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Mid-contract telco price hikes must end, Ofcom told


Semi scam

Having a double factor price is is the scam. A CPI rise sounds fine enough, but the additional 3.9% confuses everyone and turns it into a bonus rise scam.

HP reveals bonkers $5k foldable tablet/laptop/desktop


If ..

An Apple icon was on the back ut would sell millions. To mainly social media users.

Another redesign on the cards for iPhone as EU rules call for removable batteries


10 years too late.

It took far too long.

I would suggest they mandate lithium titanate, a battery that, in a pjone, would never need replacing. And it could be charged in 5 or so minutes.

UK smart meter rollout years late and less than two thirds complete


This one is going to blow hot and cold.

TSMC and pals dream of €10B German chip fab


Gallows were already here

Yes,unlikely Brexit influenced this much. Unlike the hung out to dry car industry. And the LSE, and small, manufacturing and small farms/dairy and.....and.......and......and....

West warns Malaysia to keep Huawei out of 5G networks


Rip them out!

BT and others spentv100s millions on Huawei 4G and 5G.

There seems to be a deadline to rip them all out at 3 tmes cost.

Guy rejects top photo prize after revealing snap was actually made using AI


Ok if you can afford to reject the money


But it has to be said,

Many, if not most prize winners now seem to use sophisticated filter applications.

AI just jakes it a little murkier. Not a lot, A little.

Taiwan asks US if it could chill out on the anti-China rhetoric


So true..

The US scares me as much if not more than China.

The verbal proliferation if unchecked is certainly heading towards big bang.

And perversely, if the ultra far right win the next election the western alliance will probably end leading to even more uncertainty.

Chinese company claims it's built batteries so dense they can power electric airplanes


Says ....

....a man with investments in EEStor.


Eestor update

According to the Wiki EE are now fuelpositive.com having switched to green Ammonia from 700w/h kg solid battery cells.

In their reason to invest they say 'Once we have completed the full validation in our facility, we will have two third-parties – a university and an accredited lab – conduct independent validations before the system will be moved to the farm.'

Something different, yet a similar story. Maybe.


Not an EEStor, I hope.

... that being a US piece of imaginative, err marketing that has being going on for fifteen years plus now.

There the marketing seemed more important than real product.

However, I cannot wait for the movie documentary. Or am I being woke?


Exact same as Amprius 500

Assuming different products I imagine the technology is near identical.

At 500wh the Amprius quote C/10 for both discharge and charge and a lifespan of 200 to 1200 cycles.

In full solid state lifespan is the major problem so these will be problematic too.

However, in micromobility they look great, especially if fully safe too. 250 watt EU ebikes would certainly benefit from a 2.5kw/h pack weighing the same as a current 750 watt pack.

Mac shipments slump as Apple finally bitten by glum PC demand


PCs mean business

Consumers simply do jot want the hassle of a PC nor the expense of a Mac.

If Apple had sensible prices then they could dominate all factors. However Apple domination is primarily concentrated on having the highest profit levels in the industry.

Take a 14-mile trip on an autonomous Scottish bus starting next month


Where will it end ?

At the end of Not Very Well Road I quite imagine.

Samsung takes $3.1B gamble on OLED displays for tablets and notebooks


Samsung top end tablets Samsung Oled.

Simply means that Samsung are seeing a decline and thus are expanding their Oled production.

The other more likely reason would be Apple switching to Oled for the iPad or Macbook.

Germany clocks that ripping out Huawei, ZTE network kit won't be cheap or easy


Slave R US

The crux of the matter is that the Americans are happy to have China as a supplier of US branded products.

It is everything else they object to.

Europe, America fear Twitter job cuts mean it can't protect users


Despot wants all the money

Simple as that.

Anyone with a twitter account is feeding that t*** the money.

Brit newspaper giant fills space with AI-assisted articles


Been doing it formulated for ages and ages

About a year ago I investigated as to why Reach were heavily invested in DWP marketing like articles.

Not being able to pinpoint the same trait down to ine person I deduced they were very low paid and on piece work.

Maybe it was always a chatbot like device.

With media far right, initially I suspected it was done in league with government. In a way it is.

The Express is another chatbot like place.

Chinese semiconductor industry: This Western chip ban alliance stinks


Wake me up before it all goes go.

This can only lead to China restricting exports of essential goods such as lithium batteries and metals for turbine motors.

Tesla is relying on Chinese technology more and more so jaw jaw is certainly better than an escalating war war.

Plugging end-of-life EV batteries into the grid could ease renewables transition


China fire

Those cheap ebike battery packs often used laptop cells.

And fires, from I assume them are all too common.

Half of environmental claims about products are full of crap, says EU


Well, would you carbon credit it!

Tesla fails to push racial discrimination lawsuit into arbitration


What gives?

I was hearing about an NDA agreement when it comes to Tesla repairs.

There seems a similarity but can anyone detail further?

Crypto craziness craps out – and about time too


Charity got it?

I have my doubts.


Always been a pyramid scheme.

That is a main reason China banned it.

