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Chemical plant taken offline by the best one of all: C8H10N4O2

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The worst

Had a (potential customer) call last Friday. "My dog peed on my laptop, do you clean that sort of thing". Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, NO!

SpaceX successfully sends four amateurs into orbit for three-day tour

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As someone old enough to remember looking at the moon during the first landing and thinking that there were actually people up their - to see 4 "everyday astronauts" get 3 days in orbit is a part of history that I thought would come much sooner - time to start building the Bigelow hotels.

AI caramba, those neural networks are power-hungry: Counting the environmental cost of artificial intelligence

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Cash is still easier to move around - the cost of a cash transfer for payment of an item is minimal compared to say, selling Bitcoin to pay for something. Cash is much more easily traceable because the systems have been in place for so long and the rules are well established. But AI is changing that - you want to buy something or move crypto around, it's getting a lot easier to track. Tax man must always be paid. Ask Al Capone.

More Boots on Moon delays: NASA stops work on SpaceX human landing system as Blue Origin lawsuit rolls on

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If Blue O had been on the original Apollo - the uber big Von Braun rocket - we'd still be getting to the moon sometime after 2025, it would just be for the first time.

BOFH: They say you either love it or you hate it. We can confirm you're going to hate it

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Me thinks our bastard doth protest too much.....but one must clean up the evidence.....sounds like a marmite sort of Breaking Bad moment for Jim.

Booming balance sheets for India's big four outsourcers after horrible quarter at home

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No word yet on the boiler room scam business hiring - you know that the Covid situation in India is bad when our business from cleaning computers of people conned by scammers falls 90%. If the crooks can't even work, the country is in a world of hurt. And latest reports say up to 4 million people may have died of Covid so far in India alone.

We don't know why it's there, we don't know what it does – all we know is that the button makes everything OK again

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Re: The knob......

Ohh yes, back in the great days of crashing budgets the command was sent down to turn all thermostats to 65F - a very unpopular setting, especially with the secretaries who's desks were posted right by the front exit to the breezeway.

One day we came in to find a damp towel placed over the sensor cover of the thermostat, and a secretary with a spray bottle of water. Evaporative cooling meant we had the warmest office in the building.

Ireland warned it could face 'rolling blackouts' if it doesn't address data centres' demand for electricity

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Looks like a good time to build power generating facilities, that would be the best investment.

Distorted light from ancient explosion when the Universe was 3 billion years old helps point astroboffins to intermediate black hole

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was going to say, lensing around the sun confirmed Einstein's theory - get your science right you youth who don't know 1990 and stay off my lawn!

Astroboffins may have raged at Elon's emissions staining the sky, but all those satellites will be more boon than bother

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1. LEO latency sucks for FP shooters

2. Given the shear volume of the sphere relative to the size/amount of the satellites, the "useful" space around Earth might be .00000001% more crowded than it was 10,000 years ago.

3. The biggest hazard to satellites and space stations of all types are still going to be the tiny particles of natural space junk - the earth moves through many paths of comets that litter the orbital environment each year, for example.

4. Any Ham worth their salt still learns morse code, and has a 100 ft tall antenna in their back yard that screws with their neighbor's tv reception.

Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE!

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Or the limits of the pocketbooks of the era!

I laugh at hardware reviewers today that act like a 20 buck price difference is going to mean something to most of us who started back in the DOS and earlier days. When I got my first 486 - I spent $350 on 8 MEGS of ram, and $60 on a half meg of vid ram (so I could run real svga). And I still remember when someone came into the shop and ordered 128 megs of ram for the giant database he had to run. We were in awe.

The $4.3bn trial of the century is over! Now we wait for judgment

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It ain't over until the lawyers have milked HP and all out of more money than the cost of the write down in question. Expect appeal after appeal after appeal, and then a long drawn out settlement process - what I want to see is the Autonomy execs found guilty, and the judge award HP $1 or 1 pound sterling.

Since the FCC won't act, Congress finally moves on robocalls by passing half-decent TRACED Act

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"what's this new $15/mth per line charge on my bill? Cell Phone Spam Call Protection Fee? Ok...so you are shaking me down now instead of the spammers.

