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MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs


Re: mixed emotions

Yes, that bot was 'Tay' in 2016. It only exposed some of the limitations of AI. The problem starts when meatbags start expecting human behaviour from computers. Aint gonna happen, ever.

Many might say (reasonably) that it doesn't matter, like a robot waiter asking if you'd like the bill. Fine. But when robots are employed in combat, as they will surely be soon, then the problem becomes very real indeed. Enemy combatant? Woman? Child? IF........THEN........ SHOOT THEM

Rental electric scooters to clutter UK street scenes after Department of Transport gives year-long trial the thumbs-up


Greener option than car

From a purely physics POV, these scooters do make sense. If you drive to work you're transporting ~80 kg of you and ~1500 kg of metal at the same time. If the weight of the transport can be reduced to ~30 kg, that's a massive reduction in energy use. (Better still, walk or cycle).

(Slightly biased because I hate cars (used to love them), especially SUVs and child-scaring 'shouty cars' with stupid exhausts, dump valves etc.)

(And diesels).

Someone must be bricking it: UK govt website for first-time home buyers snapped up for £40,000 after left to expire


Property is not necessarily theft

Lol affordable housing! I don't care anymore. Govt. schemes mean zip. The only way to be able to have a house available to everyone is to completely re-split up and redistribute the land and allow people to build on it. And introduce a land tax.

Let's look at the truth: the land originally belonged to no one and everyone, when we were all hunter-gatherers. All these posh fuck landowners, including the Royal family, simply expropriated it from what was the Commons. Maybe the damage started millennia ago when we began with farming and the accumilation of 'wealth'.

In ancient Greece (especially Athens), mass mobilization warfare meant all citizens had a stake in society. I'm not advocating conscription but... at least they had a common cause which ultimately resulted in a more even distribution of wealth

1st time buyers, right. I'll have that bit near the river, nicely sheltered by the trees.

Redistribution of wealth seems to be a bit taboo these days. Perhaps because the PTB control polite society. The continued possession of material assets is based on power/priviledge/bullying(basically).

Maybe the trouble started 2000 years ago when a man was nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change.

Now that's a train delay Upminster with which London travellers shall not put


They won't put up with it

...that's a train delay, Upminster, with which London travellers shall not put up.

Or ...that's a train delay, Upminster, up with which London travellers shall not put

Maybe there is hope for 2020: AI that 'predicts criminality' from faces with '80% accuracy, no bias' gets in the sea


Crime face

Ah, Nature vs Nurture. How we act is a product of both. For example, one may possess a gene which codes for some type of 'bad' behaviour (like violence), but will only be expressed when certain environmental conditions are met. Many CEOs, MPs, scientists etc. might have been gangsters* had they been born in abject poverty in a slum. Similarly, many people now languishing in prison could have been CEOs, MPs, scientists etc. had they been given the same starting conditions as those who did achieve such status.

To say that a computer, or anyone, can tell by someone's face that they're criminal is a big load O' shite.

*(some might say they are anyway)

Chrome extensions are 'the new rootkit' say researchers linking surveillance campaign to Israeli registrar Galcomm


Stop the press

Surveillance campaign linked to Israelis...

In other news, 'Bears Defecate In Woods', 'Pope is Catholic'

Plus shocking expose: 'Earth Is Not Flat!'

Meet the dog that's all byte and no bark: Boston Dynamics touts robo-pooch Spot with $75k-a-pop price tag


It's incredible. It's amazing. Engineering to die for.

It is impressive, for a robot. Makes one appreciate just how amazing actual, meatbag, lifeforms really are.

Can it catch a frisbee in its teeth? No.

Boston Dynamics are definitely at the cutting edge of robotics. Interestingly though, I saw a programme about AI a while back which featured many robots. BD's efforts were by far the best of the bunch but, when the various designers were interviewed, most of them believed their machines were conscious to some extent. The BD boss, in stark contrast, stated that his machine was just that - a machine, with no awareness whatsoever. Smart bloke.

Smartwatches win the consumer tech sector for Q1 2020 as locked-down folk take up fight against corona-carbs


Casio F-91W, design classic

It keeps accurate time (and is also waterproof and has alarm & stopwatch)

Smartwatch battery time before charging needed: 1 - 2 days

Casio F-91W battery life: 10+ years

No one will mug you fot it

Cheap, does the job

Frenchman scores €50k compensation for suffering 'bore-out' at work after bosses gave him 'menial' tasks



So the guy was bored at work - join the club, pal. Many (most?) people hate their jobs. I find that even when work's busy it's still soul-destroyingly boring.

