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You thought you bought software – all you bought was a lie



5 flippin file cabinets full of papers, that I had to track. "Why!", I asked my coworker, to which he replied, "Sick of losing info due to "new" applications."

That was about 1990.

Today, this very day, a coworker complaining about having to scour the company's multitudes of sites and pcs to find any trace of work done on a project 10 years back.

SW is an endless series of disposable trash, well, most of it.

CEO told to die in a car crash after firing engineers who had two full-time jobs


Re: Judge on results, not appearances

Not okay: "Frequently late or absent from meetings"

Furthermore, quite a few weasels are offshoring their "second" job - low quality work, which is enough to fire them.

UK signs deal to share police biometric database with US border guards


who's killing who

The focus is external because internal gun violence is a protected right, by the 300.000 or so members of Gun Owners Of America, who've usurped NRA for pretense of posing as a large number protesting gun regulation.

Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash


Well past time to ditch the fallacy that we need 2 tons of steel to move a 150lb adult.


Back-to-office mandates won't work, says Salesforce's Benioff


Re: Not as much a coward, but...

Clearly your company has no concept of deliverables from staff, and tracking those.


"You get, what you allow"

Which is very fundamental to businesses' policies thrashing their workforce.

Peak age for an engineer in Silicon Valley is 30 years old. That's just about the time someone recognizes the company standard for every project is "crisis" and requires constant extreme overtime, and they've been duped for years to give up having any personal life. Got a problem with that? Here's your pink slip and directions to the unemployment line.

Business is now enslaved to the delusional concept of ever more production by ever fewer at ever cheaper wages for perpetual rate of profit growth. Hence our perpetual "labor shortage" to justify migrant influx to fuel the decline of Living Wage. "But, but, but you're picking on migrants when it's corporate greed!" Yes, it is corporate greed. How does feeding the omnivorous fix anything?

As globalism goes into meltdown, this bizarre hope that the major breaks in ecology, economies, etc. is such a loud signal to change directions, that surely they will - but there is no sign of that. The politicians are beholden to this year's addition of zeros to the billionaires' net worth. And given their freeskate on taxes and their transfer of other business expenses onto the public dime, they've just about no "net" to their worth.

HCL accused of wage theft, underpaying H-1B workers by at least $95m a year


Re: To fix this...

A money printing machine for most businesses that are using foreign labor. Between the non-competitive wages, and the out and out wage theft, the immobility or limited of the worker, and the widespread use of foreign workers on these terms, the employment market is widely damaged for most workers.


short on job knowledge

If you work at an immigration law firm, shame on you for your lack of knowledge on this topic.

- On the very paperwork for an H1 is employer attesting that they tried to recruit US workers.

- There is no limit on the number of H1-B visas, due to exemptions for hires in Medicine, Gov, Ed and Research. And transfers. And anyone with a green card application pending.

- Employment based green cards are a fixed number per year, and a fixed number per nationality of the applicant. There is a significant backlog for those from India (though many of them have their names in multiple queues - employment, family, etc.) and a smaller backlog for those from China. And that is due to both's racist use of H1 for hiring only compatriots.

- The legal requirement to pay prevailing wage is irrelevant, a) as what is "prevailing" in the nation is not what's prevailing wage in major metros NYC, SF, Boston, Austin, Atlanta, etc. and b) they aren't here for work and money, they're here for a shot at a green card and won't be ringing DOL when they're ripped off.

The only stop to this extensive fraud is: H1, 1 year, no renewals, no transition to green card queue, and pay is made to gov, who issues pay to the H1. Truly "temporary", truly "expert". No *good* reason for letting industry have control over US' immigration.

IKEA: Cameras were hidden in the ceiling above warehouse toilets for 'health and safety'


Re: Disgusting!!

Clearly some fundamental comprehension defect, when cameras in the toilets come from "We need to get to the bottom(s) of this."


Re: Excuses, excuses

At the very least, any/all who approved putting them in, should be fired.

There's something fundamentally wrong with that company's psychology. Obvious to the public with their maze entrapment configuration.

You're not imagining it. Amazon and AWS want to hire all your friends, enemies, and everyone in between


"Anyone who says STEM jobs are a guarantee of a better life are"

- universities, which are now global diploma mills, selling seats to the highest bidders

- industries promoting a worker supply glut, for ever cheaper ever more malleable workers


Re: Space Rockets don't grow on trees

Two of a kind.

Most of US' drug addicts started with illicit pharmaceutical companies selling highly addictive opioids to bilk the public, a gift from our non-functioning FDA.

Bezo, using his ill gotten gains from massive tax avoidance schemes funneled through politicians, bilked free ride from the public and competitors, then gets more money to use the fed trained rocket scientists and engineers for a massive ego joy ride. Who also maims, bullies and kills for a living (yes, some of Amazon's employees die from their unsafe jobs, yes they have higher rates of employee injuries in their ware houses, yes they are bullied (can't use the toilet during working hours), etc.).


Re: I always find..

