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You want how much?! Israel opts not to renew its Office 365 vows


Hope they fail and fall flat on their arses

I don't usually subscribe to Microsoft knocking but this time I am fully in. I hope Office 365 falls flat on its arse and alternative apps take off destroying their market share.

I have looked at the fee for a normal user and its £7.90 ($10.20) a month. Im just about to upgrade to a new laptop and was thinking of upgrading to Office 365......not anymore.

In 2008 I bought the Office products for £70 and its done me 10 years. To spend approximately £100 a year for Office...no chance.

For my usage there are plenty of alternatives and I will be imbracing them and I hope so many others do.

Boffins get fish drunk to prove what any bouncer already knows


Hmm there is definitely something fishy about this article.

Stress, bad workplace cultures are still driving security folk to drink


Re: Self-medicating with booze is no answer

Worked with a guy, who was actually my manager, and would drink incredible amounts. It turned out he had mild depression but did not stop drinking and popping Sweeties.

Absolute nightmare to be managed by and created so much resentment in the office since he was constantly off e.g. he never worked a full week for the two years I was in that team. When he did turn up he was totally out of touch with the work and ended up being a tornado i.e. everything went everywhere and was all wrong.

Eventually he got booted out and, thankfully, got himself sorted. He now runs a successful small business outside IT.

It took the big shock for him to get out of his daily grind. I know this sounds terrible but I am glad he got the boot since he caused so much stress, myself included, to other people with his illness.

Not an easy one to work out for anybody.

Almost 1 in 3 Brits think they lack computer skills to do their jobs well


Re: 1998 Discuss?

Just read your comment and this immediately came to mind:


Enjoy :)

IT Angle

1998 Discuss?

It does not surprise me in the slightest that people are sh1t with computers.

For arguments sake (only) it was 1998 that computers really became main stream in offices. 20 years later I know of office workers who have used Excel for 20 years and have No Idea what to do with it e.g. drag and fill in columns, they just copy and paste into another spreadsheet. When you have no endeavour to learn what hope does business/deparments have.

As for school leaver....I had two work place experience pupils and I asked them what coding they did. The reply was "oh we have done a power point presentation" (I am not laying blame on anyone). So I scaled down what I was going to show them and then got them to do the work i.e. some SSIS and basic SQL.

They did this with some guidance and error resolution. At the end of the work experience they turned round to me and said "is this all you do", note they were only there for one day.

Haha you cannot win and it looks like I have turned two up and coming individuals off tech.

So, I feel kind off safe in my job knowing that there is not that many people in the work place wanting to get their hands dirty with code.

What can you do when the pup of programming becomes the black dog of burnout? Dude, leave


Rang so many bells for me!

I've just left a job where it was tedious, micro managed (the guy wanted to control everything) and absolutely no prospects, just turn the wheel until the system gets switched off. It took me 12 months of looking to find an equivalent job.

As the article says 'It can seem impossible, but it always works and leaving is often easier than it seems.'. I've done this a few times since IT people can easily get stuck in a pigeon hole and told 'your not moving from there'.

This is blunt but I try and follow it...…"If your not happy in your job F*ck Off and get another."

Buggy software could lock a Jeep's cruise control


Re: Fuddy Duddy Tech (FDT)

Fair point on number 2.

2) I've found it useful because the driver can often roll down windows that are not the driver's, but only with electric windows.

IT Angle

Fuddy Duddy Tech (FDT)

Cannot agree more with the FDT comments since electric windows are the bane of my driving life. Once they decide to stop working, usually when the window is fully down, there is not much you can do about it.

At least with FDT you could take the side of the door of, see what was going wrong, and fix it. Not with electric motors once they go they go.

Are we that lazy we cannot role windows down anymore.

UK Home Office's £885m crim records digi effort: A 'masterclass in incompetence'



Once BREXIT gets going the Reg will be dribbling with anticipation for the stories that will emerge.

This latest debacle will fade into insignificance once the true stories of BREXIT start to emerge.

Its going to be eye wateringly expensive running preBREXIT systems with BREXIT systems.

The Reg has mentioned DEFRA\RPA over the past few months and I know it will be the most fertile area for projects that will make you go WTF.

