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Wanna play PlayStation games but don't have a console? Samsung's got a TV for that


...on Samsung TVs??

Surely a differentiation for Sony would have been to include it on their own TVs? Perhaps even include it for free?

That might have swayed a few undecided buyers. But now it's reversed, their rivals have it, doh!


'A strong response from Apple would be a lawsuit' – Steve Jobs


Phablet or Tablet

I've got a Galaxy Note, I never use if for browsing, just too small!

My next phone will be a 5s, peak iPhone! To which I will tether my tablet/labtop.

I reckon the current phablet trend is just the late adopters copying the early adopters..., they'll soon with they hadn't, and next time round will be back at smaller sizes (or more likely folding devices).

Could YOU identify these 10 cool vintage mobile phones?


From the days when phones were real phones.

And small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were...., well, you know.

I still pine after my flip phone. I wish there was a decent modern replacement. Flipping it open, closing it, flipping it open again, life was pretty good back then...

Jony Ive: Apple isn't here to make money. And students shouldn't use computers so much


sticky out camera on the iPhone6

bad design in my book, obviously Jony's standards are not THAT high!

Horizon finds new potential in the sci-fi staple deepsleep tale

Paris Hilton

"too deus ex machina"

The 2nd time today I have seen this phrase, the other was whilst reading reviews of the god awful movie Interstellar*.

What does it mean please? [the phrase, not Interstellar]


*lots of imdb reviews of Interstellar say it is "original", I reckon these people haven't seen 2001. Probably the same people who said Hunger Games was "so original", er...

Eye laser surgery campaigner burned by Facebook takedown


Re: Eye laser surgery is not for everyone.

For some people it's a dream, for others it's a nightmare.

What kind of nightmare is it? It's one that you see every waking second through your laser damaged eyes.

I know.

I have to wear glasses so that I don't see it.

Recovering from this (self induced) poke in the eye takes a very long time.

Trips to Mars may be OFF: The SUN has changed in a way we've NEVER SEEN

Paris Hilton

Ultimate reality TV show.

This was indeed part of the premise for Red Mars by KSR.

This was an excellent book with some very well thought out science, philosophy, psychology...., everything! Personally I would have liked the "reality TV" bits to have been longer (i.e., selection & the voyage to Mars). It is really interesting that in order to be selected they [the candidates] effectively all had to lie 100% of the time, the correct selection answer being "for scientific discovery and to boldly go...", whilst the real answer "to get away from everybody, etc" was a no no.

I've not read Green/Blue Mars. Can anybody here recommend them? Does the quality continue?

'Encryption will make life very easy for criminals and terrorists'


Re: Encryption and the Bad Guys


I didn't want encryption until I discovered I was already living in an Orwellian dystopia.

Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid


can I just say (again) that I really really really

hate the sticky out camera.

I hope this is fixed on the 6s.


Re: "Devices for testing purposes"

the secret is to do a Uri Geller rub each time you pass by......

I will be!

UK reforms on private copying and parody come into force


Do the quotes have limits?

Can you, for example, quote a whole book?

Off topic, but somehow related. How come audiobooks are available on YouTube? Obviously for me this is a good thing (I have recently really enjoyed Red Mars and am now on Childhood's End), but why don't they get pulled by Audible, etc?


Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really


So, Windows 9 is called

Windows 10


iPhone 6: Most exquisite MOBILE? No. It is the Most Exquisite THING. EVER


I'll wait for the 6s

That'll be the one w/o the sticky out camera...

...it'll be even more perfect(erer) Mr Pie!

Don't bother with Apple's 9 Sept hype-day: Someone's GONE AND BLABBED IT ALL



An iWatch!


I'd never heard of that, that is a HUGE leak and completely spoilt the surprise.

PHABBA-DABBA-DOO! Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Edge, Gear VR – feast your eyes


Re: Fab phones

Note 1 owner here.

Nope, not tempted. As per AC's post. They left out the one feature which I do find tempting: waterproofing.

I use my phone every day on my bike (Strava), so far w/o problems, although I am surprised as my bag/coat are often drenched and the phone not far behind.....

Although I like my Note I've discovered that I don't need the big screen for anything at all, so my next phone will be considerably smaller.


Re: Now we know...

So Apple have a crude drawing and Samsung a working model.

