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Google Pay heads for the desktop... and, we fear, an inevitable flop


Google used to have wallet service, i used it for a while, while i still dumbly trusted google.

Fortunately they went and killed it for whatever reason. Switched to paypal, no intention to get back, especially after yt drama and damore drama.

Giving your information to google was a price i could accept while i trusted them. After they started participating in ideological conflicts and began oppressing of wrongthink they've lost all my trust.

Google founder Sergey Brin promises to protect humanity from AI


Yeah.. because we know how trustworthy google is.

Rather i'm less worried by ai than i'm worried about google.

Revenge pornography ban tramples free speech, law tossed out – where else but Texas!


"where else" well how about uk ? atm uk and germany are going full on nk against free speech.

Amazon, LG Electronics turned my vape into an exploding bomb, says burned bloke in lawsuit


Re: Health Hazard?

What i do care is dumb communists spreading their bullshit online ;/

I feel like your internet access should be regulated, preferably removed, for the good of humanity.

Fortunately it doesn't work that way. Just like i can't infringe on your freedom to acces internet, you can't infringe on my freedom to slowly kill myself inhaling nicotine.

If life and world really bothers you that much i recommended a safe, padded room where you won't be endangered by anything.

Size does matter, chaps: Oversized todgers an evolutionary handicap


Hm isn't this racist though ? :P

Google, AWS IPs blocked by Russia in Telegram crackdown


When russia didn't have enough embargos and decided to embargo itself.

Europe turns nose up at new smartphones: Beancounters predict 7% sales drop


Good, maybe memory will get cheaper.

The law of run Nintendo consequences: Sega brings out mini Mega Drive / Genesis


Meh those are just emus, the reverse engineered remakes like super nt are the shit.

Facebook admits it does track non-users, for their own good



Facebook scandal: EU politicians should aim for straight answers, not star witnesses


They just want to feel important and relevant.

Sysadmin’s worst client was … his mother! Until his sister called for help


Sigh some people just don't care so long as they can ask you...

My father runs to me with every friggin notification popup, you'd think he'd learn after few years to read the damn thing and think what it does..

Also teaching your parent total commander and assuming he'll understand explorer after that doesn't work. Learned it hard way.

Also quite often rather than try to understand things they make up their own imaginary ideas and rituals thinking it makes things better.

For example closing browser tab before opening new page/typing adress...

My mother on the other hand sticks to tablets and phones, sadly because those are limited and she's the one that actually asks me when something really unexpected happens... or when she can't do something.. often that something is damn annoying to do on tablet.

What a time to be alive: LG and Italian furniture-maker build smart sofa


So when can we see smart toilet paper ?

HTC Vive Pro virtually stripped. OK, we mean actually stripped. (It’s a VR headset, geddit?)


"but were drowned out in the excitement surrounding HTC’s emission."

I dunno, moment they announced price i saw only massive criticism and lots of censorship on their pages.

If anything they were drowned in storms of anger

Anyway, glad to see info lenses were unchanged.. really bad move, they were already inferior to oculus,

this shows it's just lazy overpriced upgrade.

Data exfiltrators send info over PCs' power supply cables


Re: Not really

How about obfuscation ?

Random signals when ups is recharging battery.

Rudd-y hell, dark web! Amber alert! UK Home Sec is on the war path for stealthy cyber-crims


seems uk has same problem as poland with cyber..

Anyway, given uk record i thought they were planning to criminalize tor usage

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat


So netflix doesn't require e-mail verification ?

I mean i've had quite a bit of mail for some other people landing in my account, including someones itunes account and someones phone bills.. I can only assume it was either mistyped or someone was too retarded to remember their e-mail adres, that said i always wondered how dumb were services who did it without confirmatione e-mail..

Didn't expect netflix to be this idiotic either.

Fear the Reaper: Man hospitalised after eating red hot chilli pepper


Chile Pepper Institute....

UK.gov expected to quit controversial harvesting of schoolchildren's nationality data


Is it personal data when it's about nationality of children that go to school?

If it's just nationality + numbers i see no privacy infringement, more like statistic useful for government.

Furious gunwoman opens fire at YouTube HQ, three people shot


Re: Of all places

Well they prolly made it gun free zone.

Also she was middle eastern, patting her would be racist.


So youtube and google finally paying for it's lack of transprency and how it treats it's users..

Just surprised it was vege commie muslim who went on killing spree after all the shit yt did to harass center and right.

btw the injured ended up in zukerbergs hospital... 'Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital confirming they are receiving patients from Youtube'

Who had Intel in the 'discrimination lawsuit' pool? Congratulations


After all the sjw, feminism I tend to doubt those stories.. as much as i'm for equal treatment these days majority of "i'm discriminated" yells are pure bs spread by spoiled people who simply expect everyone to bow to them without putting any effort.

Fed up with Facebook data slurping? Firefox has a cunning plan


You mean same mozilla who's on so friendly terms with their neighbour google ? I don't trust mozilla any more than i trust google.. and google went evil all the way

UK smut overlord declares age checks should protect users' privates


Opera is owned by chinese, if you trust chinese vpn i heard it's good.

Just guessing it tracks way more than your government, on the good side its less likely to share it with your government.


Oi you cheeky wanker, you got a loicense foh that smut ?

Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, off you go: Snout of UK space forcibly removed from EU satellite trough


More chuckles from the world renowned british humour.

Good news: The only thing standing between NASA and $20bn is...


Didn't trump make quite big speech some time ago about increasing nasa budget and sending people back to the moon ? I'm surprised he'd be one blocking it.

Guns, audio and eye-tracking: VR nearly ready for prime time


Re: HA ha ha ha

Actually there's tons of people who totally looked down on 3d tv as a gimmick but see vr as great future tech?

VR has problems but there are many great possibilities, if anything majority of people are waiting for gimmicks to get worked out, more content and lower prices.

Just cause it's not mainstream yet doesn't mean it has no future.


For years i've been saying eye tracking is going to be a necessity.

That said it should get even better with increased field of view

Five things you need to know about Microsoft's looming Windows 10 Spring Creators Update


>You can share files with physically nearby devices using a wireless feature called Nearby Share. Groundbreaking.

Been waiting for that feature for years...

AI software that can reproduce like a living thing? Yup, boffins have only gone and done it


Just an idea but how about having them 'screw each other' before reproduction.

As in have 2 ai's share their data and create new ai that has data created from mix of its 'parents'.

Would prolly need some sort of common standard for ai data storage.. or multiple machines running same ai with different learning methods etc...

I mean screwing oneself is just a masturbation, might make you feel better but not really productive.


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