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Microsoft's Teams goes native on Apple, retains a human touch

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Teams is by far the worst vid client,

Chats is far superior,

I can spin up or join a meet in chats in seconds, yet teams is convoluted. Insists on being authenticated and always starts the video.

Recently having interview, chats wants to authenticate me to my work when I just want to join with the link from the prospective employer, I don’t want outlook calendar being helpful and putting in an entry if what company I’m talking too when I’m meant to be attending a different excuse.

Upgrading what might be the world's oldest running Linux install

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Triggers Broom

What's remarkable about Chiark is that it was originally installed with Debian Linux 0.93R5 in 1993, and the same installation of the OS is now running Debian 11 "Bullseye", the x86-64 version, freshly upgraded from an x86-32 installation of Debian 8 "Jessie".

So it started life on 0.93 then got upgraded and virtualised (I assume over many iterations) to version 8 from where it has been upgraded to version 11.

I had initially thought it was a direct impressive upgrade from 0.93 to 11 on the original tin!!

Until a few months back I had preference and other system files on my Mac from my original lcii from 1992, I clearly no longer have need for Macdraw, Claris works, HyperCard or Chuck Yeager's Air Combat files!

Cruise self-driving cars stopped and clogged up San Francisco for hours

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How do they ensure sensor is in middle of the Ball?

A player can be offside by an inch or less, so how do they ensure the sensor is exactly in the middle of the ball and how do they know where the players foot is in relation to the defending side?

I bet it’ll cause more problems than it solves.

Just because you failed doesn't mean you weren't right

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Re: Weather Satellites

You’d expect those satellites measuring temperature to also be able to measure how far from the ground they are, also space telemetry and radar would show how far up in the atmosphere it is.

Satellites don’t stay in exactly the same spot, they drift in an imagined 3d box with the drift controlled by the onboard thrusters.

The data returned must be constantly calibrated against things like distance etc, else the error margin will be larger than needed.

Tech world may face huge fines if it doesn't scrub CSAM from encrypted chats

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Big Brother

You are all Guilty

You are all guilty.

the crime may not be defined as yet but you are guilty of it regardless.

Calls for bans on Chinese CCTV makers Hikvision, Dahua expand

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Re: All Chinese CCTV systems connect back to China

You could just replace “china” with USA and the same would apply.

The USA did away with the ethnic population, often rounding them up into camps and don’t like to talk about it.

They also went to other countries, rounded up individuals and sent to camps in het other countries.


Many other examples of the USA doing similar to what the Chinese are doing.

Doesn’t make either nation right, makes them both wrong & id rather neither where doing these things.

Most 1st world nations are guilty of the things china has been doing.

I wish they would all stop.

Hangouts hangs up: Google chat app shuts this year

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How is Chats / hangouts different from each other?

Hangouts and chats look and seem exactly the same to me.

I prefer google meet to zoom/Webex/teams as it just works from the browser with no additional apps to install.

I like chats, but I also liked hangouts.

I really don’t know what the difference is between chats / hangouts, they could have just renamed hangouts to chats and no one would have known.

Carnival Cruises torpedoed by US states, agrees to pay $6m after wave of cyberattacks

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They seem all at sea about this issue.

Soviet-era tech could change the geothermal industry

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Re: Blowback

Some junkies nose?

Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash

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Re: Am I the only one

Still, well to wheel efficiency of an ICE is about 14% now even with a century of improvements, EVs manage double that even when charged off a fossil fuel power station: it's much easier to run those at maximum efficiency and there's of course the option to use their waste heat which you simply don't have with a mobile source.


F1 engines are running at ~52% thermal efficiency, which is much higher than a road car.

In other vehicles, there are also so,r highly efficient examples this from 2015


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Re: Another one.

There was a ship carrying VW brands EV’s to the US that caught fire and sank.


The perfect crime – undone by the perfect email backups

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Paris Hilton

>It does make me wonder how to cope if you have data that falls under GDPR or similar laws. If a customer wants you to delete their account, do you have to go through all the backups and remove it there too?

if its encrypted then can just delete the key and its effectively gone. no key no recovery, obviously don't backup the key, just keep a highly available process for duplicating the key with perhaps a 30 day delete life on all keys marked for delete before they are truly irrecoverable.

