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RISC-V keeps its head down amid global chip war


The important question

No-one is asking the important question here.

Is it RISC-Vee



What are we saying?

In the '80s, spaceflight sim Elite was nothing short of magic. The annotated source code shows how it was done


Re: Horrible memories

Out of the company or out of Nuneaton? As an aging Treacle Towner i sympathise with either lol.

What will the factory of the future look like? Let's start with Intel, Red Hat, and 5G


You would have a sensor for it because whilst it may not be relevant at this time and in this scenario, it may well be relevant to some other case or indeed future project. Its data may also become relevant further down the line and you may require its history to make sense of the new requirement, glad you've got now eh.

Love or hate your IT dept, money talks – and tech workers are getting more of it


25K! Its time to polish your CV my friend. That is appallingly poor.

Arm freezes hiring until Nvidia takeover, cancels everyone's 'wellbeing' allowance


Re: Morale boost

Damm it, now Yacht just looks wrong even though i know its correct.

Oracle sues Envisage claiming unauthorized database use amid licensing crackdown


If i see Oracle even mentioned in a potential db i just turn heel and walk away. Not worth the hassle. MS is awful, Oracle are worse.

Come, chant with us over a sacrificial goat and predict 2021's biggest tech stories to a high degree of accuracy


I for one would welcome the Great Sigh Of Relief.

Thanks, Brexit. Tesla boss Elon Musk reveals Berlin as location for Euro Gigafactory


Re: No, the UK was never in the running

A UK Battery R&D facility will be ready in Coventry, early 2020. www.ukbic.co.uk

Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?


Re: And the electricity for this...

Ah the old cows arse = methane hypothesis.

Whilst it is true that a cows arse does produce methane, it is only a tiny percentage compared to the amount that comes out in the form of belches.

Therefore your pipe would be considerably better positioned at the opposite end of said bovine.

Microsoft's cloudy Windows Virtual Desktop: It fills a gap, but there are plenty of annoyances


Re: No.

I may have missed something here, and im sure your experience was awful....but.

How is a single point of failure host, no redundancy and no backups the fault of virtualisation? Thats just incredibly bad management /design etc.

Can you trust Huawei... or any other networks supplier for that matter?


So we're not giggling in the corner about a certain Woody Johnson then?

Memories of Austin powers.

Just me.....

Will that old Vulcan's engines run? Bluebird jet boat team turn to Cold War bomber


Re: Looks knackered

There wont be a test start until theres been months of renovation or as you say......bang.


That Howl though!

I saw XH558 a few times over the years near bruntinghtorpe and a few times on her farewell tour. Took the wife to Weston Supermare to see the Vulcan and she physically gripped my arm and said bloodyhell when the big V flew over us and then stood on its tail, what an immense sound.

And Deltic's well thats another story. What an absolute beast of a locomotive that was/is.

Comms room, comms room, comms room is on fire – we don't need no water, let the engineer burn


Re: "the (suicidal?) bravery (stupidity?) of our colleague"

Im pretty sure fire is generally thought to double in intensity every minute. Therefore it can very rapidly get out of control.

BT 'UK's most powerful Wi-Fi'? Why, fie, for shame! – ads watchdog


A Watchdog with no BiTe.......useless.

Sorry, Samsung. Seems nobody is immune to peak smartphone


Re: You reap what you sow

TBH i was talking about my early purchases, the last two phones i purchased outright and just had a monthly contract. Much better value as you quite rightly say.


You reap what you sow

I was very much in the vanguard of smart devices and loved having a new device every 12 months. However, when devices suddenly developed 24 month contracts that was it for me and i suspect many others. Whilst i looked at the new shiny it couldn't tempt me to part with all the extra moolah. It simply wasn't a good enough proposition.

I for one will definitely not be returning to the 12 month upgrade cycle whilst the cost of a handset is nigh on a thousand pounds. Thats a holiday where i live!!!

That coupled with the fact that my S7 edge does all i need it to means that an amazing device at a reasonable cost (12 months contract MAX) is what its going to take to get me back on board.

Windows 10 can carry on slurping even when you're sure you yelled STOP!


Re: The Double Edge Sword of Damocles, curtesy of Dionysius

Say what now...

It's December of 2018 and, to hell with it, just patch your stuff


Re: I wouldn’t mind, but....

At least it was only one person......i came across an entire company of circa 50 users who hadnt updated for that length of time.......you should have seen their faces when WSUS came onto the scene and started pumping all the missed updates out.

Russian computer failure on ISS is nothing to worry about – they're just going to turn it off and on again


Re: Nuclear Power Plants use quadruple redundancy.

But, if one is broken and one is in maintenance....surely thats just single redundancy.


Re: Could be worse

Now that was a great series of books. I cannot believe it hasnt been made it into a movie.

Now that's a dodgy Giza: Eggheads claim Great Pyramid can focus electromagnetic waves


I was under the impression (perhaps wrongly) that the ancient egyptians did in fact have a rudimentary battery.

RoboCop-ter: Boffins build drone to pinpoint brutal thugs in crowds



What are the chances of finding two southpaws for the picture.....

Airbus ditches Microsoft, flies off to Google


Im only a user of basic GSuite but are the apps really that good? The last time i tried to do something with their versions of word and excel it was awful, so much was missing it was untrue. We only utilise it for the email (horrid client) and cloud storage (and only a tiny bit of that).

It is however much cheaper than O365 so swings and roundabouts.

Winter Olympics 5G isn't real 5G, says Qualcomm, that won't land until 2019



Wake me in 2020 when theres decent hardware and enough decent coverage to make it even remotely worth looking at. Then and only then if the providers can come up with a data package that isnt quite frankly utterly ridiculous.