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Trucking hell: Kid leaves dad in monster debt after buying oversized vehicle on eBay


Re: Unlikely story

My credit card has a £15K limit, I used all of it to buy a car, it is a 'cash back' card, so got c. £100 back and paid the balance off at the end of the month.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Ramblin' Man or Woman? Maybe brush up on your cartography


I usually see groups of kids doing their bronze DoE training and completely lost. My favourite was a group near the Nags Head, the old start of the Pennine Way in Edale, it was mid afternoon and they asked where the Pennine Way was, they were on it, a person they had asked before pointed it out to them and they were just checking . They said they were heading for the Youth Hostel, it is a serious days walk over Bleaklow, even in summer they would not have made it in daylight. After more questions they wanted the alternate Pennine Way and were staying at the Edale Youth hostel, they did seem a happy bunch though

Um, I'm not that Gary, American man tells Ryanair after being sent other Gary's flight itinerary


Talk about security!

I booked a holiday with jet2holidays.com by phone, when I gave my email it was read back to me, but they added a dot which was not read out, fortunately that account did not exist. As I have used them before I had my reference number and was able to login and correct the email address. But the email contained all my details for my holiday including the answers to all the security questions they ask! So I phoned pointing this out and asked how they would prevent the 'other' person from impersonating me and logging in even though I had changed the email address, as the login details were in the email, i.e. reference number. my surname and date of birth? Also how did they know I was not the impersonater?

The software department said it was impossible, I had to tell them the only item not mentioned on the email was my credit card number, guess what ? They could not default to using that, nor could they change the reference number

Fixing a printer ended with a dozen fire engines in the car park


When I was an apprentice fitter in the 60s I worked for the REME we had a job road testing a minivan that had 'Bomb Disposal' written on the outside.

So we went shopping in Nottingham, we had trouble finding a parking place, but when we got back there was plenty of parking to be had around the minivan, it was during an IRA bombing campaign.

Boss sent overpaid IT know-nothings home – until an ON switch proved elusive


I had one printer that had intermittent problems, the hardware guy could not fix, so I spend a couple of days reading up about it before we both went to the customers site, as they assumed it was a software problem.

I checked the printer, it seemed OK, the dip switches were correct, so as a test I just flipped all the switches before doing anything else, and low and behold the printer worked fine after that.

It was in the Lake District so we spent the rest of the day having a pleasant drive around.

Fancy a viaduct? We have a wrought Victorian iron marvel to sell you


Re: Memories

I walked past there last Saturday, it looks rather neglected. The Erewash Canal is in the valley, the Nottingham Canal is higher up, where the view is from, the viaduct crossed both.

If you are in the area I would suggest trying the pubs in Ilkeston, a pint of Guinnes and a John Smiths bitter was £4.50!

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