Okta says Lapsus$ incident was actually a brilliant zero trust demonstration

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interesting PR opportunity

It’s great they where able to clarify what happened and expose their 3rd parties limitations while at bugging up their offerings and demonstrating that doing things right with their products ensures the bad guys are prevented from doing bad things that would ultimately ruin their reputation.

Reassuring to know their koolaid is like Ronseal.

HCL to end all support for old versions of Notes and Domino in 2024

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Hidden in the bowels

It’s interesting how many older businesses still have notes beating somewhere in the basement.

Barely anyone knows anything about it and barely anyone touches it but it’s somehow pivotal to how the whole business operates.

Just leave it alone and occasionally check it’s hardware is happy and all will be well.

Just ask the longest serving competent IT person if your organisation has notes running somewhere.

Mars Express orbiter to get code update after 19 years

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Re: It never ceases to amaze me ...

That’s how stuff used to be built, built to last.

Not sure newer stuff is the same especially once the bean counters realise they’ve been duped into funding extended missions that where meant to last just a few days or years and are still funding them decades later.

To the builders of these things get to charge maintenance fees / extended warranties until the things give up?

Big Tech falls in line with Euro demands to fight bots, deepfakes, disinformation

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Re: Beware dragons

There was no precise registration or counting of numbers, but reports at the time put the numbers at 750 thousand to 1 million. Rather less than "millions"

If you want to call out others for using misleading information, you really do need to ensure your own information is correct ;)

that does kind of illustrate my point about defining facts.

We can dance on the head of the pin around the minutia detail but it is clear that a significant demonstration happened. At the time the government claimed a low number and the protesters a far higher number, footage at the time shows the numbers at the million mark end of the scale, I'd say north of 1 million.

I assume your taking millions to be multiple millions like 2 or more millions, but in this context I think most people would understand that millions means more than 1 million so 1million and 10 people is a valid use case of millions.

we can multiply 1e6 by a value more than 1 but less than 2 and have a multi of 1 million, would that number be a plural of million?

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Re: Beware dragons

-To the best of my knowledge, the EU, while getting very close to doing so, did not actually trigger article 16.

That right there is disinformation.

The European Union did trigger article 16, notices went out, border officials received their instructions and the time it was to be enacted was published.

These things cannot happen instantly, there is always a delay between announcement and enactment.

Yes they decided not to actually enforce their measures but they put in place the mechanisms to do so & would have.

It’s disingenuous to say they didn’t trigger article 16 because they clearly did.

It’s accurate to say they backed out without enacting the measures and notified everyone they where not going through with it anymore.



Id be glad to read proof that they did not trigger article 16 but all the articles, even from the EU, show they pulled the trigger on article 16 then retracted it at the last moment.

Given all the media attention it got it’s interesting that you don’t remember that.

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Beware dragons

but also when we see attacks on democracy more broadly. We now have very significant commitments to reduce the impact of disinformation online

"Disinformation is a form of invasion of our digital space, with tangible impact on our daily lives…Spreading disinformation should not bring a single euro to anyone. To be credible, the new Code of Practice will be backed up by the DSA - including for heavy dissuasive sanctions. Very large platforms that repeatedly break the Code and do not carry out risk mitigation measures properly risk fines of up to 6 [per cent] of their global turnover," he said.

The biggest issue here is who gets to define what is fact and what is not.

A recent EU fake news was when the EU triggered article 16 of the Brexit deal because they thought cv19 vaccines where being sent from Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland.


That turned out to be fake news yet they reacted quickly and unilaterally to enact draconian measure.

Another classic tail would be when Bush decided he wanted to finish the job his daddy started and persuaded Blair that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The UN looked many times and didn’t find any, so the US and UK invaded anyway and still didn’t find any wmd’s even after Sadaam was disposed and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s where killed.

Millions of people marched in London to oppose the invasion yet it still went ahead.

The UK and US governments issued the fake news.


Password recovery from beyond the grave

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Re: Not happened to me, but

Both my parents have I devices, all their passwords are in iCloud. I have a fingerprint or face on their I devices and their PIN numbers somewhere.

I think there is some new apple thing that enables you to grant access to your accounts to a family member once you’ve gone

Samsung accused of cheating on hardware benchmarks ... again

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Re: Got an old HDTV here

Mine was bought 2008 or 2009

previous CRT in 1999

Trinitron WEGA or equivalent?

Some quality crt’s where still valid until demolished by quality fhd sets.

