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The Register just found 300-odd Itanium CPUs on eBay


Re: Abandonware

I score an HP Superdome 2 (16 Socket Quad Core, 256Gb RAM) and a few IOX enclosures for £500 on eBay last year :) keep your eyes out. Can't be many people with one of those by the telly :)

‘Staggering’ cost of vintage Sun workstations sees OpenSolaris-fork Illumos drop SPARC support


I've got 3 SPARC machines (v880, M4000, v240) and all 3 together cost me less than £600 second hand complete and working

The end really is nigh – for 32-bit Windows 10 on new PCs


Re: Year

I'll never look at an Eccles cake the same again after that comment. Thanks

Web pages a little too style over substance? Behold the Windows 98 CSS file


Bring back win98 UI

IMHO the windows 98 was the most clear and easy to understand MS UI apart from maybe windows 2000 (I don't remember there being a massive difference)

Ever wonder how hackers could possibly pwn power plants? Here are 54 Siemens bugs that could explain things


Re: Production control systems were built before the internet

The magic 2 wire serial cable trick here - only connect GND and TX on the secure system and GND and RX on AS400 side....

Brit couch potatoes increasingly switching off telly boxes in favour of YouTube and Netflix


Re: I have switched completely and so do I still need a TV license ?

I Filled in the online form stating that I don't need a TV licence, got a single letter confirming it (containing a few threats of visits etc) and nothing since. They are actually welcome to visit if they want... I don't think they would know what to make of several racks of test equipment, various computers/servers and a 1950's Black and White telly.....

Openreach hands out £14m to compensate for broadband outages. Not to you, silly, to your ISP!


Re: "Not to you, silly, to your ISP!"

If you get a corroded joint then you loose the DC wetting current and therefor the voice side of he system fails, but the higher frequencies used by ADSL can still pass by capacitive coupling over the break (with greater attenuation, hence the speed drop)

Openreach needs to snap that BT umbilical cord, warns Ofcom


Gigaclear are currently have subcontractors trashing my street installing FTTP, and I live in a village in gloucestershire....They are offering up to 900Mb/s but I'm struggling to work out why I would want it...I don't watch HD video or play games...Does (up to) £75/Month for loading the reg a fraction quicker seem like a good idea? My ADSL is perfectly adequate over crappy old copper

Wanted: Big iron geeks to help restore IBM 360 mainframe rescued from defunct German factory by other big iron geeks


Same here...

Good effort chaps! The same happened to me and now I have a HP Superdome 2 sat in my living room! no idea why I need 16 quad core Itanics but never mind...Will keep the house warm if nothing else :)

Brit semiconductor tech ended up in Chinese naval railgun – report


Thyratron tubes (and Triggered spark gaps) are still used at the absolute extreme of speed and power, in fact if there has been power semiconductors that rival them I would be interested to hear about them!


Whats wrong with Thyratrons? They have been able to switch many Megawatts (and probably GW) for years