about two of them?


What is Chris Evans babbling about there??

WHAT ??? "“How will data be written to the drive? If we want to double throughput, both sets of platters would need to be written at the same time. This would negate any performance improvement on read, because all heads would be dedicated to reading that data and couldn’t do other work.”"

Was Chris Evans high or what? What he said there doesn't make any damn sense. It replied like someone with no basic knowledge of RAID ... Obviously the data will have to be spread on platters like it was two RAID-0 units. Also which Hard Disk drive has to date been capable of doing anything else at the same bandwidth with no massive slowdown when reading or writing ? Try copying or moving a 20GB+ file (or many small ones) from an hard disk to another and at the same time reading or writing other files on the same disk... it would just slow down as hell ! Only with expensive RAID controllers it is possible to do that mainly due to caching.

Meltdown, Spectre: The password theft bugs at the heart of Intel CPUs


Yeah sure.. AMD and ARM the sweet angels..! PLEASE!

So Intel "the big evil" would be the one hit hardest by design flaws that AMD and ARM have too, uh?

Because AMD and ARM are so sweet angels and their bugs and flaws don't stink as much, uh?

AMD statements are beyond silly. Also it is pretty clear that AMD employees have been spread all over the 'net to attack Intel just like a few weeks ago they did using an Intel Management Engine bug as it was the end of the world and couldn't be fixed...

Intel Management Engine pwned by buffer overflow


Re: Insecurity by obscurity

There is no silly naive "once someone figures out how to understand what you are doing, your logical mistakes will become very public".

That can only happen thru spies. Stealing classified hardware and software manuals and specifications to find backdoors, flaws and do any reverse engineering. It is all illegal stuff. It happens on purpose.

Competitors and governments secret agencies are behind these black ops.


Who is behind all this bashing against Intel ME , uh?

Clearly competitors...

Why no one is checking coding flaws in AMD, IBM Power, Oracle SPARC, ARM ? They all have the same as Intel Management Engine chipsets running full embedded OS that don't have the specifications disclosed either.

Also all this easy hacking of Intel ME how? The full hardware and software specifications are not public so other than government spies and competitors spies there is no way to steal that data to hack the system either.

Lap-slabtop-mobes with Snapdragon Arm CPUs running Windows 10: We had a quick gander


What a scam! $600+ for this crap ? slow x86 emulators...please!

What a scam! $600+ for this crap ? slow x86 emulators...please!

More pathetic Microsoft crap with the awful Windows 10

Report: Women make up just 17% of IT workforce, paid 15% less than men


There is no "women paid less than men" thing !

There is no "women paid less than men" thing !

What is with this nonsense being spread worldwide of poor women paid less than men ?

It didn't happen. It doesn't happen. It is not true ! At all.

Parity's $280m Ethereum wallet freeze was no accident: It was a hack, claims angry upstart


It is all a fraud and illegal cryptocurrency...

It is all a fraud and illegal cryptocurrency... what are they going to do sue one another for stealing illegal money?

The bankers created this huge worldwide fraud. Cryptocurrencies are just criminal stuff by bankers. They own the corrupted justice system in all major countries and they can get away with it.

Secret HPE AI chip, TensorFlow updates, neural networks writing themselves – and more


Then HP will add RSA signed certificates to lock the firmware ?

Then HP will add RSA signed certificates to lock the firmware ?

Just like it does with its notebook BIOS .. not allowing customers to even change a WiFi card...

Bitcoin drops SegWit2x hard fork after community objects


Re: Transaction fees must rise, anyway

The bankers that started this fraud will make the money disappear soon and surely won't wait until 2140...


The Bitcoin fraud keeps going....

... when bankers behind all of that will then make the money disappear many will suffer and then they will either move to another cryptocurrency inflating it the same way to steal money or all criptocurrencies will disappear all of a sudden as they will move to an all new fraud...

New Optane disks appear on web shops' lists


Re: Still not competitive with flash storage

Although the price is high the NAND SLC, MLC, TLC, QLC crap is unreliable and dies quickly. These 3D XPoint units should last more than the best enterprise class hard disk drives.

Wanna exorcise Intel's secretive hidden CPU from your hardware? Meet Purism's laptops


Spreading b*ll against Intel as usual....

Spreading b*ll against Intel as usual.... with some companies trying to cash in on that too and many gullible people trusting such privacy issues claims nonsense.

Never mind the WPA2 drama... Details emerge of TPM key cockup that hits tonnes of devices


All crypto systems are flawed to allow for backdoors...

All crypto systems are flawed to allow for backdoors... just as simple as that. All the official "secure" crypto systems are flawed by design on purpose. Backdoors are needed by secret agencies and so the crypto systems must be flawed.

What would happen if there were hundreds or thousands of unknown custom crypto algorithms in place? Officially on books they tell people that hiding the crypto algorithms is not going to increase security and other nonsense babbling like that... far from the truth .. but that ensures that almost everyone would follow rules and use known crypto systems by making them think that a custom design would be easier to crack.

Western Dig's MAMR is so phat, it'll store 100TB on a hard drive by 2032


Re: Why not SSD Drives?

LTO3 (400GB) , LTO4 (800GB) used tape drives can be bought at very cheap prices. $50 to $100 for LTO3 and around $200-$250 for LTO4. With new unused tapes costing from $5 to $15 for both LTO3 and LTO4 (depending on sellers).

New coding language Fetlang's syntax designed to read like 'poorly written erotica'


Idiots in the IT field.. too many in the last few years...

Before the IT was filled with idiots like these producing absolute garbage and childish lame nonsense stuff like this "programming language" the IT field was made mostly of very smart people.

Nowadays too many idiots at large. The IT field.. being a programmer IS NOT FOR EVERYONE ! Just like Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine .. Instead worldwide these sectors have been filled by people with no brain cells and it shows everywhere. The overall quality worldwide dropped thru the last few decades like never before in all countries and that is a real shame.

Blade Runner 2049 review: Scott's vision versus Villeneuve's skill


Another awful reboot like Prometheus...

..another atrocious movie by Ridley Scott like the awful Prometheus and Alien Covenant weren't enough already.

Now they released an atrocious Blade Runner sequel reboot so pretentious forced and hollow trying to mimic the original in a silly way and with a too long runtime for a very slow boring pacing.

Long gone are the times in which Ridley Scott could direct top-notch sci-fi movies Alien and Blade Runner. Now anything directed or produced by him is an absolute mess and a silly pathetic joke.