My first Samsung was because my Philips widescreen crt stopped working when I moved home, it was just out of warranty and house insurance replaced it with the sanding r series, I’m sure I paid more in increased premiums than the r series cost.

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Re: Got an old HDTV here

all my HDTV's are still running

2006 Samsung R series lcd 720p

2006 Panasonic vierra 37" plasma 720p

2012 Panasonic viera 50" plasma 1080p

2020 Panasonic Viera 55% oled 4k

2020 LG 40" LED 4k

2022 LG 50" LED 4k

the 2 LG LED's combined cost less than a quarter of each of those Viera's.

That 2006 Vierra is still going strong and shows a great picture. That 2006 Samsung is best for showing cartoons as the picture is great when showing uniform colours.

The LG 4k's compared to the Panasonic OLED show are not as smooth especially when showing sports & yes I've turned off all the gimmicks on both & am seeing similar things when comparing dolby vision on all 3 too, even side by side.

The LG's on their own show a great picture, its just that the OLED is clear and obviously better on a side by side comparison.

funnily enough 2012 plasma 1080p vs 2020 oled 4k vs 2020 lg led 4k watching sports and the plasma shows the most natural picture then the oled.

If you're using older, vulnerable Cisco small biz routers, throw them out

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Re: Specific input

Username:: admin

Password:: nsa-letmein

Cisco execs pledge simpler, more integrated networks

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negligence, Ratner would be proud!!!

So 56% of security issues are because the admins are negligent and not because of other factors like firmware vulnerabilities or obscure services enabled by default with no clear capability to see what is actually enabled or not.

Outsourcers with tower models are also a mess. Some offshore wiz with 2 years experience and some certificates thinks they are the bees knees and has no clue about the basics.

Any any might get the traffic flowing but doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to do, doing that and keeping quiet is one thing but doing that and telling people like it’s something to be proud off is just scary.

Reducing complexity is welcome, I just hope they actually mean it.

Concerns that £360m data platform for NHS England is being set up to fail

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Whilst it would make every sense to get an internal body to the NHS do this, 40 years of the NHS being run by civil servants who couldn't organize their way out of a paper bag begs to disagree with the common sense.





UK government where a pioneer in many initiatives for computing a few of which i have linked to above.

its likely fairer to say that since government computing agenda was decentralised since the mid 90's and more autonomy given to individual departments to negotiate with industry the outcomes have got steadily worse.

look at the number of systems that are still on operation for more than 25 years and contrast with all the IT disasters where new systems have failed to be successfully implemented in the last 25 years. Air traffic control NATS is a good example of a modern replacement system that had a hard time replacing its predecessor that was built to differing standards.

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The NHS should just roll their own, setup their own thing or empower a leading uni to setup a business to provide privacy focussed home grown solutions for their IT needs.

It’s how everyone used to do it, see Lyon’s TEA for an example of how amazing diy systems can be.

Woman accused of killing boyfriend after tracking him down with Apple AirTag

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Apple has reduced the barrier to entry from a not trivial expense and effort, more than most people are willing to expend - certainly difficult enough to not be an impulse-buy opportunity, to a trivial amount of money and effort that a spur of the moment decision can implement in 20 minutes - "hey, I want to track this person, there's an Apple store right there, I can just go in, buy an airtag off the shelf, spend 2 minutes registering it to my Apple account, and dump it in their back seat all for $40 and 20 minutes effort most of which is waiting in line to pay for it".

I think you’ve watched to many Hollywood movies.

I got a Tile tracker in 2018 as a secret Santa present at work.

Cost less than £20.

On the strength of that I bought 4 more.

People put them in their cars etc to use as theft trackers. On their pets, car keys etc.

The advantage of Tile is that we as a family can share the locations of our trackers amongst ourselves so if I take her car keys and loose them at work, I can locate the, from my app, likewise if I take the dog out and he dies a runner.

We have AirTags too and the radar can be useful on later iPhones, but we can’t share locations of our tags on our family so she has a tag on the dog and I can’t use it to locate him when he’s off chasing squirrels, likewise with car keys and everything else.

I also get an annoying message that a tag is following me around despite us all living in the same household so our tags are often within the same meter and have the same locations for years.

Back to this story, she could have tailed him instead of buying an AirTag.

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Re: Ban cars?

Cars have a critical legitimate use - without them the economy would fall apart.

I suspect you're trying that argument as a way to say arguments about gun control are bad, except guns aren't necessary for the USA to operate.