And why people keep tweeting buy it buy it.

Got to keep on scamming. Ultra capacitors never had infinite legs like this ponzi.

Apple accused of censoring apps in Hong Kong and Russia to maintain market access


Re The Yeti Coward


And no flies landed on Beckham

Floats like a butterfly

Stings for $100 million.

UK's Guardian newspaper breaks news of ransomware attack on itself


Not a Monty Python answer...

..200 nations are helping police with their enquiries.

Brit MPs pour cold water on hydrogen as mass replacement for fossil fuels


Re: Politicians have lost the plot on this one

We are already close to 50% on a good day, 3% on the worst days.

Increase onshore by 100 fold and you have excess 98% of the time. Meaning green hydrogen can be 100% used for base load.


Re: Politicians have lost the plot on this one

Yes, £92 before the added costs go on. So about 11cents per kw/h before the added cots.

The last reported levellised cost of onshore wind was 3 cents per kw/h. But only achievable if the whole thing is state owned.


Politicians have lost the plot on this one

As already said here, Hydrogen is a fuel that can be used to store energy. And ever increasingly this is becoming green energy from wind and solar.

Mixing with gas simply continues the trend for global warming. Hydrogen production can use 100% of the excess from solar and wind giving the UK the potential for 100% hydrogen, solar and wind green energy.

In the meantime, we, the UK banned ultra cheap onshore and have agreed to financially cover the cost overrun for Sizewell C. Even before any cost overrun, onshore wind is many times cheaper than nuclear energy.

And why was onshore wind banned? It dates back 9 years or so when 2nd home owners were worried about their 2nd homes being devalued by nearby wind farms.

Apple preps for 'third-party iOS app stores' in Europe


Less is more..

Who would have thought that lack of choice and the Apple tax is a consumer benefit.

All those obsolete phones being allowed to continue is a no no so they say..

US Dept of Energy set to reveal fusion breakthrough


Just round the corner...

Whether it is now less than 20 years away, the layman does not quite know.

Thinking positive, it will no doubt get there faster than Tesla Full Self Driving.

Boss installed software from behind the Iron Curtain, techies ended up Putin things back together


Watch out for the next new fake OS..

....Windup 11.

Apple brings DIY fix-it store to Europe, UK – with gritted teeth


Apple explains

... why repair centres near never buy official Apple displays.

Startup raises $30 million for wireless power delivery system


Give us the money

Thinks of supercapictors and the EEstor obvious none saga saga.

UK cuts China from Sizewell nuclear project, takes joint stake


Re: Design life

I hear they have a fast turn around.

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back


Best thing for it.

Bankruptcy would be a bonus with the current itinerant.

Foxconn workers protest over pay and lockdowns at iPhone factory in China


We don't need no religion..

.when fake communism is far more corrupt.

Real communism survives a full 10 minutes.

Google looking outside the usual channels to fix security skills gap


You need a scoop

..a twitter scoop.

Fill your boots.

Multi-tasker Musk expects to reduce time at Twitter, seek another leader


New name..

...for Musk.

Musk the liquidator

World's richest man posts memes as $44b Twitter acquisition veers off course


Money saving exercise.

All those idle doodles making fun of Musk will save a few million in severance pay.

Will be a fruitful weekend I bet.

Only iPhone 15 Pro models will have higher data transfer speeds on USB-C – analyst


Transfer speed means nothing

..when buyers are forced to save a few hundred $ by buying the lowest capacity model, and with the usual zero future upgrade.

I'm happy paying Twitter eight bucks a month because price isn't the same as value



Thats it folks

Microsoft tests 'upsells' of its products in Windows 11 sign-out menu


Free model

Gamers and business still need Windows.

However normal consumers can live well without it.

So the consumer version has to be free.

All the US midterm-related lies to expect when you're electing


People prefer misinformation.


Right on.

China is likely stockpiling and deploying vulnerabilities, says Microsoft


I heard they are running out of vulnerabilities,

Down to their last 2 million.

Qualcomm predicts 2024 is the year Windows on Arm goes large


Suits the suits

If Microsoft can fully switch to Arm, think of all the money to be madefrom the umpteenth business hardware overhaul.

Tablet, Chromebook shipments come crashing down


Obscelescence is the survival model

With phones it much a kaput battery whilst on Windows it is planned OS obscelescence that keeps the money rolling.

Musk reportedly wants to gut Twitter workforce by up to 75%


Musk and worms

Whilst not an anagram, it does appear that this is a threat more than an investment strategy

Global smartphone sales come tumbling down as reality bites


Good enough

The 9 year old LG G2 is still good enough to be used today. Knowing that disposable smartphones guaranteed future sales, only the G2 in its home market had a removable battery.

Yet, ignoring power games, my only need is for a folding smartphone that can double up as a tablet.

However, current pricing makes even this aspiration something for the future.

Bitcoin energy consumption a feature, not a bug, says crypto-miner


Bitcoin the plot ...

A great invention for both big oil and any martians looking to invade.

Obviously the martians would prefer us to sprout two sets of fins.