What can we do about it, apparently 'F' all.

Uber robo-ride's deadly crash: Self-driving car had emergency braking switched off by design


Your ass is grass

I find it unbelievable that a major safety system was switched off that could have saved a life. It seems to be that life is cheap for big corporations. This situation reeks of the Ford Pinto scandal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Pinto.

Accountability must be put into place before anymore testing of driverless cars is allowed on the roads and that includes everyone, passengers as well.

If people know that they can end up with a prison sentence, what happened was manslaughter (in my opinion), there will be more emphasis on safety.

At the moment its a race to be first but the race rules, race stewards and race finish have not been properly implemented or even thought of.

I know of two deaths, there could be more, with driverless cars while in testing. One death is one too many.

From top to bottom people should know that if something like this happens again 'your ass is grass' and that should go for state legislators as well.

Money talks but life should not be so cheap make people 'Accountable'!

IT systems still in limbo as UK.gov departments await Brexit policy – MPs


IT in DEFRA is an ungodly mess

“This means that Defra, in particular, is having to work up options for the three different scenarios – deal, no deal or transition.”

3 Scenarios to work out, well, they will be at it forever. DEFRA hierarchy is incapable of making decisions. 12 months ago the Environment Agency, Rural Payments Agency and DEFRA IT departments got merged together and they cannot work out the pay scales and think it will be another 15 months before they do.

This means there is freeze on employing any one for outside unless you are a contractor. Its a contractors banquet at the moment in DEFRA. Since nobody new can be employed they cannot get rid of the contractor and the contractor is making sure they feet are well and truly under the table.

Fair play to the contractor, I would do the same if I were a contractor, but just think of the expense. At £400 to £500 a day and 250 workings days a year, tax payers money going flying out the window.

Contractors are ruling the roust in DEFRA IT and its only going to get worse as the leaders don’t know what is going on. After the article, see link below, One director was asked, on a department wide phone in, about the “four systems” that would have to be built in a no deal scenario and they went “Errrrrrr don’t know”.


IT in DEFRA is an ungodly mess and its only going to get worse with a huge number of demoralized IT workers.

CEO insisted his email was on server that had been offline for years


Re: That sounds like the story of a madhouse

Trend change (maybe!)

The trend might just might be changing when it comes to paying attention to IT. There seems to be a dearth of Techies coming through and the costs in replacing a Techy is increasingly expensive.

I'm just about to leave one job and they are offering me a pay rise. My thoughts are why am I not on this salary in the first place, so I wont be accepting it.

I should feign at my modesty but I'm not going to since I know I can do a good job, willing to learn on the job, and put in a little extra effort to get things done. I work beside a mix of Techies i.e. some are only turning up for their pensions and other are there to do a good job.

Management have introduced a retention bonus but that's only for Microsoft tech. I use Oracle and our team was not included but management are well aware how disgruntled the team is.

Its an unfortunate situation that people have to leave before other people realise their worth.

As I say that trend might just be changing and the other Oracle developers might be getting a retention bonus.

Furious gunwoman opens fire at YouTube HQ, three people shot



I hope nobody has got hurt.

Magic Leap ships headsets at last, but you'll need a safe


Re: Actually, it seems they ARE onto something...


If you believe in God then you will believe in anything.

To prove me wrong all you need to do is give one piece of evidence that any God actually exists

Space, the final blunt-tier: Binary system ejected huge 'spliff' asteroid, boffins reckon


Alien life

Maybe the unflushable harboured alien life. I think they might be named turtleheads.

Defra to MPs: There's no way Brexit IT can be as crap as rural payments


Re: Total Waste Of Money

I doubt the vast majority of the brexiteers gave one thought about farmers/fisheries.

The Government has to find £1Billion each year for the farmer, I have no idea what fisheries get. They have to do this or a very, very large number of farmers will go out of business.

Before any other debate is started the best managers of the countryside are the farmers along with legislation. If the farmer decreases in large numbers the countryside wont get managed and that will have disastrous consciences.

The only time I have encountered a food shortage was when KFC cocked up their chicken delivery. If the countryside is unmanaged we will suffer food shortages and astronomical food prices since we would have to import quite a lot.

There has to be subsidies and IT to manage the subsidies.