"always been vaguely ashamed to discuss it"


This question right here made you unsuitable "none of this focus on delighting the customer actually shows up in their behaviours in the Amazon shop"

With no stardust in your eyes, over having "Amazon" on your resume, you were bounced for calling them out on their ethics. And therefore, you'd be a "problem", "not a good fit", for the "team".

Is that a team you think would be a good fit, for you?

Scrape your shoe off, and count yourself lucky.


Re: "You don't get through the process of hiring unless you're really, really good"

Advised many, many coworkers: A company will never treat you any better than during your interview.


"that your boss uses to go to space to"

- find the ultimate tax haven

- workers exempt from all human necessities and labor law

- look down on everyone.


Re: "talent Hoover."

Because of neoliberal globalizing: endless supply. Particularly when a job offer in the west is the potential for a green card.

Record profit Tech, paying "contractors", doing the same work as employees, less than $15 an hour. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/apr/02/google-workers-sign-letter-temp-contractors-protest

Miscategorizing employees as contractors is illegal in the US, and Department of Labor is not prosecuting companies for doing so.


crap coding

Hiring needs high, for good reason. They write crap code.

I was trying to buy something from someone's web site and it wasn't working. I emailed them, they said they were working with Amazon to resolve it. I debugged it, purchased the item, and the business owner gave it to me for free, for doing so.

Shame on Amazon.

It had to happen: Microsoft's cloudy Windows 365 desktops are due to land next month


Reminds me of the pitch for PCs originally.

"Faster, and you don't need to share the CPU!".

My boss bit on it, CPU speed didn't make up for slow disk access.


Well, no, not when the plethora of PCs needed individual attention, in bugs, network connections and upgrades.

"Compatible with the VAX compiler!"

No. The PC compiled code ran on a VAX, but VAX code didn't compile on PC's, a simplistic subset of VAX's.

The above was not even in the fine print.

And worse in the case of cloud: all business content is handed over to Microsoft. Businesses using Amazon have had their lunches eaten by Amazon, and I expect no different from Microsoft.


Re: Thin Client

Close. Dumb terminal with a bill to get at your own content.

Clearly not happy with their income from chronic upgrade treadmill, they want to be on your household's weekly expenditures and sell all of your data.

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far


"I really don't understand why Microsoft just cannot get their act together in this regard."

As near as I can tell, they have two problems.

- Constant reorg of the UI to generate sales. "New", sells upgrades, training, etc.

- Constant restaffing with new grads. Microsoft was a pioneer in offloading their highly skilled for the deferential ultra-cheap foreign visa'd new grad.

Decades back, they had some remarkable sharp cookies - and apparently Microsoft resented their demand for better pay.

Indonesia imposes 10% digital services tax


First off, it's not going to "hurt" Google, Amazon or Apple.

And specifically Amazon, their busiiness model from the start has been to "dump", sell below cost, to wipe out competitors, which is illegal, and has been subsidized, by tax exemptions (city/state property, city/state sales taxes), and public welfare subsidized non-living wage ware house employment. So, they balloon, and monopolize, at public expense.

Amazon closing, would be beneficial to the public.

Fed up with Facebook data slurping? Firefox has a cunning plan


Re: @AC While Facebook Container may help a bit, it has limitations.

"2012 Zuck shares w Obama for free"

NYTimes says O campaign ASKED FB users for their permission.

The best outsourcers fire themselves


"The indians ive worked in the states are broasly ok."

- "Hang my coat on the back of my chair so my boss thinks I'm in."

- Stolen equip., found for sale on eBay.

- Stolen equip., to furnish her husband's startup.

- Manager told "in the other facility", MIA for the summer when parents flew in to visit.

- (prolific) 1 month off a year, off the books, for vacation "home".

- Deliberate bug creation, for easy days when assigned the bug.

- US wages and benefits, when employee was not even in the US.

- Remote login to spouse's company, to cut and paste code.

And that's just over the course of two years.

Huawei wins patent injunction against Samsung in China


They're playing the same game the West inflicted on them. Patenting is an idea whose time has come and gone.


Re: China stole enough IP to rise to the top

Not even close.

The most hypocritical thing a nation can do is claim to be democracy (while clearly having no effective representation in governance) and claim to be "spreading democracy and human rights" while dismantling it far and wide by attacking democracies and dismembering them.


Re: Knock me over with a feather

A significant set of patents joint owned by Google/Microsoft/Apple where bought, long after they built products using and selling the tech with no payment to the patents' owners/inventors, following their abbreviated ethics, "Do unto others.", also known as Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

How do you make those darn code monkeys do what you want? Just give 'em a little nudge


Re: Never do this

Resilience only needs mention if they've hired 100% minimally experienced, and have no code reviews. This speaks to their bad hiring practices and lack of quality oversight in their development process.


Re: Nudge + Dev Ops = The Bleedin' Obvious + Buzzword Bullshit (apparently)

"It's the "engineer" and "tech lead" bit that's puzzling."

One insane company/department I worked for declared one of their two interns "tech lead", and left it in that state after hiring a bank of experienced engineers, to work for this lead. The task, WAY out of his depth.


Re: Beware of the leopard

Just what I told my local recycle initiative leader, make it easy to do what you want people to do.


