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The Register Lecture: AI turning on us? Let's talk existential risk


With a straight face, can you honestly tell me that AI even exists? From what I can see it's all largely propaganda designed to scare people.

AI used to mean something, now it refers to everything anyone cares to attach the label to. Yet, here's the thing - the world's biggest media companies, despite all of their 'AI capabilities', are reliant on hiring tens of thousands of people to screen content published to their platforms.

That's right, the supremely evolved 'AI' can't even manage to ensure a world where publishers have control over what is or is not published to their platforms - it requires human intervention.

Intelligence isn't context dependent, whereas all technology - and that's all it is - given the label 'AI' in the modern day is context dependent. After all, a self-driving car can't open a can of chopped tomatoes or hang a picture on the wall.

It has no idea how to operate independently of the very restricted context it has been programmed to operate in.

It really is about time we dropped this nonsense about 'intelligent machines' - it's embarrassing reading about it.

Beware the looming Google Chrome HTTPS certificate apocalypse!


If I understand this correctly, and according to Google's timeline and despite Symantec selling their PKI business to DigiCert, organisations are still selling 'untrusted' certificates from Symantec's old infrastructure?

And any newly sold 'untrusted' certificates, sold after December 1st 2017, will be 'untrusted' by Chrome from version 70 onwards? (released September this year)

If all of this is true, how is a consumer supposed to know whether a certificate is from the old infrastructure or the new Managed Partner Infrastructure?


Re: Well done Google....

Google never does anything that doesn't directly benefit Google.

The entire anti-democratic AMP debacle is testimony to that.