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A smarter alternative to password recognition could be right in front of us: Unique, invisible, maybe even deadly

Ali Dodd

Been done

Was used by the space station/research facility in Alien resurrection (4). and showed how to bypass it also. Obs this is the worst Alien movie but it still looks good as the design was great (apart from the alien baby screwup) . The script however, yeah needed MORE work than the legions who tried to polish that mess.

Honor 50 Lite: Google Play Services are back on Huawei's former stablemate but that's nothing to get excited about

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finger problems

"The fingerprint reader is built into a side button which also handles on and off, and both worked for us, though this seems a device for the right-handed."

don't you just register a different finger? I've had side unlock phones before and I register the easiest finger on both hands to use it with, so I can use it with both hands..

UK Treasury and Bank of England starting to sound serious about 'Britcoin'

Ali Dodd

Not sure if this is a cryptocurrency

rather just a digital currency, doesn't need to include blockchain or potentially onerous transactions causing huge costs both financial or ecologically.

However with a name like Britcoin I'm sure lit is likely to be a Shitcoin (sorry)

The return of the turbo button: New Intel hotness causes an old friend to reappear

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I had an XT clone which I think had an 8088 chip back in the day that ran at 4.77mhz (as expected) and then if you held down the period key on boot it would power up in the nippier 6.22mhz... very weird, it certainly seemed to run faster when enabled

Honeymoons last a couple of weeks – the same goes for any love for the IT department

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Forgotten and the vote is still confusing.

Forgotten already.

The format of this debate vote is still very unclear and confusing. So the motion is: "The pandemic improved the status of IT workers … forever."

My interpretation is that if you vote FOR this then that means it has improved the status of IT workers?

Therefore as I think it's a flash in the pain I voted AGAINST and was surprised to see that FOR is winning with nearly 60% of the vote, which can't be right with my cynical down beaten IT monkey colleagues can it?

Can you please put on these votes, NEXT to where to vote a simple statement confirming what you are voting FOR or AGAINST. Please El Reg? Make it very clear... I n this case it would be "You are voting for or against the motion that 'The pandemic improved the status of IT workers … forever'"

The future: Windows streaming through notched Apple screens

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"The pain of managing a mixed hardware fleet aside, there is always that one weird corporate app for which Windows is required."

Just one? We have several, but that's not all of it. Mac users in general don't seem to understand: basic security, any form of tidying or filing systems to organise their data; file extensions; etc. Plus the cost and single supplier issues. They are not enterprise focused - as they say themselves.

Windows may have it's issues but at least it's cheap and massively supported not a weird offshoot with their "do it this way nothing else will be tolerated" attitude. Rather go Linux, would be less painful.

Intel's €80bn European chip plant investment plan not bound for UK because Brexit

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Re: Stinking Yanks!

with blackjack and hookers!

Ali Dodd

toys out the pram

from those who don't see that this is a business making a sensible business decision based on many factors e.g.:

1. Customs tariffs to largest number of customers

2. Red tape for dealing with largest number customers

3. Skilled staff

4. Stability of location (e.g. no logistical issues)

5. Grants to support the investment to make it worthwhile

6. etc

Right now for their business the UK is pretty lousy for 1, 2 and definitely 4 (may be transitory but brexit is happening and is has destabilised the UK). At this point no 5. doesn't even need to be looked at..

UK Ministry of Defence tries again to procure £1.7bn tri-service recruitment system

Ali Dodd

Whats the betting it gets awarded to

Crapita AGAIN?

about 5 to 1 I'd say, with Serco being front runners as the gov outsource f*@kup of choice these days

A Whopper of a bork for seekers of pre-flight nosh

Ali Dodd

Re: That type of BSOD has been around since win 8

Oh god, I'm appalled with myself.

For that the downvote is well deserved.

Ali Dodd

That type of BSOD has been around since win 8

So is el Reg so truly Linux-land so much that no ones seen it before or perhaps ait due to Win 8 and newer MS oses are actually much more reliable?

