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Samsung left off Google's new official Androids-for-biz list


Huawei is worrisome for security?

I'm guessing that the US is saying it's worrisome because it's mainly a Chinese founded company and phone. The problem is though, if China really wanted to breach security in the US they wouldn't have to use a Chinese founded company. China makes all the phones you see whether it's an iPhone, Samsung, One plus, or even Nokia. So if China wanted to get some data they can just put it in the software or in the phones motherboards or whatnot in every phone they make. No one would notice and not only would it be able to go past most security in the US, but pretty much every other country that has access to these phone companies. I don't see what the US is worried about, again, if China wanted to, the US would be fucked inside out without lifting a finger.

No, Samsung, you really do owe Apple $120m for patent infringement


Ridiculous much?

Is apple that desperate for money that they sue for *ROUNDED CORNERS*!?? SERIOUSLY, ROUNDED FUCKING CORNERS. Talk about retarded.


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