I'm all for gun control, its a fact that more people die by guns in states with lax gun controls than states with more controls.

my point was that the AirTag was not responsible for what ultimately happened, I'm sure if she had a gun she would have used that instead of the car and probably shot the boyfriend and his lady companion too.

the aunt mentioned tracking devices should not be available to the public

In an interview with WNDY-TV in Marion, Indiana, Smith's aunt Reneka Day said, "Those tracking devices should not be used by the public. They should not be available to the public. They should only be used for hospitals and law."

as much as I think its irrational I'd maybe think the same if my loved one was slain like this, but I'd maybe blame the car for the act more than the tracking device, if she was that way of mind then she should not be driving or using a gun or have access to any weapons of any kind. An air tag is not a weapon though and can't be readily used as a weapon.

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If she's convicted

Should be more like when she’s convicted.

I appreciate its America and any excuse could be used to not convict but it should be a certainty she will be convicted even given the few details we have in this story.

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Ban cars?

Another tragic death.

While the tracker is blamed surely the car was the weapon that caused the death so should get more blame?

Ultimately it was the girlfriend who made the decision to attack, first with the bottle in the bar then the car in the street.

Why did she think attacking the boyfriend was an ok thing to do.

She did the detective work, witnessed what she perceived as wrong doing, confronted him and then appears to not have thought the next steps through.

If he had wronged her then ending the relationship would have been the better choice than running him down.

Tweaks to IPv4 could free up 'hundreds of millions of addresses'

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Re: Please don't give the US cable companies more ideas.

Anyone who needed private circuits will know about excess construction charges.

It’s not uncommon to have ecc’s running £20k+.

Back in the early 2000’s 2mb frame relay circuits could cost £3k a month including those ecc’s amortised over 3+ years.

That was just normal.

Civils are civils and need paying for if you need the circuit.

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For your ipv6 router to route ipv4 it’ll be seen as a security risk as it’ll effectively have to either tunnel your ipv4 traffic to some end point you don’t control and NAT it like in cgnat or it’ll have to rewrite the ipv4 packet to be ipv6 and all the checksums and ssl security will be off so to do it properly it’ll effectively be a proxy and able to read all your encrypted coms.

Far easier for VM or any other isp to keep their nose out and just relay the packets as undisturbed as possible.

Police lab wants your happy childhood pictures to train AI to detect child abuse

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Re: The great trust pairing

But this is Australia so that won't be a problem

Are you suggesting all Australians are the same hew?

Starlink's success in Ukraine amplifies interest in anti-satellite weapons

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Re: The internet is two way

Where do you get one of those tungsten things?

All LED’s round these parts.

I still see filament car bulbs but not sure they output the same amount of heat as a star link receiver.

Salesforce staff back an end to its relationship with NRA

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Re: "How do we protect our 2nd amendment & our kids at the same time? "

We have lots of nutcases over here and many other nations but they don’t go around shooting people, largely because guns are not readily available.


Ex-spymaster and fellow Brexiteers' emails leaked by suspected Russian op

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Re: some dodgy plotting

It’s funny how you pose and answer your own question and get the answer wrong!!

The eu employs ~60k people not 35k.


tip pc Silver badge

Re: some dodgy plotting


tip pc Silver badge

Re: some dodgy plotting

The argument really was over whether they should be made by barely-democratically elected "representatives" in the UK parliament, or the slightly-more democratically proportionally elected European parliament, with the added benefit of all the countries involved following roughly the same rules,

The European Parliament is toothless, it’s just for show and pays lipservice to EU democracy.

The European Commission has the power and is headed, currently, by Ursula von der Leyen. No EU citizen voted for Ursula von der Leyen.

President of the European Commission is chosen by the EU council who are the leaders of the governments of the nations that are members of the EU.

EU citizens vote for EU parliament members.


In truth, a politician in Brussels is exactly like a politician in Westminster, except probably slightly more connected to reality, not having been raised via Eton and the Bullingdon Club.

When the UK last voted for EU parliamentarians in 2019 the single party with the most seats, 29 of the 73, was the newly formed Brexit party


Are you supporting Farage now?

When management went nuclear on an innocent software engineer

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Re: nice story


Broadcom to 'focus on rapid transition to subscriptions' for VMware

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Market churn

Thanks VMware for all the virtualisation innovations

Time for the new innovators to make their mark.

