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Now IBM turns redundo gun on its Digital Business Group


Among the customer base are Defense Sector/Contractors. So the 'Defense Sector' is going to be happy with some moron in India/Egypt/Malaysia/China getting to know ANYTHING about their systems without filtering through 'on shore' hands first?? This company is unbelievable!! It seems to me that with the demise of TSS, IS, DBG (and others), sending the surviving elements of these groups to 'low cost' centres that IBM is not really serious about retaining customers. So, what is IBM (what is any company come to that) without customers.

Ginny - you idiot! - where is the money coming from once you have robbed the company blind with your outrageous share 'purchase' (at $0:00) then sold that day at market value. In truth we all know the answer to that ..... you don't care because you'll be long gone with purse stuffed full of ill-gotten gain

Who will fix our Internal Banking Mess? TSB hires IBM amid online banking woes


Re: Out of the Paella pan

IBM to the rescue!!!!! ...... now there's an 'oxymoron'. What with no more TSS for support, IBM could fix it on site with some highly skilled project staff and developers. But they won't be around to support it afterwards - and that is something IBM will want from all of this once fixed, and sufficient time has passed for TSB to draw breath.

Tech’s big lie: Relations between capital and labor don't matter


Re: Potentially the most clueless article El Reg has ever published

Words/counter arguments that sound very much like a manager attempting to defend the actions of IBM higher management. If you’ve accumulated sufficient ‘wealth’ that you can retire in your mid 40’s, definitely not someone at the ‘sharp end’


Soulless then, even more so today. No pay rise for nearly 10 years, yet more pressure to outperform previous years performance. Ever increasing challenges and targets, whilst education has been eliminated. New products coming on stream from all directions, without a thought towards genuine skills development.

The company is in a mess, a deeper mess than many on the outside are aware of. IBM hides all this by re-inventing not itself, but the means, language, buzz words, of their announcements. Obviously working on the principle of ‘keep dodging, ducking, and diving’ never keep still long enough for anyone to latch onto a single item of concern.

IBMers in TSS: How WILL we support customers after these latest job cuts?


Support decimated

IBM UK has decided to demolish the only means of providing support for critical customer issues. The 24/7 support will no longer be available after this current round of redundancies. With no plan for an alternative offering


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