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Spy agency GCHQ told me Gmail's more secure than Microsoft 365, insists British MP as facepalming security bods tell him to zip it


These clowns run our country ??

John Cleese ‘has a bridge to sell you’, suggests $69,346,250.50 price to top Beeple's virtual art record


Re: Agreed

No doubt in your mind all of the economic damage is down to Brexit and not Covid,,FFS grow up !


Just love it, the losers are still biting, get over it idiot !

MPs slam UK's £22bn Test and Trace programme for failing to provide evidence that it slows COVID pandemic


and well I never, nobody will be held to account,, again.

Atos handed £1.5bn to run IT for UK government-founded pension trust Nest


Re: What the actual????

You beat me to it, why do they keep bloody outsourcing everything !

Huawei's new Mate X2 foldable phone costs almost $2,800


Re: Nothing

More Chinese rubbish, Get a computer if you need a computer and get a phone if you need a phone and save a grand instantly !,, Simple

Laptops given to British schools came preloaded with remote-access worm


and I got a load of down votes for asking why the hell we let a "red" Chinese company into our networks ! Well done Boris !

Former NCSC chief says US sanctions made Britain strip Huawei from mobe networks


Why over the years governments felt it safe to let a "red" commy country into our networks amazes me, the same with our nuclear power, and before anyone says funding we have just "found" billions for covid !

Vatican absolved of one financial sin after revelation of data discrepancies


Re: Unproven Sin and undeclared Finances

and at times like these would be perfect for all religions to prove what they preach and give some of their vast wealth to help, but no, asking for even more should open the "flocks" eyes but we all know better than that !

Dems to ISPs: You're not gonna hike broadband prices, slap restrictions on folks in a pandemic, are you?


It's a shame Virginmedia don't take note here in the UK, I have just been informed of a £9.50 increase, every year I battle to regulate the price and every couple of months another increase !

Leave.EU takes back control – and shifts its domain name to be inside the European Union


Re: So Leave have left?

Why ?

Exonerated: First subpostmasters cleared of criminal convictions in Post Office Horizon scandal


Re: A priest...

A bit like May, seems the evil hide behind the cloth.


You will be pleased to know that she has now been sacked from the NHS trust, just need the jail time now, horrible looking woman, looks the part !

Apple appears to be charging Brits £309 to replace AirPods Max batteries, while Americans need only stump up $79


Serves them right for paying in the first place for the over priced junk.

Japan pours millions into AI-powered dating to get its people making babies again


Re: Sexless

And, intelligently, women apparently aren't saying "I'll just be a single mom" and then have a kid anyway. After all, kids need TWO parents, not a single mom + [government] day care. Intelligent women know this, instinctively.

Such a shame the youngsters don't feel the same way in the UK !


I'm sure I could help them out there, rent a nob could be my new company,,, just a thought.

Huawei bid to move chip production in-house so it can survive US sanctions will start with a 45nm process – report


They won't be able to get the trust back, and rightly so !

Apple on the hook for another $503m in decade-long VirnetX patent rip-off legal marathon


Tarred with the same brush as MS !

Marriott fined £0.05 for each of the 339 million hotel guests whose data crooks were stealing for four years


Re: COVID discount?

Chinese ay :)

You might want to look Huawei now: Smartphone market returns to growth as Chinese giant's shipments plunge


Re: Survival is the goal

Idiot !


All good stuff, payback for the Chinese Bug ! Not even a sorry was muttered !

Touchscreen holdout? This F(x)tec Pro1 X phone with sliding QWERTY keyboard might push your buttons


Why do these manufacturers keep pumping out huge 6 inch screened devices, 5 inches is plenty big enough ?

Dulux feel lucky, punk? Samsung wades into paint world with interior emulsions designed to 'complement' your, er, TV


Well, I hope their paint is better than the "top of the range" paint I had applied to the external walls of my house 3 years ago as it's peeling off already, same over the road and I reckon it's all down to water based or something like that. The paint that was up before lasted 10 years+.