If there is any justice in the world Apple should be rewarded an injunction against the blasphemous device.

Too slow with that iPhone refresh, Apple: Android is GOBBLING up US mobile market


2 of the platforms have Strava....

....and the other is Windows Phone.

Tim Cook in Applerexia fears: New MacBook THINNER THAN EVER

IT Angle

"we've made it 5mm thicker to give you 10h more battery life"

I wonder how that would be received?


"detect you are looking at a sheet of blank paper and overlay it with a laptop image"


This fatuous idea is almost doable now....

I've seen worse ideas patented by Apple.

AMD unveils 'single purpose' graphics card for PC gamers and NO ONE else


I wish there was a game I actually wanted to play.

I feel my gaming desire has finally burnt out. I can't even bring myself to boot up CiV.

I'm hoping OculusRift will re-ignite my gaming labido, although here I'm scared I'll put it on and then be like Dave in BTL, never take it off.

Things just haven't progressed far enough or fast enough. Each generation we are promised "photo-realism" and each time it's a lie.

Wetsuits, sunshine, bikini babes and a competitive streak: Epyx California Games



Still got my Lynx and California Games cart. It was pretty poor even then....

Had a few games, the only one of any merit was Todd's Adventure in Slime World.

I'd have gladly swapped for a GB & Tetris.

Nuff said.

New Star Wars movie plot details leak, violate common sense and laws of physics


Re: H2G2 style: SOFA

I like it when the sofa later disappears, and the commentator says:

"well that's one less thing to worry about"

Mine's 0.2 inches bigger than yours (says future fanboi of his iWatch)


c'mon Phil, you love it really..... we all do, that's why we're here!

I would like more iWatch rumours please!!! I hope it turns out to be better than the current efforts, which are lame-tastic. Basically a solution looking for a problem.

Watch: DARPA shows off first successful test of STEERABLE bullet


...pass me the EXACTO ordinance!

you want the ordinance ordinance?

Apple OS X Yosemite 4 TIMES more popular than Mavericks



Sounds good in theory, however, only now does my mid-2009 MBP work "properly" after installing more RAM. I went from 2GB (which all the previous OSs worked fine with) to 5GB...., to make Mavericks work properly.

I was getting beach balls everywhere, now much improved. So I think their new "uber memory management" is baloney!

The biggest improvement is the increase in performance when playing CiV:BNW. No re-draw issues and much more responsive..., now if only I could source some uranium to nuke Austria.....


How about some more Mavericks love?

So far I've used Leopard, SL, Lion, ML and now Mavericks. For all bar Mavericks I felt the OS evolved and improved as updates were released. But for Mavericks it feels like Apple have already moved on, it feels like an un-loved place-holder. There's nothing wrong with it, in-fact it's pretty good (I've even stopped missing SL)...., it just feels so un-loved!

Remaining Snowden docs will be released to avert 'unspecified US war' – ‪Cryptome‬



I think a targeted drone strike would do the job.

El Reg might want to retreat to the bunker as well given their recent disclosures.

Going on similar "Snowden" stories the comments here will be ~8:1 in favour of releasing the info (& against a targeted El Reg/Cryptome strike); my question is, why do you all think that releasing classified info is in your interest or the countries? I for one think that the people releasing the info should be put in jail for a long time.

New MH370 search zone picked using just seven satellite 'handshakes'


@Crazy Ops

Sounds most plausible, and I also heard that the new theory was that some Li ion batteries it was transporting caught fire - apparently the fumes alone are super toxic.

PS: I also know a Chinese lady who was in China at the time of the incident; her relative is a fighter pilot, and according to him, China shot the plane down.

Snowden defends mega spy blab: 'Public affairs have to be known by the public'


"Master spy blabbermouth"*

That's a bit derogatory isn't it?

I thought El Reg loved Edward for revealing all the Top Secret information?

*the word you were looking for was Traitor.

'Hashtag' added to the OED – but # isn't a hash, pound, nor number sign


nutrigenetic, adj.

Shampoo makers will be ecstatic.




Report pegs Apple for October smartwatch release


Re: tramp stamps


Happy Birthday Tetris: It's flipping 30


EA Tetris

Tetris raison d'etre: lines

EA version: "targets"

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! 3D HOLO-PHONE hinted in Amazon vid


possible (ish) now

Same article was on engadget yesterday, from the comments there was a link to a YouTube vid where a Japanese company had used a laser to ionise points in the air, producing blue flashes, which formed moving images in the air.... well worth finding, very impressive, and possibly as close to "Help me OB1" as we are going to get.