What makes ir worse is the attitude of nearly all the managers. They don't do anything except either sit behind a computer, pretending to work, or walk around micromanaging the shit out of the people who do the actual, physical work.

"Clean those crates!" Here I am, brain the size of a planet...

Self-driving truck boss: 'Supervised machine learning doesn’t live up to the hype. It isn’t C-3PO, it’s sophisticated pattern matching'


Re: Pattern matching is not intelligence

> The missing ingredient is the ability to "understand" the world around it

Exactly. No amount of 0s and 1s will ever be sentient. That is the truth which adherents of 'strong AI' fail to grasp.

At some basic level, 'intelligence', however you measure it, requires life.

Broken lab equipment led boffins to solve a 58-year-old physics problem by mistake


Re: That picture tho...

The picture is the usual 'artist's impression' of an atom (or subatomic particle), showing it as a macroscopic ball, with light and shade... it's not even potato-shaped, FFS!

If only 3 in 100,000 cyber-crimes are prosecuted, why not train cops to bring these crooks to justice once and for all, suggests think-tank veep



Cybercrime is what the Mafia, Triads & co. are now investing in. The book 'Future Crimes' is a shocking eye-opener to the scale of it. They set up businesses in large office blocks and pull huge, global scams, netting millions before they're eventually closed down. These are just like 'respectable' businesses, with a CEO and hierarchy, often with some poor sod at the bottom who they use for their bank account to temporarilly stash the money ('Earn $$$ working from home!'), who is oblivious.

With cash looking like it's slowly being phased out, these crimes are only going to get bigger. Bank robberies can now be committed thousands of miles from the physical bank building. Banks underreport the frequency of their losses for fear of scaring their customers. It's definitely a good idea to put more money into combatting this type of crime (a LOT more money).

Brave, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla gather together to talk web privacy... and why we all shouldn't get too much of it


Advertising is evil

That may seem like hyperbole until you actually think about what's going on. Our planet's natural environment is being destroyed - by capitalism in its current form. Advertising is embedded in capitalism. We're constantly buying shit we don't need, because of advertising. Look into the disturbing history of 'public relations' to see how advertising was born. Edward Bernays was one of the pioneers, who heroically managed to get women to smoke (it was previously seen as a maculine habit).

Even if you have no view about the ethics of advertising and capitalism, there is a simple physical fact which is not being acknowledged by our corporate puppetmasters: constant economic growth is impossible on a finite planet.

Stuff (trees, minerals etc) is being taken from the environment and turned into products, and waste / pollution are the byproducts. There is more awareness about this than ever, yet rates of production are actually increasing. The corporations own the politicians. As long as that remains the case, nothing will change.

So yes, I use an adblocker - I absolutely hate all advertising, whether it's in the high street, on TV or online.

Satellites with lasers and machine guns coming! China's new plans? Trump's Space Force? Nope, the French


Re: For defense. Yeah, sure.

"the recoil will really mess with the orbit and cost fuel to get back to where it's supposed to be."

The recoil need not mess with the orbit if the weapon is built to simultaneously fire an equal number of rounds in the opposite direction out into space. That might kill an alien on some faraway planet in a few million years' time, but the alien government would probably cover it up anyway.

(However, I agree the whole idea it totally stupid and should be binned immediatley).

AI solves Rubik's Cube in 1.2 seconds (that's three times slower than a non-AI algorithm)


Re: What does AI do when it encounters an impossible cube?

('mt' SHB 'my').


Re: What does AI do when it encounters an impossible cube?

All this misses the point about the physical world.

Show me a robot/AI system that can catch a ball whilst running. No such machine exists.

Human dexterity is woefully underrated by proponents of artificial intelligence. Many 'low skilled' manual jobs simply cannot be done by robots. Yet these are often the worst-paid jobs.

Silicon Valley nerds might want to try their hands at some menial tasks that factory workers perform with amazing speed, then try to make a machine to match them. I'm not holding mt breath.

Scientist, war hero and gay icon Alan Turing is new face of the £50 note


Re: "The theory" is a bit too strong

"Turing and Searle both believed in the possibility of machine intelligence"

This is where, while being a genius, Turing was mistaken.

'Thniking' cannot be separated from 'feeling', which requires life. A fly has more ability to think than does the biggest supercomputer in the world.

'AI' is amazing, more tech to do stuff for us that we used to do for ourselves, but please don't pretend there's any actual intelligence behind it (outside the clever programmers).

Top mathematiciain though, great to see him honoured on the £50

Could an AI android live forever? What, like your other IT devices?