Re: Another DevOps article

Management manufactures business buzzwords EXPERIENCED tech professionals knew years ago. Then business spins certification factories around them. You too can be a Scrum Master! Project Manager! etc. etc. And then the truly clueless hire the latest fade certified.

"I don't know what a Data Analyst is, but I'm sure we need one!"


Re: I stopped reading the moment I reached the D word

"Free lunch!"

"Game room!"

"Pizza Fridays!"

"Onsite haircuts!"


All to attract youth, who don't know this means they're making minor concessions to accommodate keeping people there night and day.

The article is attempting to fix one of the inherent flaws in their youth only hiring, their subservience to their learning curve. They don't have space to innovate, when they're on slow path discovering basics of collaboration, robust design, etc. And, nobody makes good decisions when overtired, particularly chronically overtired.

Nest reveals the first truly connected home


"Early adopters", aka road kill on the high tech high way.

Quite literally, in Tempe, AZ this week.

Facebook confirms Cambridge Analytica harvested profile data


Re: Complaint

Facebook's issue is that they require payment for the data, and Cambridge Analytica got it from an intermediate. Facebook's business model is selling access to its users, and their data.

Trump’s immigration policies costing US tech jobs says LogMeIn CEO


Re: Impose additional tariffs

It needs to be SEVERELY restricted. "temporary", no more than 1 year. "prevailing wage rate" should be top of the local wage rate, being as their claiming they can't find local skill. NO GOOD REASON for long term leash but indenture.

Percentage of green cards should be independently verified ACTUAL shortage and lottery for those who have that - cut the employer indenture, they can compete on labor free market.


"Let me operate corruptly or I'll offshore" is hardly motive to accommodate.


"Lowest unemployment " because Washington's redefined "unemployed". Quite noticeable by the time Obama was using it, and still continuing under Trump: only those 26 to 55 years old, and only those who've looked for work in the past 4 weeks.

There is no good reason ANY US tech person should be out of work, but for the UN initiative to provide "foreign aid", by giving third world western jobs, in the west, for work and remittances, and for offshoring to third world. https://www.epi.org/blog/the-un-global-compact-and-labor-migration-what-can-we-expect/


And yet, it persists. Posted today: "AK: Got approval(Visa Filed via sponsoring employer) and looking for jobs on contract.But its getting difficult for the job hunt"

Should not have a visa if no job.


Nor is the US here to pander to the world's needs.

Patent quality has fallen, confirm Euro examiners


Re: How the EU will deal with this...

which is illegal.

by which - international - law exaclty?

That is the game, isn't it. Microsoft claiming US law doesn't apply to data they store offshore.

The only nation a multinational corporation belongs to is whichever one doesn't have a law against what they're trying to escape in the moment.


Not surprised. Many create patents for: company bonus for doing so, and for resume fodder (golly, gee! must be a brain storm if they have a patent! Not.) Coworker ginned up $100K of income on bogus patents, to buy his first house.

Uncle Sam slams plans to give govts final say over domain privacy


I can't think of any ethical reason identity for this should be hidden.

The Great China Tech Panic is just posh xenophobia


Fear? Stupidity. Tech sent their money and IP there, with the moronic expectation it was going to be "protected". West sent investment there, with some bizarre notion they'd get the upper hand on Chinese market. Stupidity. Trump more honest about, This Isn't Working, the last thing the neoliberalists are going to admit to, having gutted the West's middle class, to pave the way there.

After repeated warnings Facebook bans Britain First for 'inciting hatred'


The more governance ignores public rejection of neoliberalism, the more contention builds. And it's not accidental, https://www.epi.org/blog/the-un-global-compact-and-labor-migration-what-can-we-expect/

Elon Musk invents bus stop, waits for applause, internet LOLs


SkyTran. I asked them to draw up more on how much they save. A fraction of the cost, of existing public transports.


Both seem to be designed for peak inefficiency.


Traffic jam equals traffic jam equals traffic jam. Whether parked in your own car, on a bus, or in a taxi. This mode of transport needs to be flushed out of existence.


They're trying desperately to keep "car" in play.

It all (buses/cars/trains) should've been replaced with @SkyTran. But there's a whole lot of industry money invested in vehicle usage: paving, auto maintenance, auto insurance, parking, gas, oil, etc., etc., that's blocking MOVE ON. It's a means of being on near every household's payroll: car payments, insurance, gas, etc.

Yahoo! Can't! Toss! Hacking! Lawsuit!


Re: Security?

They were a web directory, long ago. But web content blew up and was replaced by search utilities. I'm sure Google will die, as web continues to balloon and search returns more and more insignificant results.

Microsoft's Teams lights solitary candle, hipsters don't notice


Re: always odd on an IT page

"It's always amusing to see " incompetent UI engineering blaming users, as though users were not who they wrote it for.

Build from the user inward, not the tech outward.


Re: Microsoft has no clue about messaging

They shouldn't have "fixed" Skype, when they bought it. PO'ed when they deprecated existing logins, for force hotmail/outlook down everyone's throats.