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Brit MP demands answers from Fujitsu about Horizon IT system after Post Office staff jailed over accounting errors


Re: WTF?

900 is wrong, the Horizon software clearly shows that only 42 people were affected.

It wasn't just a few credit cards: Entire travel itineraries were stolen by hackers, Easyjet now tells victims


I tried to put in a GDPR data request

To find out what the barstewards actually have, as opposed to what the email says they lost.

But of course, there is a Google-inspired "to make sure it's you, we need a copy of your ID card or passport".

WTF? You've lost my data, and now you want me to trust you with more so that you can pretend it's for security? Just how, exactly, are you going to verify that that copy I provide is valid in any way, especially if you are not storing my passport details like I requested?

Easyjet hacked: 9 million people's data accessed plus 2,200 folks' credit card details grabbed


and what the hell is a 'live investigation' of something that happened in January (and/or before)?

Dutch spies helped Britain's GCHQ break Argentine crypto during Falklands War


Re: Great name, great beer

You have plenty of time - Starkbierzeit (~strong beer period) is traditionally in Spring and was part of fasting between Shrove Tuesday and Easter (Lent). There are normally plenty of festivals celebrating Starkbier, but quite possibly not next year. Personally I like Salvator.

Brit competition regulator will soon be able to seize rogue traders' domains – and even Amazon accounts


Because the US is well known for respecting other countries' courts

I think we all know what will happen the first time a seizure of a .com address is attempted....

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you


Big Azure, surely?

Big Azure, surely?

Admins beware! Microsoft gives heads-up for 'disruptive' changes to authentication in Office 365 email service

Big Brother

Re: Hmmmm....

Fortunately at least on Android, the choice is not limited to pretty terrible stock email or Outlook terrible. TypeApp, for example, supports OAuth and multiple email accounts, is highly customisable advert-free and free of charge. I'd pick it over the Outlook client any time.

Why so shy, Samsung? Weird Find my Phone push notification did not only affect Galaxy mobes


Re: S10e in Austria

Same here with a German S10e. I don't have a Samsung Account set up on the device, so whilst they didn't have my details to display on someone else's profile page, they still had control of my phone. I (theoretically) use the "find my phone" service of my selected antivirus provider, not the built-in one. Prior to this I assumed the built-in one would be inactive, but now I realise it's not only active, but there seems no way to fully disable it.

Brits may still be struck by Lightning, but EU lawmakers vote for bloc-wide common charging rules


Re: Why state “charger”?

USB-A and USB-C are physical connector types. The power specifications are separate from that.


Re: Why state “charger”?

I have a single cable that does lightning (which I don't use), micro-usb and usb-c on the business end. It's rather annoying that satnavs still do usb-mini. I suppose a small adapter to the single cable would be the way to go, then you've got all four covered with a single cable.

Android owners – you'll want to get these latest security patches, especially for this nasty Bluetooth hijack flaw


Re: Re:A joke?

7. I have automation in place to switch Bluetooth off overnight, but the rest of the time it's on so as to connect with my smartwatch, headphones, car head unit, home receiver etc. without me having to mess about with settings. That's OK, though, because they're already paired and the phone is never in discovery mode.

Advertisers want exemption from web privacy rules that, you know, enforce privacy


Re: I don't want

"When will these big data miners (and that is what the advertising companies are in reality) learn that most people don't want their data being sold to god only knows who without their permission."

Well, they already know, hence their attempts to circumvent anything that stops them continuing to do it. As cynical as a thief stealing Christmas presents from under the tree, saying "they were just there, I have to make a living. Lawmakers, protect me whilst I'm doing this."

Cringe as you read Horrible Histories: UK Banking Sector, sigh as MPs finger cloudy Big 3 as future risk

Black Helicopters

Misuse of data

Having forced me to give them my mobile number to continue to use their Android app, my scumbag bank are now using it to spam me to start using their app (!), upgrade my phone because of a known fault (in a different model of phone). I've asked them to point out their GPDA authorisation for doing such things. But ultimately I'm stuck, mobile phones are now required for banking access and if they continue to be scumbags they continue to be scumbags.

That was some of the best flying I've seen to date, right up to the part where you got hacked


"The company is reportedly developing a new warning system that tells pilots when their planes are being hacked".

HUD - we've detected a potential virus attack on your system. Access to flight controls and weaponry is currently disabled for your protection.

Samsung Note10+ torn apart to expose three 5G antennas: One has to pick up something


Re: Ban nontreplaceable batteries

IIRC they went after electric toothbrush manufacturers for non-removable batteries, using recyclability laws as justification. At least one manufacturer responded by making the battery easy enough to remove, by breaking the holder and making the toothbrush unreceptive to new batteries. Actually on mine I didn't even manage to get the battery out according to the instructions without further attacks on the toothbrush. I assume phone manufacturers would be at least as slippery, and that's before you bring lobbyists into the picture.

I don't have to save my work, it's in The Cloud. But Microsoft really must fix this files issue


@Cederic You should switch from a mouse to a touchpad!

UK competition bods to stick probe into worrying lack of said competition in online advertising


Re: as I don’t have accounts with either of them,

I'm sure they wouldn't be satisfied with just that. After all, you could be someone else. Please submit all of your data, for the purposes of checking it's you.

The Eldritch Horror of Date Formatting is visited upon Tesco


Re: While you're there ...

The Oktoberfest is partly in September because of unreliable weather, not because of the calendar type.