Excellent article. Yes indeed, biological life is totally underrated in its ablilty to repair itself.

It seems obvious to me that 'thinking' (which is one of the goals of strong AI) is just not possible without 'feeling' - which requires biology. I'm amazed how many people still believe we'll be able to build a conscious computer, someday. Not saying to give up trying, as useful technological advances could be made in the attempt, but IMHO there is no way an artificial intelligence will ever be built (even if true quantum computers existed (and they might never)). All current AI systems are just big abacuses.

This topic is discussed at length in Roger Penrose's great book, The Emperor's New Mind.

Bonkers British MPs rant: 5G signals cause cancer


Shame about MPs

It's a shame about MPs. The worse they perform (and the more they are derided for this), the less likely it is that anyone with any sense will want to become one, so the calibre of candidates becomes ever lower. It's like a feedback loop.

Maybe it would be better if MPs were randomly selected like with jury service? There'd be a risk of the odd mentalist getting picked but they could be always be recalled/voted out later.

Hello, tech support? Yes, I've run out of desk... Yes, DESK... space


Ah yes, Newton's famous quote: "if I have seen further than others, it was because I was using a telescope"

NASA's first all-woman spacewalk outside ISS cancelled – due to lack of spacesuits that fit


Re: In Case of Emergency?

The film, Gravity, contained a crucial error of physics.

When Bullock and Clooney (can't remember the character names) are orbiting the Earth, holding on to each other by a rope, Bullock eventually lets go, dooming Clooney to oblivion. BUT, if they were in orbit together and one let go, their speeds would not change - so Clooney would have stayed exactly where he was relative to Bullock, instead of being whisked away like in the film.

How life started on Earth: Sulfur dioxide builds up, volcanoes blow, job done – boffins


Re: Curse you, Noah Webster!

Spelling should not be decided by IUPAC bureaucrats. How we (in Britain) arrived at 'sulphur' is a matter of history and culture - they do not have the right to tell us how the word is to be spelled.

To people who say 'What does it matter?', indeed - but then if it doesn't matter, why should the IUPAC decide?

Whether people spell it with an 'f' or 'ph', the meaning is unambiguous: it's quite clearly the element, S, with 16 protons in its nucleus - so why insist upon one spelling over another?

Also, with 'aluminum/aluminium', they at least said 'aluminum' was an accepted variant - why was this courtesy not also extended to 'sulphur'?

It may seem trivial, but it's depressing - a bunch of unelected, faceless managers trying to impose their pettiness onto a whole culture, just to make their mark and feel important. They are pathetic.

BOOM! Cambridge Analytica explodes following extraordinary TV expose


FB vs CA

Yes, the labels 'right' and 'left' are not satisfactory really. Very broadly (and not including the extremes of either), 'right' could be said to mean those in favour of not changing things too radically, and of letting people live with minimal interference from the state, while 'left' might mean those in favour of changing things in order to achieve a more equal society (eg through the redistribution of wealth).

The problem is that corporations have now have such a grip that whichever candidate ('left' or 'right') gets in, THEY remain in control.

For example, Tony Blair was supposedly on the 'left' but look at his record - hugely wasteful PFI schemes, pointless wars, privitisations - all put public money into the pockets of corporations and arms manufacturers. Then again, the privately-educated (psychopath?) Blair had no left-wing leanings whatsoever.

Margaret Thatcher did much the same and worse, but made no attempt to appeal to the 'left' or 'centre'.

In the US, the media is even worse than it is here, to such an extent that the word 'socialist' is only ever used perjoratively.

Many in the UK pinned their hopes on John Smith, a true 'lefty', who died before he could be elected. He would have probably won, such was the dissatisfaction with the Conservative government at the time.

For a clearer picture, I recommend John Carpenter's film, 'They Live'. Also the Adam Curtis film 'The Trap'.

I don't know, the rot may even have started with Edward Bernays...


FB vs CA

"FB [is a] left-wing company"? What a load of bollocks.

All FB cares about, like any mega-company, is making money and nothing else. Sure, they might appeal to prog-lite 'values' like diversity, caring etc. blah blah... It's all window-dressing, like with all corporations.

Monday night's C4 expose showed CA execs boasting about swinging foreign elections for their client candidates/regimes, using propaganda and lies.

CA scoring "huge victories for the anti-establishment right"? What planet are you on?

It's the 'right', ie the ultra-capitalists - ie the corporation owners - who CONTROL the politicians/democracy/media. The result is wall to wall advertising and marketing, brainwashing people to consume not co-operate. Wake up, you idiot.


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