Wall Street analyst slashes HP Inc's share rating amid mounting worries over printer supplies declines

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Inkjets and cheap refills are my way - HP has one advantage in that they do continue with driver support for even some of their oldest inkjet and laserjet models regardless of OS and updates. If I could get my spouse off color I would go for a cheap laser - we use HP cubes for our work printers and they print for ever (except for the one that had a 3 pound/1.5 kg drill bit dropped on it when they were installing HVAC equipment on the roof of our building - they had to fix the roof too). Gashed the top of the machine nicely. Still printed but what the heck, the roofing company bought us a new one.

I have no mouth and I must scream: You can add audio to wobbles in latest Windows 10 patch

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How many hundreds of millions of Windows computers are there? How many millions of different configurations? I don't care what OS, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or whatever, anytime changes are made a certain percentage of computers are going to have issues. Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are rather random and relatively few systems are impacted. At my workplace we have had no users contacting us about this issue, and many are the type that call if they accidentally forget to turn the machine on and there is nothing on the screen. If it doesn't get a CERT alert and/or start flooding my techs with complaints, it gets moved to the "curiosity" shelf and we move on.

Look, we know it feels like everything's going off the rails right now, but think positive: The proton has a new radius

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Re: Size matters?

Hi Rich11, I must have registered my account about one femtosecond before you did

Tempted to play with that Chinese Zao app for deep-fake frolics? Don't bother if you want to keep your privacy

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What privacy - lol.

Dear hackers: If you try to pwn a website for phishing, make sure it's not the personal domain of a senior Akamai security researcher

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Re: Cash Dollar?

Yep, after the crash of the Borexit, you'll be using a one pound note to light your ciggies because they will be cheaper than matches!

A Register reader turns the computer room into a socialist paradise

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too many backups

a backup over 30 days old is not a backup, it is an ancient archive - back up and back up frequently! I might use many different forms of backup, but I also use them often.

Get this: Mad King Leo wanted HP to slurp two other firms alongside ill-fated Autonomy buyout

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Re: Thumbs up for Lesjak then..

Seems like there are so many CEO's that are willing to do just about anything, dare anything, so that the can have that "trophy" impact on their businesses - even when that trophy turns out to be a mounted albatross.

Introducing 'freedom gas' – a bit like the 2003 deep-fried potato variety, only even worse for you

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Re: Sleep is a Good Thing(TM)

Umm, you double the amount of CO2, you are back at the age of the dinosaurs - no ice anywhere and much higher sea levels. Me thinks you lack an understanding of how much the impact of even a 5% greater rise in CO2 will cause.

450 ppm (High risk): “The OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050: Key Findings on Climate Change” summarizes predictions by climate scientists’ models: we have a 50% chance of stabilizing the average global temperature at a 2°C increase over the pre-industrial period if we keep concentrations of CO2 under 450 ppm. A November 2013 report by PwC, Busting the carbon Budget, says that at our current rate of fossil fuel usage in the global economy, we will exceed that limit by 2034.

Add 2C increase, and global temps are high enough to create great changes in weather and sea levels. Doesn't sound like much, but ask people that live along the coast what that will mean - add say, 10ft to sea levels, no, make that 5 ft, and places like Bangladesh lose huge amounts of land. Cities like Miami, New York City, Shanghai, etc, lose big chunks too.

The US has a falling output of CO2 due to the swap from coal to natural (aka Freedom) gas, though that will be somewhat offset as nuclear plants close and are not replaced, forcing the use of more fossil fuels.

And natural gas (methane) has a thermal retention capacity of 30 times more than CO2, so as we shift to natural gas, and drill for natural gas, and the warming melts things like permafrost which allows the plant matter to decay and release methane, that impact has to be taken into account too.

Want a good Android smartphone without the $1,000+ price tag? Then buy Google's Pixel 3a

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Re: Cloud Storage

If you are going to leave 50+ gigs of your pics and videos on the camera and not transfer them to your computer and back up in other ways, you are either dumb, or totally unaware that things such as backup exist, in which case you are just stupid

Eggheads confirm it's not a bug – the universe really is expanding 9% faster than expected

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I am curious (but not yellow) as to any supposition being put forward by a true physicist, rather than a sort of normal person like me, that the initial inflationary episode in space-time during the first Plank Moment is related to this relatively new recognition that the physical universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. Space-time is still inflating - for perhaps the first 9 billion years after matter started forming, the gravitational effects on space time were sufficient to slow inflationary expansion, but once a relative decrease in density of the overall physical universe due to a constant amount of matter occupying a larger and larger volume, then the forces governing the speed of inflation of space time started gaining the upper hand again. And all us matter based things are just along for the ride.

