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UnitedHealth CEO: 'Decision to pay ransom was mine'


Re: Odd

But it is not "none of their business". If the company is subject to federal regulations, which they most certainly are, then it is very much their concern.

Ad agency boss owned two Ferraris but wouldn't buy a real server


The mean time between failures on enterprise-grade disks is also crazy.

Copilot can't stop emitting violent, sexual images, says Microsoft whistleblower


Re: Was the Office of Responsible AI...

Didn't the signage already collapse so that it now reads "Go stick your head in a pig" in the local vernacular?

AI PC hype seems to be making PCs better – in hardware terms, at least


Re: to make it an enjoyable experience

Share and enjoy!

Beneath Microsoft's Surface event, AI spreads everywhere


Re: Sounds ghastly!

I also turn off all voice recognition and artificial speech on all devices. I think Douglas Adams very much had the Microsoft/IBM duo in mind when dreaming up Sirius Cybernetics. He was a big Apple fan, this was back in the time when Apple was decent company with the Woz at the helm. I think he would probably have changed his mind on Apple if he saw what they are now.

Apple pairs well with profits, not repair shops


Re: Pairing

Of course not. Apple don't want you repairing your device. They want you to dump the old one in landfill and buy something new and shiny.

LibreOffice 7.6 arrives: Open source stalwart is showing its maturity


Marco first released StarWriter in 1985. One of the first computers it was available on was the Amstrad CPC, running CP/M.

Aliens crash landed on Earth – and Uncle Sam is covering it up, this guy tells Congress


Re: warning

> Bollocks should be ubiquitous.

Unfortunately, it pretty much is.


Re: Alien UFOs

> (I was waiting underground, ready for a game of cricket.)

Would that be Brockian ultra cricket or the regular kind?


Re: Millions of Parsecs

You forgot one option - their craft is equipped with an infinite improbability drive.

Meta's data-hungry Threads skips over EU but lands in Britain


Re: "Other Data"

That depends on who manufactured the chocolate. If the teapot was made by Hershey's, they jury would be out on the "tastes nice" part.

Indian developer fired 90 percent of tech support team, outsourced the job to AI


Re: I can see that kind-of "working"

Share and enjoy!


Re: Hope MS are listening

> I'd be surprised to hear that SFC /scannow has ever fixed anything.

Unlikely, but at least it made the MVP feel just that little bit better.

Europe's largest city council runs parallel systems to cover Oracle rollout mess


Leisure Suit Larry must have his new (bigger) yacht somehow.

Google veep calls out Microsoft's cloud software licensing 'tax'


Re: Would it not be cheaper for Google, AWS, Alibaba

Agreed. Base is by far the weakest link in the LibreOffice suite. Like you, I've taken it for a quick spin and found it distinctly lacking.

Leaked Kyndryl files show 55 was average age of laid-off US workers


Re: Unfortunately...

> How many over 50's here can deliver that, right now...hands up.

The sheer arrogance here is utterly astounding. No wonder you wrote it as AC. Let's hope you get a taste of your own medicine when you are the other side of 50. For what it's worth, I'm over 50 and I have been "deploying AI" or put more correctly, "training and deploying machine learning models" for a couple of decades now.

Intel pours Raptor Lake chips into latest NUC Mini PC line


Agreed it would be very nice to fit one of these out with 128GB. Unfortunately, the maximum RAM is a function of the processor used. The top-tier NUC 13 comes with the Core i7-1370P, which has a max RAM of 64GB.

Thanks to generative AI, catching fraud science is going to be this much harder


Let's be clear here. Anyone publishing fake data or results obtained using fake data is not a scientist. They are a swindler.

Latest Windows 11 build shares desktop real estate with, er, Spotify


You can be assured that in the unlikely event that it can be uninstalled, it will return every time Windows Update is run.

Experts warn of steep increase in Java costs under changes to Oracle license regime


If your DBAs "only know Oracle" and can't adapt to a different relational database with relative ease, then you need new DBAs.

Google agrees to $400m settlement in privacy lawsuit


Re: I have just had a dream...

Dream or nightmare?

Gelsinger takes ax to Intel after chip sales slump, profit nosedives


I would be a pity if it is in the firing line. A competitor is badly needed to break up the nVidia/AMD duopoly.

Grab a towel and pour yourself a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster because The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is 42


Which one?

California man served with restraining order for allegedly 'stalking' Apple CEO Tim Cook


Members of an outfit "Urban Tactical Group" that has "tough guy" written all over it have "concerns about their personal safety"? Pull the other one!