I'm expecting alot of downvotes..

Tesla battery fire finally flamed out after four-day conflagration

Ali Dodd

My maths is bad but

210 megapacks each which store 3MWh to have a total storage of 300MWh

Where did the other 330MWh of storage go?

Buyer of $28m Blue Origin space ticket has a scheduling conflict – so this teen will go instead

Ali Dodd

only SOME of the 28 mill is going to charity?

"At least some of the money from the auction will go to Blue Origin’s non-profit firm Club for the Future, which will donate $1m to 19 charities."

So Bezos the richest scumbag man in the work will pocket most of the 27 mill left? Oh god we are so screwed by the rich.

All hands on Steam Deck: Fancy a handheld Linux PC that runs Windows apps, sports a custom AMD Zen APU and a touch screen?

Ali Dodd

No mention of those this is copying like the Aya Neo

Steam are the biggest to enter this market and do this type of form factor but hardly the first, there have been several of these over the years from different companies, this is just the latest


A full PC running windows... that is a portable as a switch. More expensive now not a kickstarter but a friend of mine bought one and loves it.

Capita: We were juuust about to generate revenue growth and sustainable cash flow – then pandemic stuffed it up

Ali Dodd

Astonishing that such a government leach

Manages to lose so much money despite bleeding this country dry through government projects it never seems to finish or get right despite charging the earth. Would seem to imply the whole thing is rotten to the core. Time to ban it from Gov IT then? PLEASE.

NHS tests COVID-19 contact-tracing app that may actually work properly – EU neighbors lent a helping hand

Ali Dodd

Like to have an expert check the privacy statement & app

as I do want to know

A) What data and how long is stored

B) How identifiable is it

C) Are they storing what data they claim to be

Google to pull plug on Play Music, its streaming service that couldn't beat Spotify, in favour of YouTube Music

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Re: Moderately aggravating

I did this as soon as I heard they were culling PlayMusic.

I can recommend buying the lifetime subscription as £80 is a bargain for all you get. The playback is the best I've had on a mobile app, love the level balancing across your whole collection and the nice fades between tracks. I recommend the PlexApp android app for playback too, very slick only missing homescreen widgets which actually are not too much of a loss now they've improved the notification media controls.

Boris celebrates taking back control of Brexit Britain's immigration – with unlimited immigration program

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Re: Good, good.

"Once a deal with the EU is negotiated and signed it will likely include freedom of movement as part of the deal" not a chance, it is only for members of the EU and that is is the charter. The EU and quite a lot of experts have been saying this from day one. Without being a paying in member we will not get the same FOM rights as we have now. Period.

I know several EU citizens who have already been forced to leave and others who have had to go through a heck of alot to get confirmation they can stay. Some haven't. Sorry you are wrong, the facts don't hold up.

The safest place to save your files is somewhere nobody will ever look

Ali Dodd

Mac/Linux user

I think you'll find that Jack calls the 'Recycle bin' IS the Recycle Bin and has been always on windows - Trash is a Mac artifact.

Yeah met more than one company director who used their email DELETED ITEMS as their filing system... Morons.

Back to school with El Reg - how about a chunky Lenovo for the student in your life?

Ali Dodd

should be

a criminal offence to sell a machine with that low a spec for £600+ it's abysmal.

If bigger seats and nicer nosh in British Airways' First Class still aren't enough, would sir like to wear some VR goggles?

Ali Dodd

Rubbish VR

1080p res? Welcome to 2016 and a lovely screen door effect.Sounds like one company has found a way to clear out their warehouse of crappy old headsets. First class better stock up on headache tablets and sick bags if the refresh is as crappy.

VR is looking at 2880 x 1600 (QHD) now for a good headset and some are 4k. It's not the same a screen size and it makes a huge difference.

If poking about Doctor Who's TARDIS in VR sounds like fun to you, better luck next time

Ali Dodd

Not on Windows Mixed Reality headsets but is on Vive and Rift?

