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London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt


It will now be interesting to see if car drivers are treated the same as bikers

About 3-4 years ago now two guys were clocked riding their motorcycles at 150 and 155mph respectively (zx-12r and zx-7r kawasakis). They went to prison. Now while I don't wish prison on anyone I hope that driving a car, something with 10+ times the inertia so hence destructive power, something no where near as capable of handling the speed (compared to the bikes), and something that will take far longer to stop receives a penalty that keeps this in balance.

Personally I don't think he should get anything worse than a ban. But that said I don't believe speed kills. In fact I know it doesn't... You can travel at any speed you like safely. The only thing that hurts is sudden acceleration.


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