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ISP redesign unites the web in nausea

Neil Young


Isn't a redesign supposed to be better than what went before?

I'm not a fan of pink (the colour, the singer is a different story altogether) but I did like the old site a lot better then the new one.

The colours are wrong, Courier New is wrong, the custom backgrounds are crimes against humanity.

I suppose I'm guessing they had a look at last.fm's site with its very own overdose of pink (the colour, you won't find the singer on her Artist Radio, but then when is an artist on their own Artist Radio at last.fm) and decided to be different.

Will you go 'Radio Ga Ga' over Sony Ericsson's FM handsets?

Neil Young

Nothing to write home about...

...except the inclusion of an AM radio which is rare, but you'd want more internal memory or a memory card slot (even if it does have to be a bloody Memory Stick)

All in all, not for me.

RIAA wiped off the net

Neil Young

Comparing them to Nazis...

...also breaks the Godwin rule...!

Celeb spills beans on new Apple notebook

Neil Young
Paris Hilton

My thoughts...

> Now if Apple releases one, all that might change. Lots of those

> people out there with no idea what they're talking about will probably

> proclaim that Apple's device is the stuff of legends, handed down

> from god(s), etc. It's got a reasonably good chance of selling well

> just because it acts like an iPhone and has that signature Leopard

> background image.

All the usual MacFreak stuff that makes us hate them so much :) I wonder if Paris Hilton has a Mac?

UMPCs look snazzy but are expensive and it isn't really clear what you'd actually do with one, to me anyways. Apple will do what they always do, release something that does only half of what UMPCs already released do, charge twice the price, market it like daft as the ultimate device that you simply just HAVE to kil for and even mainstream news will cover it.

Course it would be nice if they read the market release an iTablet at slightly more than the cost of a cheap laptop that isn't that limited in function and actually earn the kudos they always seem to get for being smug, but I don't see it happening, do you?

Women say no to pink tech toys

Neil Young

Barbara likes pink eh...?

Enough to (get her husband - the poor bloke - to) pay *extra* for it?!

Usually what I find is the gadget I want in pink and pink ONLY and the nearest non-pink equivalent is more expensive (although with slightly more features or with a better known make)

Incidentally, something I actually heard today in the T-Mobile shop...

Woman (pointing to a Samsung M300): "Eeeh! Is this available on a contract?"

Salesman: "Errr... no, it's pay as you go only, it's a very basic phone, no Bluetooth, VGA camera..."

Woman: "Awww, but it's sooo cute!"

Neil Young

How about a nice red...?

...surely there's an eye-catching unisex colour. I personally can't be done with bright colours of any hue, except maybe red and really don't get why women need gadgets designed specifically for them - as if a pink phone/laptop/games console is for women while others are MAN'S stuff and girlies shouldn't worry they're pretty little heads about them...!

But how about just designing it well and think about the colour afterwards? (while making it black, grey or silver by default)

In all, women like gear, just like us blokes, GIRLS like pink.

Get a passport, enjoy casual sex with foreigners

Neil Young

These adverts are an insult

It's not the pictures of women with their norks out that offends me, and these advertswould not be out of place in the aforementioned publications but the adverts are a bloody insult, especially with those stupid bloody txtspk spellings, do they really think the British public are that terminally dim? Is this the intended result of our fine education system?

The daft thing is they publish adverts like this while on the other hand bleating about binge drinking and high pregnancy rates and STIs! Wouldn't this be the exact thing they'd be encouraging?

As for the model asking where the bloody hell are ya? I was never fooled by that for a minute, I know for a fact the proper Aussie reaction to a British tourist on gap year is "Rack off backpacker!"

Microsoft vs. Google – the open source shame

Neil Young

A few pointers...


Read the MS-PL license.

"(B) If you bring a patent claim against any contributor over patents that you claim are infringed by the software, your patent license from such contributor to the software ends automatically."

Doesn't the GPL have the same kind of philiosophy behind it, in fact doesn't GPLv3 state that outright?

And the anonymous comment...

What choice do you have in MS:

1) Do you have a choice of an Intel OS before?

Ummm... Linux? Mac OSX? OpenBSD? FreeBSD? NetBSD?

2) Were people given good judgment when MSOffice comes bundled in the OS?

Err.. MS Office is not and AFAIK never has been bundled in with the OS. Wordpad has, but not MS Office... and what is Open Office? Star Office? Ability Office? (and that's only on Windows)

3) Were people given good judgment when IE comes bundled in the OS?

Which they can then use to download Firefox, Opera or Safari?

4) Were people given good judgment when MS announce they don't want Vista

virtualized on top of their competitor OS?

Where do you get that information? And I've already seen Vista virtualised on a competitor OS (MacOSX using Parallels) Why would Microsoft care anyway? Whether it's used directly on a PC or virtualised, it's still a sale of Windows Vista.


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