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Microsoft middlemen rebel against removal of free software licences


Slippy slope

IMO.. The start of this all was the Office 365 solution (decisions to try and terminate the "buy outright" version) and Microsoft's attempt at maximum monetising its assets. Unfortunately it is primarily hitting those of us Who do and have supported, ranted and raved about their solutions within our social groups.. Were obviously somewhat put out by this..

This industry exists because the geeky (me to!) raved about and funded the past 40 years of developments, unfortunately the ACCOUNTANTS seem to be in charge so this could be the demise of the whole thing.. If you turn us off, no matter how good your advertising is, How do you expect to sell your whole product range without those who are engaged and would have been likely to push your product, there have been no end of examples, check your archives.

Office 365 will become Microsoft 365 and the end user will be licensing the whole Office / Operating System package through a web portal built directly into the UEFI BIOS which will be presented on initial turn on.. its really not that far a stretch of the imagination to see it on the horizon (This notice is to be taken as my initial Copyright to this concept and all variations thereof).. ker ching ;)

Microsoft are back to the old game of forgetting that the OS and the Hardware are ALL irrelevant… ITs WHATS CREATED WITH IT THAT COUNTS.... OUR DATA not yours..

"build it and they will come".. Build a wall around it and charge the advertisers and you will eventually stall and fall.

Maybe this is the start of the Microsoft University and the slippy slope towards a more Apple-esque environment

Engage with your community don't alienate us.. most of us are hard working and couldn't afford a full suite of your products - let alone the constant time in study to get accredited on them all (QUESTIONs - How long would it actually take to complete all the Accreditations, back to back? in which order do you suggest we take them? and is it really a realistic an expectation? would you also guarantee that you would not release new software negating my studies during the time frame expected to achieve full qualification?.. what would be the expected cost to achieve FULL ACCREDITATION? again, is that realistic?

Many of your MAPS clients are micro businesses who are grateful for the leg up, but many of us are still only one and two man bands, however we generally service over 1000 sites each, these sites are generally more trusting of us than they are of you.. We meet them face to face and we are the faces they see when all goes wrong, we are the ones who actually take ownership of the problems when they do happen, how are you going to replace that ? The jobs we do, you cannot do remotely, if they could be, then we wouldn't be needed on the ground. oh and we are the ones that the Clients, Customers, end users, Forum visitors ask for, for our opinion... !

we don't have the time to go into full time studies again (were maintaining your O/Ses), take a grasp of reality - OURS not YOURS!! and believe it or not, many of us have been using your products since before Win 3.1 we have already invested time, energy and of course money, let alone the revision and ongoing learning. We also represent the wedge of industry that makes many of the decisions these days and the long term knowledge that perpetuates your company..

Personally I jumped the MAPS program when it was still at the £200 level and you was trying to dismiss us with your at the time New Office 365 solution..

I'm still part of the Beta testing team for windows 10, but as a small business owner of 17 years working with micro businesses and homes you are turning me off, I cannot ever recommend your 365 products to my end users.. when it ALWAYS works out in their best interest to buy your products outright, when you stop selling your full products then I will be looking and already do recommend alternative solutions.

Innovate - not Isolate... you know full well LINUX is looking very capable for the end use.

Response not expected..

Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign


ref Office 2007

Anyone with Office 2007 still installed and wishing to keep it so (post O/S rebuild situation) should look into Virtual Machine creation and make an image ASAP... Microsoft turned off the activation servers last year, so theyre closing the loop on the longevity of their responsibilities to support older software.. this is a reasonable business practise, but it could be advertised more as it provides a significant bill increase for the end user when a hard drive fails..

Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax


Re: Or the fourth option...

unfortunately... and I am no Apple lover (have never owned one, just had to work on them), Apple is in a different position as the OWNER of its own IOS, Design Process, Hardware and its own Store. Apple provides the whole experience including diagnostics and high street level hardware support solutions (no it isn't perfect - but as a long time PC(MS), Android and LINUX user I can say OUR (tech) industry needs this level of assistance for our less capable brothers and sisters - hense its (Apple) success!

Mobile app devs have, oh, about 9 hours left to decide whether to stay on Google's ad platform


question over ownership - ANDROID

If my memory is correct... Google are nothing more than "Guardians" of the "ANDROID" infrastructure, despite the way they behave with it, and that Guardianship is currently being challenged.. what will happen to all their consent as and when they lose control over the O/S

Will we finally have a mobile infrastructure whereby we will be able to choose which apps we keep installed and be able to remove components that we already duplicate in an attempt to replace?

Although I suspect to use one part you will be expected to use all of it - tho that will also contravene GDPR..