ALIS through the looking glass: F-35 fighter jet's slurpware nearly made buyers pull out – report


Re: Please explain...

Re-locate to an extinct volcano? Ticks the getting re-elected box too, because how cool?

Amazon Alexa: 'Pre-wakeword' patent application suggests plans to process more of your speech


Re: My colleague...

Clearly the child needs some combination of Alexa Siri Cortana Lastname to ensure maximum compatibility with the Borg.

Germany mulls giving end-to-end chat app encryption das boot: Law requiring decrypted plain-text is in the works


Re: why not?

and yet they still use WhatsApp and Facebook....

German anti-cartel bods tell IBM to 'warten' as T-Systems deal probe extended by two weeks


"IBM's mooted takeover of Deutsche Telekom's mainframe services business, T-Systems"

At best this is worded unfortunately - the deal is to do with the mainframe services business of T-Systems. T-Systems as a whole is not a mainframe business, more of what (marketing) people used to call a solution provider.

We'll hack back at Russians, declare UK ministers in cyber-Blitz blitz


Re: What a surprise

He's see hacking on TV, it's that thing that involves typing lots of random commands, very fast. Suddenly, you're in.

Microsoft's Azure Portal: A boat load of updates, but is it too ambitious?


Re: Hmm, that article picture..

D'oh, it's clearly a picture of The Cloud, as you can see from the icon in the middle of the photo.

Now here's a Galaxy far, far away: Samsung stalls Fold rollout after fold-able screens break in hands of reviewers


Re: Android version 4.4

Or not, KitKats come in ahem, two finger versions too, allowing you to wave two fingers at Samsung.

Don't be an April Fool: Update your Android mobes, gizmos to – hopefully – pick up critical security fixes


@Colin Ritman

None of which helps if the manufacturer just can't be bothered to support a device any more, like happened with my previous phone that came with a promise of two years monthly security updates and any letter upgrades within that time (essentially what AndroidOne now promises). After a year the monthly updates became irregular and the letter update was pushed and pushed until beyond the two years and then quietly dropped.

Google takes a page from Microsoft of old and revives browser ballot on Android


Re: I already have a real choiec Margrethe

Even if you disable/uninstall/don't install Chrome and only ever use Firefox as your browser, it's likely that you will hit one of the ever-increasing number of apps that use Android System Webview to do web stuff, and this is basically Chrome, or part of it. Everyone can decide for themselves where that ends up, but Google have certainly made it quite hard to avoid Chrome.

Colour us shocked: Google in €50m GDPR fine appeal bombshell


Re: Google takes small onion from pocket, then says it's …

@Jellied Eel

" Our data is their data and can be freely exploited to "personalise" advertising."

Not with Google - their data on us is their data and can be freely exploited to "personalise" advertising, no matter how that data was obtained.

Man drives 6,000 miles to prove Uncle Sam's cellphone coverage maps are wrong – and, boy, did he manage it


Re: Speed.

That's not the car's speed, that's the data download speed they found in the areas where they couldn't meet the 75% testing, so it doesn't really count!

It's December of 2018 and, to hell with it, just patch your stuff


You can extend that to the companies that use Windows as well - how many put a focus on 'getting it right' (patching) rather than 'getting it out of the door' (doing their own stuff). Many of the big hack attacks have been on unpatched systems, and that needs to be fixed.

Revealed: British Airways was in talks with IBM on outsourcing security just before hack


Re: Its the 3rd-Party Code that always burns you


Professor in physics and engineering. What strikes me most, though, about this bio is the following sentence:

"Although Alan has been at the leading edge of technology development for many years, he is primarily a particularly good communicator."

Which rather sounds like they are saying he's especially good at BS.

Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave


Re: You can't fork Android

/I only buy Android devices I can root./

And having secured your phone properly, you are often rewarded by your bank and media companies telling you their app won't run on your phone because it's "not secure".

Car-crash television: 'Excuse me ma'am, do you speak English?' 'Yes I do,' replies AMD's CEO


Re: F1 is a Car Crash

/F1 is live and free-to-air on German Eurosport (Astra 19.2E)/

No it's not, it's on n-tv or RTL, depending on the session. Adverts are long and it's best if you don't speak German, as the commentators are appalling.

Microsoft to lock out Windows RDP clients if they are not patched against hijack bug


Such a shame the patch kills 2008R2 servers running with static IP addresses on VMware. On the other hand, it does make them more secure, by virtue of being unreachable unless there happens to be DHCP available too.

I know, I know, we should all move to Azure...

Patch LOSE-day: Microsoft secures servers of the world. By disconnecting them


Re: I stopped updating my Windows 7 boxes

You weren't supposed to set the registry key manually, but let your AV solution do it.

If at first you don't succeed, you're likely Intel: Second Spectre microcode fix emitted


BIOS update

"I've already seen a windows update reboot itself into forcing a BIOS update this week."

A BIOS update, in a Microsoft update? Some misunderstanding, I think.

Microsoft works weekends to kill Intel's shoddy Spectre patch


As you were

The original Microsoft update from 3rd January did not contain any microcode, it was dependent on microcode also being updated. The server OS additionally had the update disabled by default, sysadmins had to enable it via a registry key....the same registry key contained in Saturday's out-of-band update that disables the protection. If you hadn't applied the Intel/OEMHW patch, nothing the Spectre patch was not active anyway. Nothing much to see here, especially for server admins.


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