Flying taxis? That'll be AFTER you've launched light sabres and anti-gravity skateboards


Re: We have the technology

If large cities could also teach cyclists how to follow the rules of the road and stay off pavements where they don't belong, you might be on to something there.

Not LibreOffice too? Beloved open-source suite latest to fall victim to the curse of Catalina


Re: Peak Apple.....

The last truly "pro" hardware from Apple came out in 2012. Everything they have done since has been compromised in one way or another.


Re: Arrogant

There are (still) alternatives to PoetteringOS in the Linux world.


Until it just doesn't.

You've got (Ginni's) mail! Judge orders IBM to cough up CEO, execs' internal memos in age-discrim legal battle


Ginni looks quite long in the tooth. Shouldn't she be given the boot any day now?

Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF!


Re: Not just business

They were probably Ultra High Definition HDMI cables ;) They have to couch those ludicrous prices in some kind of BS to get people to buy them.

Biz forked out $115k to tout 'Time AI' crypto at Black Hat. Now it sues organizers because hackers heckled it


Re: Junk "science"

It certainly reads like prime BS.

Boffins stole our 3D files – and gave them all to Facebook's AI eggheads, claims Lithuanian biz


Re: Fourth Generation Language ("The Last One")

AI is a type of program, so I'm not getting where you arrive at that distinction.


Please learn how interrogative punctuation marks are used.


Re: Machine Learning!

Lets hope your patent applications were worded a little more coherently than your contributions here.

WWW = Woeful, er, winternet wendering? CERN browser rebuilt after 30 years barely recognizes modern web


Re: Is the spelling mistake deliberate?

Or even spelling checkers ;)

Germany, US staffers to be hit hardest as SAP starts shedding 4,400 bodies


If they are "desperately looking" for Analytics/AI staff, I suppose up-skilling those about to be made redundant would be out of the question?


They are desperately looking for Analytics/AI staff. I suppose upskilling those who are about to be made redundant would be out of the question?

Brit hacker hired by Liberian telco to nobble rival now behind bars


Hopefully when he has finished serving his sentence, Liberia will seek his extradition. I'd love to see this jumped-up script kiddie do time in a West African jail.

Boffins don't give a sh!t, slap Trump's face on a turd in science journal


Re: Curious precedent on what is allowed

Socialism and Communism have proven themselves to be brutal, dystopian, totalitarian systems of government. Dont tell me. They weren't "real socialism" or "real communism".

Who's watching you from an unmarked van while you shop in London? Cops with facial recog tech


Re: 650 willing crowd subjects

"So that would be a 100% success rate then!!"

That is what is known as a biased sample!

What a meth: Woman held for 3 months after cops mistake candy floss for hard drugs


Re: profilling

Sorry to burst your virtue-signalling bubble, but toth the woman and her boyfriend are white.


Re: How many constitutional rights were violated ?

Your guess couldn't be more wrong. And before you jump to another mistaken conclusion, her boyfriend is also white.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here


All part of Apple's obvious hostility to people being able to make decisions about the things they purchase, and own, such as decide who repairs them or what OS is installed. Or are Apple customers now renting their hardware?

Palliative care for Windows 10 Mobile like a Crimean field hospital, but with even less effort


Re: Shame to see it end like this.

Agreed. The UX on WP 8.1 in particular was quite good, and I'd say slightly superior to that on Apple products and considerably so when compared against Android. Even if MS could find someone to buy the OS, even if highly unlikely, it would be preferable to the current laughable situation.

The D in Systemd stands for 'Dammmmit!' A nasty DHCPv6 packet can pwn a vulnerable Linux box


The Curse of Poettering strikes again.

TV Licensing admits: We directed 25,000 people to send their bank details in the clear



Can you think of anything you are forced to buy even if you don't want or use it? What makes the BBC so special that their continued existence can be secured through the use of threats and menaces against those who don't even want to use their services?

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.


Re: EU Standard plug

It may have been far-sighted, but not far-sighted enough to include any form of retaining mechanism, like that on the old Centronics plugs.

Microsoft still longs to be a 'lifestyle' brand, but the cupboard looks bare


Re: rules of the road

A fine example of reductio ad absurdum if ever there was one.

There is no perceived IT generation gap: Young people really are thick


They were pretty much limited to Scandinavia up to a point. I think IKEA were the first to start selling them in the UK back in the late 1980s.

Mind the gap: Men paid 18.6% more than women in Blighty tech sector


Re: Fix BT, Evil Matriarchy

Women Discriminated Against in Deep Sea Diving" will be out right after the articles on discrimination in mining and street-sweeping.