Samsung loses (again) to Apple in patent battle (again). This time to the tune of a mere $539m


design is design..

If we are all using essentially the same design methodology, machines and programmes to design the CAD versions of our models, schools of thought, Design Academies, aesthetic values, available hardware and aiming to please the same people - USERS... arnt we eventually going to end up with a number of exceptionally similar devices??

Considering the "unibody" was initially designed and implemented by HTC (2013), surely they're all copies. Wireless charging was implemented by Samsung, continued with Google Nexus 7 (2013)(built by ASUS (I still have two of these in use and working today - Also they have 5Ghz WiFi and fully functional NFC))

Apple overcharge significantly for their devices (in part to support the infrastructure of shops and support services provided within, oh, and court room action) and are exceptionally slow at truly innovating. The "Apple Way" isn't the only way and taking into consideration the first paragraph, they should truly innovate and get on with it...

I personally have been using HTC devices since around 2002 - Currently I'm using an LG G5 (incl B&O DAC (I also have the CAM Plus) - I am though due to change contract soon and will look once again at the newest HTC. I will however never consider an Apple device as a serious contender for my own pocket, as I have had to repair many of their devices in the course of my normal work and have yet to be impressed by their design, engineering or ability to repair.

Tech should and can fit each user, it is after-all useless without the end user, wasting time, efforts and money under the guise of protecting innovation is such a turn off and after having spent 35 years playing with varying tech going back to the BBC B, Acorn Electron, Spectrum and Amiga eras it seems that Apple use their size and energies in the wrong areas..

A truely innovative, well engineered device should also be able to be serviced, repaired and be expected to work well beyond the next two versions - As an engineer i have repaired Apples own devices after clients have been turned away from Apple Stores stating that they need to replace said device (4 years old), so much for the expensive initial price to suppliment support, to me, this smacks of exploitation, a personal opinion!

A petty afterthought??? I wonder how many Apple devices were being used by the Jury...

IBM bans all removable storage, for all staff, everywhere


Poorly thought through

The webcam in pretty much every laptop I have worked on is USB attached, is a storage medium and therefore automatically contradicts this directive... As IBM wlll have to provide the work laptop (not may out there without Webcams) or BYOD clear the private useage one (almost certainly likely to have one fitted), to then sack or discipline any user would be questionable and lead to claims under Constructive Dismissal ( well in the UK anyway)..

Tesla crash investigation causes dip in 'leccycar firm's share price


Re: Clickbait headlines... (elsewhere)

That and the simple fact that, the system has obviously been disconnected from the battery it no longer has power to be able to receive or transmit data... also the comms components maybe damaged preventing such communication once it is again powered... were all interested in the outcome however there isn't always a lone gunman on the grassy knoll and the simple things should be considered first... the basic economics of the situation will mean that the company will want that data out into the wider world to be able to distance itself from the UBER situation

UK smut overlord declares age checks should protect users' privates


isn't a bucket of sand - a little hardcore? and as such would also be banned.

The simple facts are that other apps now provide access to pornographic images which would fall outside of the remit of these new laws.. Twitter is a prime example - self published porn - and doesn't just about every MP have a Twitter account??

Google lobbies hard to derail new US privacy laws – using dodgy stats


Re: An arrest is not a conviction

The simple rule in the UK of Innocence before PROVEN guilty should prevent Google (and similar "service" providers) from reporting the names of people who have yet to have their day in court, as you said an Arrest is NOT the same as a CONVICTION... otherwise does this not constitute a legal case for deformation of character?

It is not in the publics interest to see / hear speculation.... News is News but if its not factually gained with the sources being fully checked, then its simply NOT NEWS... Such action only arms the guilty with evidence that theyre NOT being given a fair trial, especially if the biggest "search engine/ advertising agent" is plastering potential false information at the footers or side margins of most news and discussion websites..

Situations such as Operation Ore was a lesson, as well as a huge case against one of humanities greatest fears, whereby a number of innocent people lost their lives / lively-hoods / mental stability because of such over zealous advertising of information which was yet to be proven....

The fact then that these "ads" are sold means that Google (and their like) are/is then profiting from the misery they're potentially creating for innocent persons - is this ethically or morally right??

How do you write an algorithm for that? Automation has its faults and those pushing it should re-examine their use of it especially when it affects lives... if nothing else a retraction/apology should be DOUBLE the size and Double the initial exposure

not sure if that was a rant :)


Re: YouTube

ironically - adblockplus.org is a side effect of Googles work, its also the best ad blocking tool I am aware of that is potentially the most effective and one of the first things I advise ALL my clients to install within their web browser


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