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That 'Elderly Persons' sign: Can you do better?

Lauri Pajunen

rename it, no problem

Since it was a matter of time before one sent this: Just name it Elder Sign and add a few tentacles, problem solved.

Mines the one with tentacles.

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head

Lauri Pajunen

must comment - can not resist - must control

No, I failed. I just have to shed some light in the capabilities of other cultures also. I was "conducting" (or what ever) shoot while in the military when all of a sudden a private while lying on his stomach starte swatting a fly with his loaded assault rifle.

He was actually amazed that why I was so mad at him.

I'm finnish and proud of it. By the way, I think that theres almost as many guns here than in the States. And I'm also afraid that they might just as well be used as badly, if not even worse.

I have no idea of icons. So I'll just pick a pretty one.

US customs bust coke-smuggling 'submarine'

Lauri Pajunen

Actually amazed

I've looked at a few projects on the web to build even a surface running sub and frankly their not that common - and usually a bit problematic. So I'm rather amazed that some drugsalespersons have really been able to build one. Subs face a huge load of problems which will require solving. And altough drug producers might have the dough required, I'm a bit supprised they have the dock for such a feat.

Hopefully they will rise it - didn't look how deep it was where it sunk...