Not one of the 12 steps: Rehab patients' details exposed in publicly visible database

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HIPPA - Having Individual's Personal Privacy Assaulted

From MySpace to MyFreeDiskSpace: 12 years of music – 50m songs – blackholed amid mystery server move

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What's MySpace?

If you're worried that quantum computers will crack your crypto, don't be – at least, not for a decade or so. Here's why

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The ready availability of quantum computers is predicated on room temp operations - from what I can see, like superconductive materials, quantum computers need chilling to near absolute zero - not easily achieved without a big bankroll and technical capabilities well beyond the average hackophile. We've been waiting decades for room temp superconductors, and the quantum computing environment is a whole nother level beyond that. So not concerned about my stuff, or my local retailer's files for my credit cards.

Nation-state spying is what it's going to be all about. Later than sooner.....no, wait, my 7 year old grandson has made sure he has better system security than most government agencies. Why are we worrying so much about quanta when good old silicon is still all you need to thrive in this world of failed security.

Artificial Intelligence: You know it isn't real, yeah?

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chaos theory

and all those people in this thread looking up data in Google to provide examples to justify their answers here are introducing new biases in Google's predictive "AI" algorithm - at the end of the day the world is now different, just because of this one little query storm. When a (technical) butterfly flaps its wings in El Reg.....

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Re: Whatever happened to the term "expert system"?

GIGO - whoever has control of the datasets has control of the output, and there isn't a single data set that isn't biased by some rule(s) that has to be decided upon arbitrarily. Someone will round to whole numbers, for example, while someone else might round to 10ths, and someone else to 100ths - something that simple when run through any algorithm will create more and more distortion over time. Then there is the guy that, in setting up a simple data set (what data needs to be imputed to make sure an airplane will make it from point a to point b) assumes that the 20000 represents gallons, rather than pounds, of fuel), and the plane lands 2000 miles short of the runway.........

Things that make you go .hm... Has a piece of the internet just sunk into the ocean? It appears so

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sounds like a money minting operation; why would he intentionally close down a vanity domain that people are willing to remain a part of and all he needs is some basic server hardware that gets cheaper to update and run every year. but then again it is summer down there, probably popped off to the beach, partied a bit too much with the penguins, and is now only coming out of his herring vodka haze.

Falcon 9 gets its feet wet as SpaceX notch up two more launch successes

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Why would NASA have concerns over a failed return booster? They just care that the mission was successful - SpaceX is the one who cares as they are trying to reuse as many of these boosters as they can - and the landings of the boosters are still considered experimental. A controlled landing into water for a giant empty sealed tube that floats and can be retrieved for analysis is not a really bad outcome, just not the one they wanted. This is nothing like a critical failure during launch, not even close.

Samsung's graphene batteries promise to charge five times faster – without exploding

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OK, every other month, a new battery or battery formulation is announced, yet it's sort of like the fusion reactor thingie, always "just 5 (50?) years away". I would someday like to see something that is really in the system and/or on the retail shelf. All we get are Lithium Ion + + (++++) because the 10 nm, whoops wrong promises, newer composition batteries vanish into the post "we've done it!" atmosphere.

Tired of cheshire cat-ions.

Powerful forces, bodily fluids – it's all in a day's work

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Had a 19" CRT come in with warranty complaint, back when 19" was 30 bucks per inch. Turned on and screen was all bloopy. Ok, so we start the paperwork to take it in, when the 6 year old daughter turned to her mother and said that little brother had been running a magnet on the screen........

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Ciggie smokers - the insides of machines don't turn yellow and brown and sticky without the ciggies

NASA's Chandra probe suddenly becomes an EX-ray space telescope (for now, anyway)

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Once again, a piece of NASA hardware has long outlived expected service time, and it is experiencing a probable transient fault, and the article makes it sound like a major failure. Doesn't the Reg realize that Scottie is just pulling his "I'm giving it all I can" thing so that when he does get it fixed he will look like a hero?

