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Egad! Could Samsung be cheating in Galaxy benchmark tests?

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I could agree more

Sony demos monster 3D TV

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nobody wants 3d tv if you have to wear glasses.

Microsoft plays ads-funded Office 2010 Starter gambit

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What is everyone's problem with the ribbon

we're all fairly tech-savvy right? that's why we're readers of Reg yeah? the ribbon on office really isn't difficult to fathom. every time office is mentioned it's always "oh i can't get used to the ribbon" "it's not intuitive" "i prefer 2003" and a million variations thereof.

i'm certainly not some kind of genius, but when the ribbon was introduced in 2007 i got used to it almost immediately. sure, every now and then it took me half a minute to find out where the occasional special function was such as finding document properties or recording a macro, but the fact that i no longer have to put up with toolbars taking up a load of the screen (once the ribbon is minimised) is a breath of fresh air.

oh it also seems to run way faster on my XP laptop than office 2003 and certainly faster than the clunky free alternative that is OOo (although i still use OOo for creating pdf forms)

Ten of the Best... laptop stands

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you forgot this stand:


the best laptop stand money can buy

Google releases open source browser

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the source

is here


Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

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download at http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox/

now you love me :B

Siphoning MySpace tunes using Safari

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the problem is...

... it only downloads the mp3s at 96kbps 22khz, so although slightly useful, isn't amazing.


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