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Ad-blocking browser extension actually adds ads, say Imperva researchers


What are your Browser concerns.

My highest priority is to minimise intrusions into my chosen website whilst viewing.

The "shields up" sytem offered by Brave Browser (and proprietary search engine) accomplishes this task to my perfection

I am much more concerned about the ease of reviewing websites than I am about anything else.

<b>Brave - Shields Up - status on Google.com</b>

13-150 items blocked - more items blocked each time page is re-opened

- Tracker and Ads Blocker

- Connections upgraded to http<b>s</b>

- Scripts blocked

- Cross-site cookies blocked

- Fingerprinting blocked

Deleted Chrome some weeks ago. Latest versions are resource hungry and intrusive.

<b><i>A long time ago, I was a tech guru for Price Waterhouse and introduced private Text based Search engine capabilities years before Google existed.</i></b>

What if Chrome broke features of the web and Google forgot to tell anyone? Oh wait, that's exactly what happened


3 days ago, I uninstalled Chrome (94.0.4606.71) on Windows Laptop after security & resource issues plagued my Core i5 Laptop.

I can always use Chromium on my Chromebook, Android phones or Samsung Tab 7.

I do not intend to re-install Chrome on my Windows system

where I also have Brave & Opera browsers.

Yes - I very much miss Voice to text that Google has disabled on all other browsers. (I can use my phones instead)