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Re: Hock Tan doesn’t really know anything about software

Given Broadcom profits continue to rise I don’t see how his strategy is insane.

I agree it’s not good for the long term

UK opens national security probe into 2021 sale of local wafer fab to Chinese company

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Trains, water, sewage and airports should have a majority domestic owner too.

Broadcom buying VMware could create an edge infrastructure and IoT empire

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Wishful thinking

Lots of wishful thinking in this article.

If car companies release cars with the idea of upgrading software later that will be hugely bad for us consumers.

One of the most impressive things in automotive technology is reliability of older quality vehicles. That reliability is testament to the rigorous testing that went on when the systems where originally implemented.

Look at how many over the air updates Tesla has had to release. Their systems where clearly shipped with less rigours testing and quality necessitating updates.

My 2011 car gets updates every now and then as components are common across still in production models or there is some issue that needs rectifying (emissions) Tesla has similar but much more frequent updates.

Car manufacturers also don’t like customers updating older vehicles to newer specs.

Mercedes models typically last 7 to 9 years with a refresh or 3 in between, the underlying systems will largely be the same, refresh models may introduce different tech but software locking a vehicle to its build spec ensures upgrades are either impossible or costly. Want to upgrade that infotainment to “command” then you’ll find a need to replace more than just the head unit plus code the car to the new components. If successful the new system may stop working at any point and those components needing re codeing to the car.

A simple case was a battery on a mini clubman, the manual stated a new battery would not work properly unless it was coded to the car by bmw.

My point is that the automotive industry already has a mature eco system using lots of FOSS that is stitched together using propriety software that effectively checks entitlement etc.

Automotive computing is a mature environment across all major players and uses stable solutions.

I’m not sure VMware branded hypervisers is needed in this market to sell Broadcom chips. The existing hypervisor solutions would save them $60bn+ They could use to actually buy share.

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Re: Dell up to their old tricks

Dell ditched VMware last year.

VMware owns VMware now.

Michael Dell, the person, still owns a load of VMware stock.

I agree Broadcom will suffocate VMware.

What if they do a McDonnell Douglas / Boing type merger? That could be good for all assimilated by Broadcom.

DuckDuckGo tries to explain why its browsers won't block some Microsoft web trackers

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You can’t trust DuckDuckGo

there are some trackers (scripts used for tracking) that DuckDuckGo's browsers do not block due to contractual commitments with Microsoft.

That should be a pop up every time a page invokes a script DuckDuckGo won’t block.

Clearview AI wants its facial-recognition tech in banks, schools, etc

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These guys need to be stopped

Clearview promised to stop giving or selling access to its database system to most private companies and organizations across the US. Public agencies and law enforcement, however, can still use its large database. Private sector businesses, instead, can only use data they provide to the company's facial-recognition software; ie, they have to provide their own database of photos. Clearview is also not allowed to use that data to add to its database.

I don’t believe a word of that.

I hate censorship but these guys are building systems to censor ordinary citizens without citizens being able to challenge them.

Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images

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Re: Please fine them until the pips squeak.

Once they’ve passed the image through their ai to train it they likely don’t need it again.

The real issue is that they trained their ai using your images, they would have to untrain their ai using the same image which is likely impossible.

The only way to make this work will be to delete the trained ai and delete the wrongfully gained images then start the ai training process all over again.

That will set them back years.

Voyager 1 space probe producing ‘anomalous telemetry data’

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Re: 41 hours of latency sounds bad...

Re latency

Sounds like any machine with Mcafee on it.

NASA's InSight doomed as Mars dust coats solar panels

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Re: Insight?

F1 cameras have a film that rotates, f1 drivers have tear off strips on their visors.

I'd have built a mechanism to rotate a clear film over the panels. Perhaps only a small portion of the panels needs protecting so that some reserve power is maintained in old age?


Elon Musk says Twitter buy 'cannot move forward' until spam stats spat settled

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Less than 5%!!

I read somewhere that twitter based their analysis on a sample of 100 accounts.

Where they carefully selected accounts or some sort of random sample?

I’d expect their sample to be 100k or 1m not 100.

Would be hilarious if he pulled out and didn’t have to pay that $1b, he’d normally be out of pocket after selling those Tesla shares but given how things are going he’ll likely be quids in.

Europe proposes tackling child abuse by killing privacy, strong encryption

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Re: how can they do their job?

how did the police do these things before the internet?

those same techniques should be used again now.



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