Considering pretty much anything that supports Rift will work in WMR with no changes either they have

A) buggered the programming so it's break in 5 minutes when someone does and sdk update

B) Have no clue about Vr systems and really just mean you don;t get it from the WMR store (which is rubbish anyway)

Have to say IF samsung release the Odyssey Plus in the UK and when HP release their new headset WMR will be looking pretty damn good. I have an imported Odyssey and it's excellent, sorry Zippy.

Portal to 'HELL' cracks open in street – oh sorry, it's just another pothole

Ali Dodd

Warning - tory bashing.

"Of course, it would be a cold day in Hell when a local authority actually takes care of its infrastructure."

Well they might have a chance if austerity hadn't completely gutted their budget so they can't afford to pay for anything apart from the bare minimum of services and in alot of cases not even that. Oh remember it's fine though, the Brexit dividend and private companies will fill the holes (pun intended)

What made a super high-tech home in Victorian England? Hydroelectric witchery, for starters

Ali Dodd

Probably my favourite house

in the world. It's wonderful and the gardens are stunning..

What has an 'open-door policy' with industry and puts the X into NHS? Brits, let app-happy Matt Hancock tell you

Ali Dodd

An open door and an open wallet

for crapita or even worse the US 'heathcare' giants

Clever girl: SpaceX's Mars-bound Raptor engine looks like it works just fine

Ali Dodd

Are Nasa taking the piss?

"Lucy is a Discovery class mission led by principal investigator Harold "Hal" Levison"

DISCOVERY-class mission led by HAL?

Nothing inspired by 2001 then at all.

It's here! Qualcomm's new watch chip is finally here! Oh, uh, never mind

Ali Dodd

Smartwatch owner and user.

I have a Wear 2.0 watch and I love it. Battery life is the main bugbear but more performance would be good, however it's still great. It keeps me informed of all communications, I use it to control smart home tech, I use it for fitness tracking, I use it for 2fa login push and code, I use it for appointments, the list does go on.

Fundamentally it is an extension of my watch but it also keeps that in my pocket and means I can seamlessly deal with things quickly without staring at a slab.

No it's not essential but it is bloody useful. Too many of these articles are written from the perspective of people who have dismissed the technology already or don't actually use it and most of the responses are the same. The touchscreen phone was dismissed for ages as a minor sideline for years until it was successful...

AR upstart Magic Leap reveals majorly late tech specs' tech specs

Ali Dodd

so it's hololense

but 2 years later, with a wider roll out, with a custom infrastructure and actually doesn't do all that hololense does (hololense does multiple users, does cope with tracking pretty well with movement).

Sooo that explains why Apple people were backing it as it is a MS competitor. Shame it's like their usual products first gen, rip off someone else's idea, don't do it quite as well but create a well designed case for it and then claim to have invented it?

National ID cards might not mean much when up against incompetence of the UK Home Office

Ali Dodd
Big Brother

Main issue I've always had with the ID Card schemes

Is the plan to sell access to this data to world+dog and to link it into EVERY OTHER government department for frankly orwellian control and monitoring with new added COMMERCE APPEAL!

Do it simply. Base it on birth certificate and residence status from the home office. DON'T Link it to NHS, DWP or POLICE databases, don't use one of the usual incompetent gov IT contractors. DO PUT PENALTY CLAUSES IN THE CONTRACT and not for the benefit of the suppliers. And most importantly, I cannot stress this enough DON'T SELL ACCESS TO THE DATA.

UK defines Cyber DEFCON 1, 2 and 3, though of course doesn't call it that

Ali Dodd


Shame they chose some names that the basic acronym is the same on two levels - stupid. So I propose the following in increasing severity order:

Cat 6. LOCI - one point incident basically

Cat 5. MODI - Moderate

Cat 4. SUBI - dangerous if underwater?

Cat 3. SIGI - Definitely need one if it gets worse..

Cat 2. HISIGI - Only type that'll calm you down if it gets this bad

Cat 1. NCE - takes the biscuit


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