Sorry no link, too tired.



YOU - NASA. Enough with the ROBOTS, get some PEOPLE to MARS


If YOU were the first man/woman on Mars...

...what would you say as you stepped off the bottom rung* of the ladder?

*or walked down the ramp!


re:a territory war waiting to happen

The answer was on the calling card "We came in peace for all mankind".

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base


@Vic Re: the prison is real

Well, let me see.

There was the shoe bomber.

There was the underpants bomber.

There was the Lockerbie bomber.

Mine was an EXAMPLE, do you know what that word means?

Your contribution doesn't make for a useful discussion either does it?


September 11, 2001

El Reg, you were wrong to publish this and I am one, of seemingly a minority here, that think Edward Snowden is a traitor.

For me the only justification needed for any of this is September 11, 2001. Do you remember what happened or have you forgotten already?

Things are secret for a reason. GCHQ doesn't care about your sexts or e-mails to your mistress, they are not looking for you.

But they are looking for a few people, and you have just helped them.


"the prison is real."

The guy sitting next to you on the plane with a bomb instead of a battery in his iPad is also real.

I know which I'd rather.

Is the answer to life, the universe and everything hidden in Adams' newly uncovered archive?


I recently had the misfortune to listen to Fit III - V

Available on YouTube if you really must, but I don't recommend it.

They have a Hollywood ending.

Sorry, spoiler alert.

So you reckon Nokia-wielding Microsoft can't beat off Apple?


Re: The reason Nokia lost

For me the answer is very simple. Yes, obviously the iPhone, but specifically how long they took to bring out a worthwhile competitor handset, must have been >3years, by then they had already lost.

This was a clear lack of vision. Even before the iPhone came out I was longing for a full screen phone (this design was bleeding obvious to me and to most people with half a brain), in 2004 I was seriously considering the Moto A1000 which had a full screen (tiny now!), then LG Prada in 2006, which was shortly followed by the iPhone. In the end I got an iPhone3G.

Surely, I mean SURELY when Nokia saw the Prada they should have thought, hmmm.... that looks kinda LIKE THE FRIKKIN' FUTURE!!!! NO?!

They deserved to lose.


The Winning Team shall be the first team to Win

Once you start winning then you keep on winning*

*above a certain threshold, in MONOPOLY once you own Mayfair and Park Lane then unless you are very sloppy it's hard to lose. In a nutshell, Apple could just buy ALL the opposition right now and be declared the winner.

Moto E pops up with £89 price tag – alongside new LTE Moto G cuz

IT Angle

"Google-owned biz" (?)

I thought Google bought it...., then sold it again?

Hunt's paperless future: NHS watches £60m vanish down plughole


paperless office

agree, not gonna happen (until we run out of trees)

and really, who wants it?!

Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear of, er, a cheese-tastic title?


Episode VII: Crimes Against Art

I know you can be tried for crimes against humanity (killing lots of people, being generally horrible, etc), but what about crimes agains art? Surely George Lucas can be indited for Episodes I to III? How long did he have to come up with the script? How wrong did he get it? Why didn't anybody stop him?! Like many of us I know the script for the original movies, the only line I remember from the new ones is "I'sa Jar Jar Binks!"

No VII for me.


Red October

Standing by.

Leaked pics show EMBIGGENED iPhone 6 screen


Will it come with a thumb extender?

Otherwise how will I reach from here, to here, just so.

Adrian Mole author Sue Townsend dies at 68


The Queen and I

Is that the one where the Queen goes to live in a council house, but, in the end..... it was all a dream!

Each to their own.

However, I did enjoy reading Adrian Mole a very long time ago.

Apple eyes virtual reality goggle game with patent filing



Wait a moment.

Are you telling me that if I'd done nothing more than write a vague description of what I saw Maggie Philbin wearing in Tomorrow World in 1989 then I could have patented it?


Titanfall pits man against machine, Kiefer Sutherland Snakes into Metal Gear Solid V


darn, if they'd re-branded Snake as Jack

and called it 24:Infiltration

I'd have not only bought the game, but also the console to play it on!