Apple seeks damages from recycling firm that didn't damage its devices: 100,000 iThings 'resold' rather than broken up as expected


What do you expect from such a cr** company ?

Thunderbird implements PGP crypto feature requested 21 years ago


What a shame,, "send" was dead handy, anyone know of a similar programme ?

Video encoders using Huawei chips have backdoors and bad bugs – and Chinese giant says it's not to blame

Black Helicopters

You can hear the silence from all the peeps from just the other week applauding Huawei saying that all the security worries were pointless !

Unexpected victory in bagging area: Apple must pay shop workers for time they spend waiting to get frisked


Like I have said before, what a horrible ******g company, I would sooner be homeless than work for them !

Irony, thy name is SANS: 28k records nicked from infosec training org after staffer's email account phished


What a waste of money then, one course of 4 days picked at random 7085.00EUR !!

Chinese ambassador to UK threatens to withdraw Huawei, £3bn investment if comms giant banned from building 5G


Good, the sooner we get rid of all the Chinese rubbish the better. Why did our politicians get us into such a reliant state to China in the first place !

Social media giants move to defy Hong Kong's new national security law


Re: @LucreLout - The equation to be evaluated ...

Because peeps just tend to vanish as opposed to imprisonment ?

Police and NHS urge British public not to call 101 and 111 non-emergency numbers after behind-the-scenes kit failure


They took over four months to cancel my account, kept attempting to bill me ridiculous amounts of money, didn't want the brand new router back and was told to just dump it!

UK govt publishes contracts granting Amazon, Microsoft, Google and AI firms access to COVID-19 health data


They just couldn't stop themselves could they,,,

House of Commons agrees to allow Zoom app in Parliament, British MPs will still have to dress smartly


That will pi** them off having to work for 6 hours a week now !

From Brit telly presenter Eamonn Holmes to burning 5G towers in the Netherlands: Stupid week turns into stupid fortnight for radio standard


He should have been put out to grass a long time ago, complete and utter waste of space!

Not a Genius move after all: Apple must cough up $$$ in back pay for store staff forced to wait for bag searches


What a horrible f***ing company, i would sooner be homeless than work for that sort of sh** !

AT&T subscribers back in court to crack open telco giant's $60m FTC settlement over limited 'unlimited data' plans



fleeced its customers to enrich its executives and its investors.”

Just about sums most company’s up !

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moves to shut Parliament


Re: So, to sum up. . .

At least (at last) we have someone with the bo**ocks to push through what the majority voted for, good on him, go for it Boris !! We shall all be able to move on with our lives soon.

Alexa, can you tell me how many Chinese kids were forced into working nights to build this unit?


Re: Amazon Response

Bearing in mind also that a couple of years ago workers at Foxconn were committing suicide jumping out of the windows because of working conditions.

Boeing's 737 Max woes trigger BEEELLIONS in losses – and that's just for the latest quarter


Re: Such a shame !!!

I heard they run windows 10,,,,,

Enjoying that 25Mbps internet speed, America? Oh, it's just 6Mbps? And you're unhappy? Can't imagine why


My nephew in France has just had an "upgrade" to a 5 meg line and he pays the same as me (£40 per month), mine is 100 meg.

Uh-oh .io: Question mark hangs over trendy tech startup domains as UN condemns British empire hangover


Re: Shameful Indeed

Do we get our £3.5m back then ?

Huawei P30: New No-Pro's cameras are flash ... but there are some curious bits


and I thought it was meant to be a phone !

Ca-caw-caw: Pigeon poops on tot's face as tempers fray at siege of Lincoln flats


Re: Food

Both pigeons and seagulls are/should be classed as vermin.

Clone your own Prince Phil, says eBay seller hawking debris left over from royal car crash


Re: The school I went to had loads of Bastards...

heheh, too obscure for most!

US docs show Daimler may have done a Dieselgate – German press claims


Just take the vehicle up the motorway in third or fourth gear so the revs are above 4000 rpm for around 20 miles, that usually will clean the dpf, providing there are no other faults.


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