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The sad state of Linux desktop diversity: 21 environments, just 2 designs



No clutter, completely configurable but works out of the box, works perfectly on multiple screens.

Yes, it's tiling, but you can use a mouse. You can resize windows with the mouse, select focus, you can have floating windows etc if you want.

I get that it's not the default for any distribution, and that a windowsy point and click is immediately familiar in some way to pretty much everyone, but like learning the basic key bindings for a text editor or IDE, once you have invested a week or so of slightly reduced productivity you get years of reduced friction and improved productivity.

Meetings in the metaverse: Are your Mikes on?


Re: Come Into My Dull Meeting Metaverse

A meeting full of Kylies - I should be so lucky.

A tale of two dishwashers: Buy one, buy it again, and again


Two Dishwashers

I have always wanted to have two dishwashers.

I am very lazy with housework. With two dishwashers I would never need to empty one, just take the stuff out of one, use it and put it in the other one. When one is clean and the other part clean, leave things out on the side for a bit, and then once one is empty, start to fill it.

It would save literally minutes of housework per week.

Intel's mystery Linux muckabout is a dangerous ploy at a dangerous time


Re: Footnote

Not to forget the late Jeremy Hardy. He added my favourite entry to the Uxbridge English dictionary:

Trump - noxious emission from an arse.

We have some sad news about Facebook. It has returned to the internet after six-hour mega outage


Having finally created shadow profiles for the last few members of an undiscovered Amazonian tribe, Zuck declared "my work here is done" and switched it off.

What if Chrome broke features of the web and Google forgot to tell anyone? Oh wait, that's exactly what happened


I miss the blink tag

<h1><blink><marquee>Welcome to my homepage</marquee></blink></h1>

Said homepage should also have a tiled background, a hit count, and consist almost entirely of a set of links to other sites.

Thousands of internet-connected databases contain high or critical CVEs, says report by cloud security biz


Port scan results

So the universe if databases they have results for is those with an open and scannable port facing the internet... I would expect a basic security procedure in almost all cases would be to not do this.

So out of the set of databases exposed directly to the internet, just under half have critical vulnerabilities. I am surprised it's not higher.

UK's BT starts trials of new hollow-core optical fibre networks


Re: High-frequency trading

Only where it can beat microwave.

A transatlantic cable would be interesting if someone hasn't already done it.

Hard cheese: Stilton snap shared via EncroChat leads to drug dealer's downfall


Re: 10,000 UK users and 60 arrests?

The article says Merseyside police have arrested 60 people.

I am led to believe that some criminals live in other parts of the UK too...

Imagine things are bad enough that you need a payday loan. Then imagine flaws in systems of loan lead generators leave your records in the open... for years


Re: A bad code push ? Really ?

You could have written that almost word for word in 2001 to describe Micros~ FrontPage websites. Nothing changes.

The revolution will not be televised because my television has been radicalised



The FT still produces worthwhile reporting.

Banking software firm tiptoes off to the cloud with MariaDB after $2m Oracle licence shocker


Nice ending

"We have asked Oracle to comment"


Family wrongly accused of uploading pedo material to Facebook – after US-EU date confusion in IP address log



Yes, this format will annoy non English speakers, but a large US firm I used to work for insisted on this format everywhere because it is unambiguous and still reads well. It is also still easy for a machine to read.

Humble-bragging ServiceNow CEO tells anyone who listens: 'Our destiny is to become the defining enterprise software biz of 21st century'



Some people have taken to abbreviating ServiceNow to SNOW. Whilst I can see a similarity (in the UK all it takes is a little snow for everything to grind to a halt), I prefer to abbreviate ServiceNOw Ticket to SNOT, so when you assign a ticket to another team you "flick a SNOT" at them. Seems more fitting.

Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and cloud-based IoT gear bricked by vendors. Looking at you, Belkin


Never buy IoT kit

Which requires a connection to someone else's computer to work.

In Rust we trust? Yes, but we want better tools and wider usage, say devs


Re: Realistic business scenario

Rust is a strongly typed language.

Yanking on the space supply chain: Rocket Lab goes Interplanetary with Sinclair acquisition

Black Helicopters

Rocket picture

Rockets look way more menacing when you lay them on their side.

Facebook iOS app silently turns on your phone camera. Ah, relax – it's just a bug, lol!?


Re: Which is it

It's a part time job.

Not a death spiral, I'm trapped in a closed loop of customer experience


New builds

Try moving to a new build - for the first few months nobody’s computer systems recognise your address - it is either not in the Royal Mail database or they haven’t applied the latest updates, so in many cases you can’t change it online. Often, call centre staff can’t change it either.

My MacBook Woe: I got up close and personal with city's snatch'n'dash crooks (aka some bastard stole my laptop)


It's more than just stuff

Sorry to hear what happened to you. When something like this happens it's not just the financial hit and frustration at lost data, but it can be quite unsettling for a long time that someone could physically rob you like that in what should feel like a safe place. I hope you are able to put it behind you quickly.

To the people saying "work in an office", I worked in an office in a serviced office building once, locked my laptop with a kensington lock to my desk, locked my office door, and it still got stolen. The serviced office company didn't trust the cleaners, so only gave them one set of keys; the cleaning company's solution - use the keys to open every door in the building (including the back door so their staff could go out and smoke), then lock them all again at the end. Unibody laptops may be better, but I came in to find the side panel of my PowerBook (this was a while ago) still attached to the lock and the rest gone. Apparently none of the security cameras were working. My insurance wouldn't pay because there was no forced entry, and the office denied all responsiblity (I fixed that by running up arrears to the tune of 1 laptop, then moving elsewhere with a letter explaining why).

I don't have stats, but I woud think daylight robbery like this is far less common than thefts from offices.

Fleeing Facebook app users realise what they agreed to in apps years ago – total slurpage


~$ grep face /etc/hosts www.facebook.com facebook.com s-static.ak.facebook.com

I think that makes me a bit less trackable.


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