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Help! I bought a domain and ended up with a stranger's PayPal! And I can't give it back

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Re: Or

In German law there is the concept of "Geschäftsführung ohne Auftrag", basically means entering into a contract on someone else behalf without them agreeing to it before hand, done in the interest of the person or entity. Typical examples would be having someone's car towed from a flooding area or rendering hospital care to an unconscious person. I guess this would qualify too?

Well, well, well. Fancy that. UK.gov shelves planned pr0n block

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Re: Cummings

Oh no you didn't!

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Re: Thank goodness this was announced

It's spelled conslutant.

The mod firing squad: Stack Exchange embroiled in 'he said, she said, they said' row

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Re: Madness

Udderly ridiculous.

It will never be safe to turn off your computer: Prankster harnesses the power of Windows 95 to torment fellow students

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Re: Logout hacks

That may be an early version of the crypto trojans that are all the rage now.

My MacBook Woe: I got up close and personal with city's snatch'n'dash crooks (aka some bastard stole my laptop)

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I'm thinking of getting an internal 4G modem, that also has the benefit that it would be possible to track the device after some fashion for as long as it's turned on. Somewhat counter-intuitively I remove the PIN from the SIM cards I use in a phone so I can track them if stolen or lost. I wonder though if this requires to establish a connection for the card to be traceable.

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Re: Coffee shops?

Lloyd's of London started out as Lloyd's Coffee House.

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Re: I doubt it will ever connect again

The labour of extracting the few re-usable parts alone and the difficulty (as stated on iFixit) doesn't make this sound particularly profitable either. Then again Freakonomics made mention of crack dealers making less than minimum wage (tax free though!).

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Re: Serves you right for being a hipster

To make it portable: Kensington or something similar on one side, handcuff on the other ;) Bonus points for taking it to the toilet with you.

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Re: "Macs don't have a socket for a Kensington lock."

Or just put a heavy chain across it?

Microsoft: You don't want to use Edge? Are you sure? Really sure?

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Re: Block IE and Edge

You'll have to reboot (or kexec) to use the new kernel though. The Windows reboots are especially annoying on a dual boot system since you always have to be around to select Windows from the boot screen - at least they don't overwrite your boot loader anymore.

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms

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How many people demanding this change fit the same criteria?

No, eight characters, some capital letters and numbers is not a good password policy

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30 days seems pretty excessive, I believe this probably encourages bad passwords (for example just incrementing an integer). Another consideration, perhaps it's better to get fired insisting people stick to good password practice than to be an employee of a company that has a gigantic data breach due to incompetence - because this will be seen as reflecting poorly on the people in IT, not only executive who might be at fault. I would at least keep evidence of that.

Surprise! VAT, customs likely to get a bit trickier in a Brexit no-deal world

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Re: "There will be very little to smile about...time if the [redacted] in Brussels has its way."

Isn't this a pretty severe indictment of democracy itself, blaming the results of a vote solely on successful campaigning? It always comes across as somewhat elitist - anyone who doesn't share my opinion was obviously manipulated.

Muslim American woman sues US border cops: Gimme back my seized iPhone's data!

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Re: When Booking-Travel now the first thing I usually do is:

So basically, you behave like a criminal would to circumvent CBP violating your rights? That's bizarre.

Google bod wants cookies to crumble and be remade into something more secure

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Re: Zero understanding of cookies

What happens on the server entirely depends on the application, whereas it's more likely that a cookie is stored on the client, even though the client can of course refuse to store the cookie or simply not send it back.

Stress, bad workplace cultures are still driving security folk to drink

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Re: Swings and roundabouts

Maybe you misunderstood the meaning of "alcohol addiction project" ;)

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I've seen it in a few startups and "young" companies in Germany. It usually has the effect that people stay at the office and often continue working instead of heading home or to the pub.

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Re: IT is not a healthy profession

Great comment. I would add that often times there is a lack of challenging problems or rather you can't really work on challenging things because all you do is firefighting. Stress without being challenged and without a sense of progression is really unhealthy.

Intel: Yeah, yeah, 10nm. It's on the todo list. Now, let's talk about AI...

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It's always NUMA, I believe you can get it to emulate a non-NUMA system which will cause it to perform somewhat worse. Anything that accesses RAM not local to the die you're accessing will have to through infinity fabric which is constrained through bandwidth and latency (max PCIe 3.0 x16 speed). The same goes for peripherals like GPU or NIC.

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Of course this is somewhat of a problem with AMD CPUs since you only get up to 8 cores per die. This means even a single socket system will behave as 4 NUMA nodes, which makes the amount of PCIe Lanes and Memory channels completely unremarkable. It's the same trick they used with Opterons back in the day (in addition with 2 integer cores sharing an FPU).

If AMD manages to squeeze more CPUs into a die that's when Intel really is in trouble.

Revealed: El Reg blew lid off Meltdown CPU bug before Intel told US govt – and how bitter tech rivals teamed up

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Is anyone suing over the competitive advantage those companies gained by having months to roll out patches?

Careful with the 'virtual hugs' says new FreeBSD Code of Conduct

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Apart from the overly specific prohibitions (virtual hugs? Do people not realize how ridiculous that sounds) the worst thing is removing the part about not taking offense where non was intended. Also, designating certain groups as "victims of systemic oppression" - as if free software development was ever a tool of said oppression, gives some people carte blanche to attack people who don't belong to those groups. This has already happened.