On the third day of Windows Microsoft gave to me: A file-munching run of DELTREE

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And this is why I backup 8 different ways, even to the extent of keeping a copy in my safe deposit box (neighbor's house burned down and it seemed to be a rational step after that)

If you drop a tablet in a forest of smartphones, will anyone hear it fall?

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I started out with a Kobo, transitioned to a Nexus 7 2012, and now have a Samsung 8" - I don't want to pay for a $600+ phablet with a screen too small to easily read a book, which my tablet provides and is primarily used for - as well as browsing the web and a lot of email (voice to text is convenient)

My phone is a device for calls and a camera combo that can do basic internet stuff if needed. My tablet has supplanted my notebook because it is so much more portable and powerful enough to do a lot of the notebook based stuff of years gone by. The notebook sits in the case like a the just in case fire extinguisher, waiting for that travel moment, which more and more the tablet has taken the place of.

If I am at home, I would much rather work on my 8700k desktop with dual monitors than the 15.6" laptop that cost as much as the upgrade to the 8700k.

Long live the $300 8" tablet!

Top tip? Sprinkle bugs into your code to throw off robo-vuln scanners

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Whatever you can create, someone else can create a filter for - the assumption is that these fake bugs will probably be very similar, so that ultimately a filter can false flag a false bug, and be trained to ignore them.

Can you help rattle Facebook copyright people's cage for a friend of mine?

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Can you help rattle Facebook copyright people's cage for a friend of mine?

I have a friend, has been chasing and recording severe weather in the US for many years. There is someone who is posting his video on Facebook illegally, and Facebook can't seem to understand where the copyright violations are and won't delete the illegal video from the their system. Please use your bully pulpit to assist my friend.


look for the post with the hail in the frame - it will be perhaps a few posts below the top, but it is quickly found.

Great time to shift bytes: International bandwidth prices are in free fall

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Great, now "Microsoft Tech Support" can call me and Jake from India(nna) can tell me that my computer will explode unless I buy their lifetime tech support for $999.99, and it will cost them less.

Did you test that? No, I thought you tested it. Now customers have it and it doesn't work

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Black Helicopters

I worked for a company that went through a very traumatic experience. One of their employees got their smock caught in a piece of machinery and was unable to break free - the site was gruesome and they went through and set up all their machinery to have an auto-stop if any tension even slightly approaching that level was detected. I knew long time employees there that were excused from working in that room.

Your software hates you and your devices think you're stupid

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Disco was the absolute worst

But it was where all the girls went, in packs, and all they wanted to do was dance. Hell has a sparkly ball hanging from the ceiling and posters of the BeeGee's on the wall.

If you guessed China’s heavy lifter failed due to a liquid hydrogen turbo engine fault, well done!

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Score another one for SpaceX - China is still trying to get a big rocket to the moon, while SpaceX is on the road to Mars with their first try - though the great Elon said he would not be surprised if the FH blew up 200 ft off the pad.

Storm brewing? Weather buff uses deep learning to predict patterns

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Ummmm, the USA NWS starts issuing categorical risk of severe weather 8 days out, and more detailed risk of Tornadoes, hail and straight line winds 3 days out.

Internet of insecure Things: Software still riddled with security holes

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and in still other news, dog wets fire hydrant, sun rises in the east and oxygen is a by-product of photosynthesis

Fermi famously asked: 'Where is everybody?' Probably dead, says renewed Drake equation

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The thing most SETI enthusiasts, vs. the scientists with interest in this area, fail to realize is that size matters. Even with articles like this, it is really hard for the average person to come close to wrapping their minds around just how much space and time are involved in even just this galaxy. And the universe is far larger than what we can see (only 13.4 billion years or so worth).

Ex-Equifax exec charged with insider trading after bagging 1 MEEELLION dollars in stock sale

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At least one of the guilty parties in this Uber-FUBAR situation is going to get something of his just desserts. That entire technical management team deserves to get charged with at least criminal negligence.

Tim Berners-Lee says regulation of the web may be needed

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Twitter is going to die of "old man's disease" - what kid is going to want to use something that is dominated by 60+ year old's - especially politicians and social trolls, false news and pundits.

China looks set to pip Uncle Sam at the post in exascale computer race

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I Exspecter a core Meltdown.