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O2 XDA Orbit 2 smartphone

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As an owner of an Orbit 2...

The Orbit 2, does not have a slide out keyboard. The TyNT 2 does (XDA Stellar). Otherwise, they are very simliar phones.

More shocking than that, and I'm surprised TheReg did not mention this, is the fact the the Orbit 2, like other Polaris phones, has a GPU but HTC have yet to release drivers for this - as a result, graphics acceleration blows on the Orbit 2. This doesn't just effect games, but also video playback. Having said that... allegedly, drivers are on the way for the TyNT 2, and that uses the same GPU, so someone from xda-developers will hopefully have a fix soon.

PH... cause she like the Orbit 2, is pretty to look at.

Ofcom says yes on more TV ads

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Simply put

Ofcom can go and shove their idea up the brown highway.


This is precisely why I currently do, and will continue to download tv from the net. The continuing ad breaks really annoy me - Formula 1, for example, now has more Sony ads then actual racing time. (Thankfully BBC have won the rights to F1 from 2009).


Seriously Ofcom. Kiss my shiny metal buttocks


PH, cause she is nearly as stupid as Ofcom.

HTC applies for multi-keypad sliderphone patent

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@ Gumbies

I have three phones. One private, one work, and one work crackberry. Private phone is an O2 orbit 2, which is awesome. I rate that as the best phone I have. Apart from crackberry, third phone is a candybar nokia (s60). The HTC phone (my third. Gone from Mini IIs to Orbit to Orbit 2) is awesome. Gorgeous to look at, easy to use, and a great OS. And I can download plenty of applications for it, should I require it.

It's a shame people are so bloody closeminded about MS products that they would overlook what I consider to be the best manufacturer of phones.

Choosing Paris, cause she is confused by what a mobile phone is.

'Magnet boy' freezes Xbox

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Lamest superpower yet

Meet "MagnetoMan"... a normal schoolboy by day, a kid who crashes his school's PCs by night.

That is the lamest superpower to date. Although, give him a few years, a government controller person, and he'll be bringing evil regimes down. Unless, of course, he turns to the dark side.

(listening to Virgin Radio this morning, they were talking to a woman on air who had so much static electricity that she set a petrol station on fire. Now that's an awesome superpower, although I'd hate to have to refill my car...)

PH icon, cause I'd like to be magnetically attached to her.

MIT plans to roll out 'folding' car

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I for one...

... find this a joke. Everyone knows that, in fact, the Jetsons already had the Folding Car many many years ago (in the future. Is that a tear in the space-time continuum?)

PH... cause while she can't fold, isn't a car, wasn't in the Jetsons... but because I want to use that icon.

Schools warned of chilling 'Strawberry Meth' menace

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I had it...

I had strawberry quik. I was high as a kite afterwards, seeing all kinds of strawberry related trippy things.

One in four people in america are addicted to Strawberry Quik. It's an illness people, a real epidemic!


Paris, cause she is stupid enough to shoot strawberry quik up.

(incidentally, i was thinking the other day... am i the only heterosexual male who hasn't seen one night in paris yet? at the age of 30?)

Wife rings up £11,000 downloading bill

Adam Reiniger


Surely, with that kinda bill, she'd be expected to her knickers off whenever the husband wants, not put them back on?

Choosing fire as symbol here, cause International Roaming needs to be burn in hell.

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

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nicer looking lady, sure, but I wouldn't buy one. Then, I wouldn't buy an EeePC either.

Ps: gotta be Paris. Nice to look at, but I wouldn't touch it.

Prince and Village People dive into Pirate Bay

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Re: Right Said Fred

You're forgetting "I'm too sexy"

(and according to Wikipedia, that fountain of knowledge, I'm too sexy 2007 - the Remix)

(also in brackets: fun but true fact: I was once neighbours with the bald guy from R.S.F. He had a dog. Dunno what kind, but it was small and furry).

(Final bracket note: if you were forced to, for the rest of your life, listen to either the Village People or R.S.F., and nothing else... which one would you go for?)

Adam Reiniger
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Seriously though....

When do people ever listen to The Village People. I can only think of a few occasions in any man's (or woman's) life when it's deemed acceptable:

1) Weddings

2) Karaoke (when VERY drunk though)


3) Weddings? I don't think I mentioned weddings.

(Gotta choose Paris as icon here... doesn't her family own a couple of YMCA hostels? or something...)

Apple's iPhone numbers do not add up

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Whatever people say...

I have an XDA orbit, and I love the phone, is lovely. But... I've seen the jesusPhone, and it looks good. Damn good.

SO before the June bday, when my contract is up, I'll purchase one. Must be good news for apple, 1 less to sell to reach that 10m target.

Choosing Paris Hilton here, for simple reasons: like the jesusPhone, most of you probably really want it, but won't admit to it.

Bloke finds missus working in brothel

Adam Reiniger

Re: could have been worse

Could have been him working in the brothel...

Orange unsure of own upcoming smartphone

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Re: My God

May just be me, but I see no mention of this phone being touchscreen in the article? It states that it's a smart phone, but I thought M$ qualifies smartphones as those phones which run WinMobile and no touchscreen?

(gotta go with Paris icon here... she is confusled!)

BOFH: Friday madness

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What.. would Jesus do?

Well, I can't see a Jesus icon, but Paris is close enough to one, plus she has the question mark..

So the question is... What... would Paris do?

Not long to go in the workday, nothing to do... what would she do in a situation like that?

Apple rings in changes with iPod Touch

Adam Reiniger

Not impressed

Honestly, this does not impress me. 400 dollahs for 16gb? You are having a laugh, right?


Having said that, I bet the iPhone users are feeling pretty stupid now - how long before the 16gb iPhone is announced? And didn't most people buy the iPhone for the exact things that the new iTouch provides?

Nicole Richie does 82 minutes hard time

Adam Reiniger

Re: Great Example

I'm sorry, but if you want to look at great examples of the penal system, look at that idiot Pete Doherty. How many times has he been arrested for drugs / drink offenses and been let go without charge?


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